XllentTM 3 Piece Brown Basket with lid for Multipurpose Use Fruit & Vegetable Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)

The item can be used for any purpose, like to store, hold or carry items. Baskets are made up of good quality virgin plastic which is unbreakable. Product is having matte shining finishing. Set of baskets contain 1 big basket, 1 medium basket and 1 small basket with boxes. The dimensions of each basket are given below: Big (in cm): 22 x 29 x 12 (length x breadth x height) medium (in cm): 20 x 26 x 11 (length x breadth x height) small (in cm): 18 x 22 x 10 (length x breadth x height).
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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand Xllent
Color Brown
Ean 7349760606002
Ean List:Ean List Element 7349760606002
  • ✅Easy to clean. Xllent design make these Royal Baskets easy to clean. Water easily flow from the netted Rattan design.This royal basket is made up of netted design which allows the air to pass through the space which leads less dust to get stored which makes one easily clean the royal basket.
  • ✅New arrival, specially designed roayal baskets. This netted design gives the premium look to the royal baskets. This royal baskets add rich looks your office, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. This mat design premium quality royal baskets must have in your office, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
  • ✅Perfect for organizing make-up kit. You can use these Roayal Baskets any where i.e, office, living room, bathroom, kitchen. Royal baskets organizes your documents, stationery, magazine, kitchen tool, small electrical tool, bathroom accessories, printing paper.
  • ✅Unbreakable and made from virgin material
  • ✅Package Contents: 1 Small Basket with Lid, 1 Medium Basket with Lid and 1 Large Basket with Lid
List Price:Amount 59900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 599.00
Mpn New Brown With Lid
Part Number New Brown With Lid
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Size 26*20*12 cm
Title XllentTM 3 Piece Brown Basket with lid for Multipurpose Use Fruit & Vegetable Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 854
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1118
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 240
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 961
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches

