University Trendz New Design Heart Lock and Key Stainless Steel Couple Bracelet Pendant Set for Lovers Men and Women (Silver)

University Trendz Newest Design Lock and Key Stainless Steel Fashionable Couple Bracelet Pendant Necklace Set For Boys, Girls, Men & Women- Perfect Gift:

Lock and Key Necklace---Unique design with a lock bracelet and a square heart key necklace. Romantic matching couples jewelry symbolize that only this key will open up the heart lock. Suitable for daily wear or as a present to you and your lover. Highly polished couples jewelry offers an understated beauty combined with strength. This key and lock bracelet and necklace set is a perfect gift for couples because of its special features, pendant key is used to open bracelet lock which makes it a very romantic gift. This bracelet is made of highest quality imported 316L Stainless Steel. Special unique design bracelet is the heart of every girl. Only people who are destined can open it, romantic Valentine's Day gifts or special holiday gifts. This audacious combo of bracelet and pendant is surely gone a dictate a fashion. It is a perfect for your loved ones. Newest Technology is used which make these bracelets anti-fade and retains shine, anti-allergic. It is a perfect gift for women and men on special occasions like valentines, anniversary, friendship day, Birthday, Diwali and Christmas.


Color: Silver
Material: Non-Precious
Metal Size: Approx Weight: 40g

Stylish Design: This fashionable bracelet comes with a simple yet trendy and stylish design which lasts long and helps to add elegance and grace to your outfit.

Craftsmanship: Made of quality materials, the bracelet is carefully selected and handmade by artisans. Each product goes through a rigorous pulling experiment to ensure quality of the product.

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Product Specification

Binding Jewellery
Brand University Trendz
Color Silver
Department Unisex
  • Material: made of durable and solid stainless steel; environmental and no harm to skin
  • Romantica collection: let yourself be swept away by an invasion of hearts. Heart-shaped bracelet and key necklace; expressing your love for the recipient
  • Skin friendly: nickel-free and lead-free . Anti-allergic and safe for skin
  • Locking heart bracelet: suitable for daily wear or as a present to you and your lover. Classic design; stylish and delicate for everyday wear
  • Occasion - ideal valentine; wedding; birthday; anniversary gift for someone you; friendship day love
Label University Trendz
List Price:Amount 199900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,999.00
Manufacturer University Trendz
Model univ_square_keylock2
Mpn univ_square_keylock2
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 120
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 410
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 11
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 290
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number univ_square_keylock2
Product Group Jewelry
Product Type Name FINEOTHER
Publisher University Trendz
Studio University Trendz
Title University Trendz New Design Heart Lock and Key Stainless Steel Couple Bracelet Pendant Set for Lovers Men and Women (Silver)

