TIED RIBBONS Set of 4 Plastic Multipurpose Storage Basket Container with Handles for Skin Care Cosmetic Organizer Fruit Vegetable Kitchen Bathroom (Multicolour)

New design multi-purpose plastic storage basket is just what you need to organize your life! you can sort out all kinds of home and kitchen supplies, fruit, vegetable, tableware, stationery, cosmetics, socks, bra, underwear and other small items also you can use for storing fruits, vegetables, cereals and grains and also it is useful for storing arts and craft work, fits great in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, in your pantry and cabinets. It's very flexible, which prevents from breaking. organize bathroom cabinets and drawers. Store makeup brushes, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, and more. The built-in handle makes moving in and out of cabinets simple and easy. Can store books, paint, tools, clothes, toys, groceries, kitchen and bathing accessories, durable and light weight, easily portable
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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Color Multicolor
  • The Package Contains:-Set of 4 multipurpose storage basket( Color will be shipped as per availability).
  • Material of the Product:- Light weight high quality plastic storage organizers.
  • A fashionable and smart solution for all your storage needs. Ideal for home and office use. sturdy and requires very less amount of storage space.
  • Portable storage basket is perfect for holding bath products, children's toys, craft supplies, sweets and cookies, fruits, easter stuffers and more.
  • Multi-Purpose Storage and Organization: For organizing bathroom countertop, playroom, kitchen cabinet, pantry or any space in your home, office or garden. Great for storing small items and different little knick-knacks.
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 866
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 748
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 669
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label TiedRibbons
List Price:Amount 189900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,899.00
Manufacturer TiedRibbons
Model TR-Q3-19-StorageBasket-PC014
Mpn TR-Q3-19-StorageBasket-PC014
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 394
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 591
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 77
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 472
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number TR-Q3-19-StorageBasket-PC014
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Publisher TiedRibbons
Size Standard
Studio TiedRibbons
Title TIED RIBBONS Set of 4 Plastic Multipurpose Storage Basket Container with Handles for Skin Care Cosmetic Organizer Fruit Vegetable Kitchen Bathroom (Multicolour)

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Plastic Multipurpose Cosmetic
Plastic Multipurpose Organizer
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Plastic Basket Vegetable
Plastic Basket Kitchen
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Plastic Container Cosmetic
Plastic Container Organizer
Plastic Container Fruit
Plastic Container Vegetable
Plastic Container Kitchen
Plastic Container Bathroom
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Plastic with Handles
Plastic with for
Plastic with Skin
Plastic with Care
Plastic with Cosmetic
Plastic with Organizer
Plastic with Fruit
Plastic with Vegetable
Plastic with Kitchen
Plastic with Bathroom
Plastic with (Multicolour)
Plastic Handles for
Plastic Handles Skin
Plastic Handles Care
Plastic Handles Cosmetic
Plastic Handles Organizer
Plastic Handles Fruit
Plastic Handles Vegetable
Plastic Handles Kitchen
Plastic Handles Bathroom
Plastic Handles (Multicolour)
Plastic for Skin
Plastic for Care
Plastic for Cosmetic
Plastic for Organizer
Plastic for Fruit
Plastic for Vegetable
Plastic for Kitchen
Plastic for Bathroom
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Plastic Skin Care
Plastic Skin Cosmetic
Plastic Skin Organizer
Plastic Skin Fruit
Plastic Skin Vegetable
Plastic Skin Kitchen
Plastic Skin Bathroom
Plastic Skin (Multicolour)
Plastic Care Cosmetic
Plastic Care Organizer
Plastic Care Fruit
Plastic Care Vegetable
Plastic Care Kitchen
Plastic Care Bathroom
Plastic Care (Multicolour)
Plastic Cosmetic Organizer
Plastic Cosmetic Fruit
Plastic Cosmetic Vegetable
Plastic Cosmetic Kitchen
Plastic Cosmetic Bathroom
Plastic Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Plastic Organizer Fruit
Plastic Organizer Vegetable
Plastic Organizer Kitchen
Plastic Organizer Bathroom
Plastic Organizer (Multicolour)
Plastic Fruit Vegetable
Plastic Fruit Kitchen
Plastic Fruit Bathroom
Plastic Fruit (Multicolour)
Plastic Vegetable Kitchen
Plastic Vegetable Bathroom
Plastic Vegetable (Multicolour)
Plastic Kitchen Bathroom
Plastic Kitchen (Multicolour)
Plastic Bathroom (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Storage Basket
Multipurpose Storage Container
Multipurpose Storage with
Multipurpose Storage Handles
Multipurpose Storage for
Multipurpose Storage Skin
Multipurpose Storage Care
Multipurpose Storage Cosmetic
Multipurpose Storage Organizer
Multipurpose Storage Fruit
Multipurpose Storage Vegetable