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3 Piece Vegetable
3 Piece Basket/Storage
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3 Piece Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Brown Basket
3 Brown with
3 Brown lid
3 Brown for
3 Brown Multipurpose
3 Brown Use
3 Brown Fruit
3 Brown &
3 Brown Vegetable
3 Brown Basket/Storage
3 Brown Organizer/Makeup
3 Brown Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Brown Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Basket with
3 Basket lid
3 Basket for
3 Basket Multipurpose
3 Basket Use
3 Basket Fruit
3 Basket &
3 Basket Vegetable
3 Basket Basket/Storage
3 Basket Organizer/Makeup
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3 Basket Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 with lid
3 with for
3 with Multipurpose
3 with Use
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3 lid for
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3 lid Fruit
3 lid &
3 lid Vegetable
3 lid Basket/Storage
3 lid Organizer/Makeup
3 lid Organizer/Bins/Container
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3 for Multipurpose
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3 for &
3 for Vegetable
3 for Basket/Storage
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3 for Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Multipurpose Use
3 Multipurpose Fruit
3 Multipurpose &
3 Multipurpose Vegetable
3 Multipurpose Basket/Storage
3 Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup
3 Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Use Fruit
3 Use &
3 Use Vegetable
3 Use Basket/Storage
3 Use Organizer/Makeup
3 Use Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Fruit &
3 Fruit Vegetable
3 Fruit Basket/Storage
3 Fruit Organizer/Makeup
3 Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 & Vegetable
3 & Basket/Storage
3 & Organizer/Makeup
3 & Organizer/Bins/Container
3 & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Vegetable Basket/Storage
3 Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
3 Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
3 Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
3 Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
3 Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
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Piece Brown with
Piece Brown lid
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Piece Brown Fruit
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Piece lid Multipurpose
Piece lid Use
Piece lid Fruit
Piece lid &
Piece lid Vegetable
Piece lid Basket/Storage
Piece lid Organizer/Makeup
Piece lid Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece lid Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece for Multipurpose
Piece for Use
Piece for Fruit
Piece for &
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Piece for Organizer/Makeup
Piece for Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece for Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Multipurpose Use
Piece Multipurpose Fruit
Piece Multipurpose &
Piece Multipurpose Vegetable
Piece Multipurpose Basket/Storage
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Piece Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Use Fruit
Piece Use &
Piece Use Vegetable
Piece Use Basket/Storage
Piece Use Organizer/Makeup
Piece Use Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Fruit &
Piece Fruit Vegetable
Piece Fruit Basket/Storage
Piece Fruit Organizer/Makeup
Piece Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece & Vegetable
Piece & Basket/Storage
Piece & Organizer/Makeup
Piece & Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Vegetable Basket/Storage
Piece Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
Piece Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Piece Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Piece Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Piece Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Basket with
Brown Basket lid
Brown Basket for
Brown Basket Multipurpose
Brown Basket Use
Brown Basket Fruit
Brown Basket &
Brown Basket Vegetable
Brown Basket Basket/Storage
Brown Basket Organizer/Makeup
Brown Basket Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Basket Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown with lid
Brown with for
Brown with Multipurpose
Brown with Use
Brown with Fruit
Brown with &
Brown with Vegetable
Brown with Basket/Storage
Brown with Organizer/Makeup
Brown with Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown with Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown lid for
Brown lid Multipurpose
Brown lid Use
Brown lid Fruit
Brown lid &
Brown lid Vegetable
Brown lid Basket/Storage
Brown lid Organizer/Makeup
Brown lid Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown lid Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown for Multipurpose
Brown for Use
Brown for Fruit
Brown for &
Brown for Vegetable
Brown for Basket/Storage
Brown for Organizer/Makeup
Brown for Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown for Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Multipurpose Use
Brown Multipurpose Fruit
Brown Multipurpose &
Brown Multipurpose Vegetable
Brown Multipurpose Basket/Storage
Brown Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup
Brown Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Use Fruit
Brown Use &
Brown Use Vegetable
Brown Use Basket/Storage
Brown Use Organizer/Makeup
Brown Use Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Fruit &
Brown Fruit Vegetable
Brown Fruit Basket/Storage
Brown Fruit Organizer/Makeup
Brown Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown & Vegetable
Brown & Basket/Storage
Brown & Organizer/Makeup
Brown & Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Vegetable Basket/Storage
Brown Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
Brown Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Brown Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Brown Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Brown Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket with lid
Basket with for
Basket with Multipurpose
Basket with Use
Basket with Fruit
Basket with &
Basket with Vegetable
Basket with Basket/Storage
Basket with Organizer/Makeup
Basket with Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket with Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket lid for
Basket lid Multipurpose
Basket lid Use
Basket lid Fruit
Basket lid &
Basket lid Vegetable
Basket lid Basket/Storage
Basket lid Organizer/Makeup
Basket lid Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket lid Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket for Multipurpose
Basket for Use
Basket for Fruit
Basket for &
Basket for Vegetable
Basket for Basket/Storage
Basket for Organizer/Makeup
Basket for Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket for Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Multipurpose Use
Basket Multipurpose Fruit
Basket Multipurpose &
Basket Multipurpose Vegetable
Basket Multipurpose Basket/Storage
Basket Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup
Basket Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Use Fruit
Basket Use &
Basket Use Vegetable
Basket Use Basket/Storage
Basket Use Organizer/Makeup
Basket Use Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Fruit &
Basket Fruit Vegetable
Basket Fruit Basket/Storage
Basket Fruit Organizer/Makeup
Basket Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket & Vegetable
Basket & Basket/Storage
Basket & Organizer/Makeup
Basket & Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Vegetable Basket/Storage
Basket Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
Basket Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Basket Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with lid for
with lid Multipurpose
with lid Use
with lid Fruit
with lid &
with lid Vegetable
with lid Basket/Storage
with lid Organizer/Makeup
with lid Organizer/Bins/Container
with lid Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with for Multipurpose
with for Use
with for Fruit
with for &
with for Vegetable
with for Basket/Storage
with for Organizer/Makeup
with for Organizer/Bins/Container
with for Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Multipurpose Use
with Multipurpose Fruit
with Multipurpose &