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Lock and Stainless
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Lock and Couple
Lock and Bracelet
Lock and Pendant
Lock and Set
Lock and for
Lock and Lovers
Lock and Men
Lock and and
Lock and Women
Lock and (Silver)
Lock Key Stainless
Lock Key Steel
Lock Key Couple
Lock Key Bracelet
Lock Key Pendant
Lock Key Set
Lock Key for
Lock Key Lovers
Lock Key Men
Lock Key and
Lock Key Women
Lock Key (Silver)
Lock Stainless Steel
Lock Stainless Couple
Lock Stainless Bracelet
Lock Stainless Pendant
Lock Stainless Set
Lock Stainless for
Lock Stainless Lovers
Lock Stainless Men
Lock Stainless and
Lock Stainless Women
Lock Stainless (Silver)
Lock Steel Couple
Lock Steel Bracelet
Lock Steel Pendant
Lock Steel Set
Lock Steel for
Lock Steel Lovers
Lock Steel Men
Lock Steel and
Lock Steel Women
Lock Steel (Silver)
Lock Couple Bracelet
Lock Couple Pendant
Lock Couple Set
Lock Couple for
Lock Couple Lovers
Lock Couple Men
Lock Couple and
Lock Couple Women
Lock Couple (Silver)
Lock Bracelet Pendant
Lock Bracelet Set
Lock Bracelet for
Lock Bracelet Lovers
Lock Bracelet Men
Lock Bracelet and
Lock Bracelet Women
Lock Bracelet (Silver)
Lock Pendant Set
Lock Pendant for
Lock Pendant Lovers
Lock Pendant Men
Lock Pendant and
Lock Pendant Women
Lock Pendant (Silver)
Lock Set for
Lock Set Lovers
Lock Set Men
Lock Set and
Lock Set Women
Lock Set (Silver)
Lock for Lovers
Lock for Men
Lock for and
Lock for Women
Lock for (Silver)
Lock Lovers Men
Lock Lovers and
Lock Lovers Women
Lock Lovers (Silver)
Lock Men and
Lock Men Women
Lock Men (Silver)
Lock and Women
Lock and (Silver)
Lock Women (Silver)
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and Key Steel
and Key Couple
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and Key Pendant
and Key Set
and Key for
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and Key Men
and Key and
and Key Women
and Key (Silver)
and Stainless Steel
and Stainless Couple
and Stainless Bracelet
and Stainless Pendant
and Stainless Set
and Stainless for
and Stainless Lovers
and Stainless Men
and Stainless and
and Stainless Women
and Stainless (Silver)
and Steel Couple
and Steel Bracelet
and Steel Pendant
and Steel Set
and Steel for
and Steel Lovers
and Steel Men
and Steel and
and Steel Women
and Steel (Silver)
and Couple Bracelet
and Couple Pendant
and Couple Set
and Couple for
and Couple Lovers
and Couple Men
and Couple and
and Couple Women
and Couple (Silver)
and Bracelet Pendant
and Bracelet Set
and Bracelet for
and Bracelet Lovers
and Bracelet Men
and Bracelet and
and Bracelet Women
and Bracelet (Silver)
and Pendant Set
and Pendant for
and Pendant Lovers
and Pendant Men
and Pendant and
and Pendant Women
and Pendant (Silver)
and Set for
and Set Lovers
and Set Men
and Set and
and Set Women
and Set (Silver)
and for Lovers
and for Men
and for and
and for Women
and for (Silver)
and Lovers Men
and Lovers and
and Lovers Women
and Lovers (Silver)
and Men and
and Men Women
and Men (Silver)
and and Women
and and (Silver)
and Women (Silver)
Key Stainless Steel
Key Stainless Couple
Key Stainless Bracelet
Key Stainless Pendant
Key Stainless Set
Key Stainless for
Key Stainless Lovers
Key Stainless Men
Key Stainless and
Key Stainless Women
Key Stainless (Silver)
Key Steel Couple
Key Steel Bracelet
Key Steel Pendant
Key Steel Set
Key Steel for
Key Steel Lovers
Key Steel Men
Key Steel and
Key Steel Women
Key Steel (Silver)
Key Couple Bracelet
Key Couple Pendant
Key Couple Set
Key Couple for
Key Couple Lovers
Key Couple Men
Key Couple and
Key Couple Women
Key Couple (Silver)
Key Bracelet Pendant
Key Bracelet Set
Key Bracelet for
Key Bracelet Lovers
Key Bracelet Men
Key Bracelet and
Key Bracelet Women
Key Bracelet (Silver)
Key Pendant Set
Key Pendant for
Key Pendant Lovers
Key Pendant Men
Key Pendant and
Key Pendant Women
Key Pendant (Silver)
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Key Set Men
Key Set and
Key Set Women
Key Set (Silver)
Key for Lovers
Key for Men
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Key for Women
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Key Lovers Women
Key Lovers (Silver)
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Key Men Women
Key Men (Silver)
Key and Women
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Stainless Steel Couple
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Stainless Steel Pendant
Stainless Steel Set
Stainless Steel for
Stainless Steel Lovers
Stainless Steel Men
Stainless Steel and
Stainless Steel Women
Stainless Steel (Silver)
Stainless Couple Bracelet
Stainless Couple Pendant
