UniEye 1080P HD Pen Surveillance Camera with Loop Recording/Plug Play to PC and Mac/OTG Cable

Our new Video Recording Pen conceals an HD video camera in a high quality, stylish slim black working pen. Be among the first to acquire this little piece right out of the spy novels. The small pinhole camera can be used secretly by law enforcement or for personal covert missions. Students can also use this camcorder to record their lessons and tutorials. Press the top of the pen and immediately digital video records to the micro SD card. Retrieving your files is as easy as using any normal USB drive, slide the pen apart to expose the USB port. Compatible with all operating systems
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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand UniEye
  • EASY TO USE -Professional stealth hidden camera executive pen. Enjoy being a spy. No software to load. Just Plug and play. User-friendly that a child could operate it.This Pen Camera is both PC and Mac Compatible 2.0 USB (with included USB cord). Date stamps can be added as reference points on any recordings or images, so organizing your data are breeze. There is no need to install a driver into the PC. Convenient, compact and fun.
  • 1080P TRUE HD Video Recorder in 1920*1080p HD video resolution & 8 mega pixels, meticulously engineered to perfection for crystal clear video recording. Just one click on and one click off allow you to start/stop recording video right away. Inbuilt rechargeable Polymer Lithium battery (220mAH) offers class leading recording time (up to 1 hour).
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL PEN-No one will recognize this pen is a camera. This spy pen camera can be used in all kinds of activities, such as parenting, elderly care, pet monitor, travel records and consultative conference record. It also can be used as a web cam to chat with others, no extra microphone needed
  • Spy pen camera; single button operation without distracting flashing light, perfect for personal outside and indoor spying in home or cars, low light uses or residential nanny cam monitoring!
  • The packet includes spy pen with camera with cable and manual
Label unieye
List Price:Amount 280000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 2,800.00
Manufacturer unieye
Package Quantity 1
Product Group CE
Publisher unieye
Studio unieye
Title UniEye 1080P HD Pen Surveillance Camera with Loop Recording/Plug Play to PC and Mac/OTG Cable

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