with Multipurpose Vegetable
with Multipurpose Basket/Storage
with Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup
with Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
with Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Use Fruit
with Use &
with Use Vegetable
with Use Basket/Storage
with Use Organizer/Makeup
with Use Organizer/Bins/Container
with Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Fruit &
with Fruit Vegetable
with Fruit Basket/Storage
with Fruit Organizer/Makeup
with Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
with Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with & Vegetable
with & Basket/Storage
with & Organizer/Makeup
with & Organizer/Bins/Container
with & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Vegetable Basket/Storage
with Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
with Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
with Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
with Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
with Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
with Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
with Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid for Multipurpose
lid for Use
lid for Fruit
lid for &
lid for Vegetable
lid for Basket/Storage
lid for Organizer/Makeup
lid for Organizer/Bins/Container
lid for Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Multipurpose Use
lid Multipurpose Fruit
lid Multipurpose &
lid Multipurpose Vegetable
lid Multipurpose Basket/Storage
lid Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup
lid Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
lid Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Use Fruit
lid Use &
lid Use Vegetable
lid Use Basket/Storage
lid Use Organizer/Makeup
lid Use Organizer/Bins/Container
lid Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Fruit &
lid Fruit Vegetable
lid Fruit Basket/Storage
lid Fruit Organizer/Makeup
lid Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
lid Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid & Vegetable
lid & Basket/Storage
lid & Organizer/Makeup
lid & Organizer/Bins/Container
lid & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Vegetable Basket/Storage
lid Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
lid Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
lid Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
lid Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
lid Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
lid Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
lid Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Multipurpose Use
for Multipurpose Fruit
for Multipurpose &
for Multipurpose Vegetable
for Multipurpose Basket/Storage
for Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup
for Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container
for Multipurpose Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Use Fruit
for Use &
for Use Vegetable
for Use Basket/Storage
for Use Organizer/Makeup
for Use Organizer/Bins/Container
for Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Fruit &
for Fruit Vegetable
for Fruit Basket/Storage
for Fruit Organizer/Makeup
for Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
for Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for & Vegetable
for & Basket/Storage
for & Organizer/Makeup
for & Organizer/Bins/Container
for & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Vegetable Basket/Storage
for Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
for Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
for Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
for Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
for Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
for Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
for Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose Use Fruit
Multipurpose Use &
Multipurpose Use Vegetable
Multipurpose Use Basket/Storage
Multipurpose Use Organizer/Makeup
Multipurpose Use Organizer/Bins/Container
Multipurpose Use Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose Fruit &
Multipurpose Fruit Vegetable
Multipurpose Fruit Basket/Storage
Multipurpose Fruit Organizer/Makeup
Multipurpose Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
Multipurpose Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose & Vegetable
Multipurpose & Basket/Storage
Multipurpose & Organizer/Makeup
Multipurpose & Organizer/Bins/Container
Multipurpose & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose Vegetable Basket/Storage
Multipurpose Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
Multipurpose Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
Multipurpose Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Multipurpose Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Multipurpose Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Multipurpose Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Multipurpose Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Use Fruit &
Use Fruit Vegetable
Use Fruit Basket/Storage
Use Fruit Organizer/Makeup
Use Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container
Use Fruit Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Use & Vegetable
Use & Basket/Storage
Use & Organizer/Makeup
Use & Organizer/Bins/Container
Use & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Use Vegetable Basket/Storage
Use Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
Use Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
Use Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Use Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Use Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Use Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Use Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Use Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Use Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Fruit & Vegetable
Fruit & Basket/Storage
Fruit & Organizer/Makeup
Fruit & Organizer/Bins/Container
Fruit & Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Fruit Vegetable Basket/Storage
Fruit Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
Fruit Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
Fruit Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Fruit Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Fruit Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Fruit Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Fruit Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Fruit Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Fruit Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
& Vegetable Basket/Storage
& Vegetable Organizer/Makeup
& Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container
& Vegetable Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
& Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
& Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
& Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
& Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
& Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
& Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Vegetable Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup
Vegetable Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container
Vegetable Basket/Storage Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Vegetable Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Vegetable Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Vegetable Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container
Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Basket/Storage Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)
Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small)

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XllentTM 3 Piece Brown Basket with lid for Multipurpose Use Fruit & Vegetable Basket/Storage Organizer/Makeup Organizer/Bins/Container Box/Organizer-(Large,Medium,Small) Reviews

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Can I buy this product online ?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy this online

Is this the best price on which I can buy it ?

Yes, but you can pay online and try different payment wallets for cashbacks

Can I return this product ?

Yes, you can return this product, however the product should be in good shape