Twisted Satellite Signal Finder Db Meter for Full,Hd Dish T.V Network Setting with Two Rg6 Compression connectors

Excellent Sensitivity In-Line IF Signal Strength Meter Built-In 0Hz, 22KHz, 13V, 18V Indicating LEDs and Buzzer Elegant Exterior and Convenient to Carry Light Weight and Pocket Size Compatible with Videocon, Airtel, DishTv, Tata Sky, Reliance, Sun Direct and Free-to-Air satellite Systems Audio Tone Plus Analog Signal Strength Meter Display Ease of Use. Handy tool to align any satellite Dish in Minutes Extremely sensitive Meter that Indicates Very Small Changes in Signal Strength Input Frequency Rang: 950-2150MHz Supply Voltage: 13-18V DC Input Level Max: -10dBm Input Level Min: 40dBm No External Power or Batteries Required. Work With Power Supplied From Your Satellite Receiver Color as per the availability . This product is TWISTED verified Marketed by Satyam marketing.Please buy only by Satyam marketing as they are only dealer of TWISTED Brand.

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Twisted
  • Brand:Twisted
  • It is operated by LNB power.Satellite Finder Meter
  • Satellite Finder Signal Meter, with its superior sensitivity is capable to indicate signal
  • It displays signal strength, according to dish position, with an easy-to-read analog needle, allowing you to make necessary adjustments without having to yell back and forth from the window.
  • he Satellite Finder will align your satellite dish whether you use Dish Network,Direct TV, Reliance, Airtel Digital TV, Tatasky,sun dirtect, Videocon D2H or any other type of satellite TV.
Label Twisted
Legal Disclaimer Twisted Brand is sold by Satyam marketing only.Any other person dealing in it should get ready for legal action.
List Price:Amount 59900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 599.00
Manufacturer Twisted
Model Tw-sf-48
Mpn Tw-sf-48
Part Number Tw-sf-48
Product Group CE
Publisher Twisted
Studio Twisted
Title Twisted Satellite Signal Finder Db Meter for Full,Hd Dish T.V Network Setting with Two Rg6 Compression connectors

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Full,Hd Network with
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Full,Hd Network Rg6
Full,Hd Network Compression
Full,Hd Network connectors
Full,Hd Setting with
Full,Hd Setting Two
Full,Hd Setting Rg6
Full,Hd Setting Compression
Full,Hd Setting connectors
Full,Hd with Two
Full,Hd with Rg6
Full,Hd with Compression
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Full,Hd Two Rg6
Full,Hd Two Compression
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Full,Hd Rg6 Compression
Full,Hd Rg6 connectors
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Dish T.V Network
Dish T.V Setting
Dish T.V with
Dish T.V Two
Dish T.V Rg6
Dish T.V Compression
Dish T.V connectors
Dish Network Setting
Dish Network with
Dish Network Two
Dish Network Rg6
Dish Network Compression
Dish Network connectors
Dish Setting with
Dish Setting Two
Dish Setting Rg6
Dish Setting Compression
Dish Setting connectors
Dish with Two
Dish with Rg6
Dish with Compression
Dish with connectors
Dish Two Rg6
Dish Two Compression
Dish Two connectors
Dish Rg6 Compression
Dish Rg6 connectors
Dish Compression connectors
T.V Network Setting
T.V Network with
T.V Network Two
T.V Network Rg6
T.V Network Compression
T.V Network connectors
T.V Setting with
T.V Setting Two
T.V Setting Rg6
T.V Setting Compression
T.V Setting connectors
T.V with Two
T.V with Rg6
T.V with Compression
T.V with connectors
T.V Two Rg6
T.V Two Compression
T.V Two connectors
T.V Rg6 Compression
T.V Rg6 connectors
T.V Compression connectors
Network Setting with
Network Setting Two
Network Setting Rg6
Network Setting Compression
Network Setting connectors
Network with Two
Network with Rg6
Network with Compression
Network with connectors
Network Two Rg6
Network Two Compression
Network Two connectors
Network Rg6 Compression
Network Rg6 connectors
Network Compression connectors
Setting with Two
Setting with Rg6
Setting with Compression
Setting with connectors
Setting Two Rg6
Setting Two Compression
Setting Two connectors
Setting Rg6 Compression
Setting Rg6 connectors
Setting Compression connectors
with Two Rg6
with Two Compression
with Two connectors
with Rg6 Compression
with Rg6 connectors
with Compression connectors
Two Rg6 Compression
Two Rg6 connectors
Two Compression connectors
Rg6 Compression connectors

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Twisted Satellite Signal Finder Db Meter for Full,Hd Dish T.V Network Setting with Two Rg6 Compression connectors Reviews

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