Stainless Couple Set
Stainless Couple for
Stainless Couple Lovers
Stainless Couple Men
Stainless Couple and
Stainless Couple Women
Stainless Couple (Silver)
Stainless Bracelet Pendant
Stainless Bracelet Set
Stainless Bracelet for
Stainless Bracelet Lovers
Stainless Bracelet Men
Stainless Bracelet and
Stainless Bracelet Women
Stainless Bracelet (Silver)
Stainless Pendant Set
Stainless Pendant for
Stainless Pendant Lovers
Stainless Pendant Men
Stainless Pendant and
Stainless Pendant Women
Stainless Pendant (Silver)
Stainless Set for
Stainless Set Lovers
Stainless Set Men
Stainless Set and
Stainless Set Women
Stainless Set (Silver)
Stainless for Lovers
Stainless for Men
Stainless for and
Stainless for Women
Stainless for (Silver)
Stainless Lovers Men
Stainless Lovers and
Stainless Lovers Women
Stainless Lovers (Silver)
Stainless Men and
Stainless Men Women
Stainless Men (Silver)
Stainless and Women
Stainless and (Silver)
Stainless Women (Silver)
Steel Couple Bracelet
Steel Couple Pendant
Steel Couple Set
Steel Couple for
Steel Couple Lovers
Steel Couple Men
Steel Couple and
Steel Couple Women
Steel Couple (Silver)
Steel Bracelet Pendant
Steel Bracelet Set
Steel Bracelet for
Steel Bracelet Lovers
Steel Bracelet Men
Steel Bracelet and
Steel Bracelet Women
Steel Bracelet (Silver)
Steel Pendant Set
Steel Pendant for
Steel Pendant Lovers
Steel Pendant Men
Steel Pendant and
Steel Pendant Women
Steel Pendant (Silver)
Steel Set for
Steel Set Lovers
Steel Set Men
Steel Set and
Steel Set Women
Steel Set (Silver)
Steel for Lovers
Steel for Men
Steel for and
Steel for Women
Steel for (Silver)
Steel Lovers Men
Steel Lovers and
Steel Lovers Women
Steel Lovers (Silver)
Steel Men and
Steel Men Women
Steel Men (Silver)
Steel and Women
Steel and (Silver)
Steel Women (Silver)
Couple Bracelet Pendant
Couple Bracelet Set
Couple Bracelet for
Couple Bracelet Lovers
Couple Bracelet Men
Couple Bracelet and
Couple Bracelet Women
Couple Bracelet (Silver)
Couple Pendant Set
Couple Pendant for
Couple Pendant Lovers
Couple Pendant Men
Couple Pendant and
Couple Pendant Women
Couple Pendant (Silver)
Couple Set for
Couple Set Lovers
Couple Set Men
Couple Set and
Couple Set Women
Couple Set (Silver)
Couple for Lovers
Couple for Men
Couple for and
Couple for Women
Couple for (Silver)
Couple Lovers Men
Couple Lovers and
Couple Lovers Women
Couple Lovers (Silver)
Couple Men and
Couple Men Women
Couple Men (Silver)
Couple and Women
Couple and (Silver)
Couple Women (Silver)
Bracelet Pendant Set
Bracelet Pendant for
Bracelet Pendant Lovers
Bracelet Pendant Men
Bracelet Pendant and
Bracelet Pendant Women
Bracelet Pendant (Silver)
Bracelet Set for
Bracelet Set Lovers
Bracelet Set Men
Bracelet Set and
Bracelet Set Women
Bracelet Set (Silver)
Bracelet for Lovers
Bracelet for Men
Bracelet for and
Bracelet for Women
Bracelet for (Silver)
Bracelet Lovers Men
Bracelet Lovers and
Bracelet Lovers Women
Bracelet Lovers (Silver)
Bracelet Men and
Bracelet Men Women
Bracelet Men (Silver)
Bracelet and Women
Bracelet and (Silver)
Bracelet Women (Silver)
Pendant Set for
Pendant Set Lovers
Pendant Set Men
Pendant Set and
Pendant Set Women
Pendant Set (Silver)
Pendant for Lovers
Pendant for Men
Pendant for and
Pendant for Women
Pendant for (Silver)
Pendant Lovers Men
Pendant Lovers and
Pendant Lovers Women
Pendant Lovers (Silver)
Pendant Men and
Pendant Men Women
Pendant Men (Silver)
Pendant and Women
Pendant and (Silver)
Pendant Women (Silver)
Set for Lovers
Set for Men
Set for and
Set for Women
Set for (Silver)
Set Lovers Men
Set Lovers and
Set Lovers Women
Set Lovers (Silver)
Set Men and
Set Men Women
Set Men (Silver)
Set and Women
Set and (Silver)
Set Women (Silver)
for Lovers Men
for Lovers and
for Lovers Women
for Lovers (Silver)
for Men and
for Men Women
for Men (Silver)
for and Women
for and (Silver)
for Women (Silver)
Lovers Men and
Lovers Men Women
Lovers Men (Silver)
Lovers and Women
Lovers and (Silver)
Lovers Women (Silver)
Men and Women
Men and (Silver)
Men Women (Silver)
and Women (Silver)

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University Trendz New Design Heart Lock and Key Stainless Steel Couple Bracelet Pendant Set for Lovers Men and Women (Silver) Reviews

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Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy this online

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Yes, but you can pay online and try different payment wallets for cashbacks

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Yes, you can return this product, however the product should be in good shape