Multipurpose Storage Kitchen
Multipurpose Storage Bathroom
Multipurpose Storage (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Basket Container
Multipurpose Basket with
Multipurpose Basket Handles
Multipurpose Basket for
Multipurpose Basket Skin
Multipurpose Basket Care
Multipurpose Basket Cosmetic
Multipurpose Basket Organizer
Multipurpose Basket Fruit
Multipurpose Basket Vegetable
Multipurpose Basket Kitchen
Multipurpose Basket Bathroom
Multipurpose Basket (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Container with
Multipurpose Container Handles
Multipurpose Container for
Multipurpose Container Skin
Multipurpose Container Care
Multipurpose Container Cosmetic
Multipurpose Container Organizer
Multipurpose Container Fruit
Multipurpose Container Vegetable
Multipurpose Container Kitchen
Multipurpose Container Bathroom
Multipurpose Container (Multicolour)
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Multipurpose with for
Multipurpose with Skin
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Multipurpose with Cosmetic
Multipurpose with Organizer
Multipurpose with Fruit
Multipurpose with Vegetable
Multipurpose with Kitchen
Multipurpose with Bathroom
Multipurpose with (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Handles for
Multipurpose Handles Skin
Multipurpose Handles Care
Multipurpose Handles Cosmetic
Multipurpose Handles Organizer
Multipurpose Handles Fruit
Multipurpose Handles Vegetable
Multipurpose Handles Kitchen
Multipurpose Handles Bathroom
Multipurpose Handles (Multicolour)
Multipurpose for Skin
Multipurpose for Care
Multipurpose for Cosmetic
Multipurpose for Organizer
Multipurpose for Fruit
Multipurpose for Vegetable
Multipurpose for Kitchen
Multipurpose for Bathroom
Multipurpose for (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Skin Care
Multipurpose Skin Cosmetic
Multipurpose Skin Organizer
Multipurpose Skin Fruit
Multipurpose Skin Vegetable
Multipurpose Skin Kitchen
Multipurpose Skin Bathroom
Multipurpose Skin (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Care Cosmetic
Multipurpose Care Organizer
Multipurpose Care Fruit
Multipurpose Care Vegetable
Multipurpose Care Kitchen
Multipurpose Care Bathroom
Multipurpose Care (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Cosmetic Organizer
Multipurpose Cosmetic Fruit
Multipurpose Cosmetic Vegetable
Multipurpose Cosmetic Kitchen
Multipurpose Cosmetic Bathroom
Multipurpose Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Organizer Fruit
Multipurpose Organizer Vegetable
Multipurpose Organizer Kitchen
Multipurpose Organizer Bathroom
Multipurpose Organizer (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Fruit Vegetable
Multipurpose Fruit Kitchen
Multipurpose Fruit Bathroom
Multipurpose Fruit (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Vegetable Kitchen
Multipurpose Vegetable Bathroom
Multipurpose Vegetable (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Kitchen Bathroom
Multipurpose Kitchen (Multicolour)
Multipurpose Bathroom (Multicolour)
Storage Basket Container
Storage Basket with
Storage Basket Handles
Storage Basket for
Storage Basket Skin
Storage Basket Care
Storage Basket Cosmetic
Storage Basket Organizer
Storage Basket Fruit
Storage Basket Vegetable
Storage Basket Kitchen
Storage Basket Bathroom
Storage Basket (Multicolour)
Storage Container with
Storage Container Handles
Storage Container for
Storage Container Skin
Storage Container Care
Storage Container Cosmetic
Storage Container Organizer
Storage Container Fruit
Storage Container Vegetable
Storage Container Kitchen
Storage Container Bathroom
Storage Container (Multicolour)
Storage with Handles
Storage with for
Storage with Skin
Storage with Care
Storage with Cosmetic
Storage with Organizer
Storage with Fruit
Storage with Vegetable
Storage with Kitchen
Storage with Bathroom
Storage with (Multicolour)
Storage Handles for
Storage Handles Skin
Storage Handles Care
Storage Handles Cosmetic
Storage Handles Organizer
Storage Handles Fruit
Storage Handles Vegetable
Storage Handles Kitchen
Storage Handles Bathroom
Storage Handles (Multicolour)
Storage for Skin
Storage for Care
Storage for Cosmetic
Storage for Organizer
Storage for Fruit
Storage for Vegetable
Storage for Kitchen
Storage for Bathroom
Storage for (Multicolour)
Storage Skin Care
Storage Skin Cosmetic
Storage Skin Organizer
Storage Skin Fruit
Storage Skin Vegetable
Storage Skin Kitchen
Storage Skin Bathroom
Storage Skin (Multicolour)
Storage Care Cosmetic
Storage Care Organizer
Storage Care Fruit
Storage Care Vegetable
Storage Care Kitchen
Storage Care Bathroom
Storage Care (Multicolour)
Storage Cosmetic Organizer
Storage Cosmetic Fruit
Storage Cosmetic Vegetable
Storage Cosmetic Kitchen
Storage Cosmetic Bathroom
Storage Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Storage Organizer Fruit
Storage Organizer Vegetable
Storage Organizer Kitchen
Storage Organizer Bathroom
Storage Organizer (Multicolour)
Storage Fruit Vegetable
Storage Fruit Kitchen
Storage Fruit Bathroom
Storage Fruit (Multicolour)
Storage Vegetable Kitchen
Storage Vegetable Bathroom
Storage Vegetable (Multicolour)
Storage Kitchen Bathroom
Storage Kitchen (Multicolour)
Storage Bathroom (Multicolour)
Basket Container with
Basket Container Handles
Basket Container for
Basket Container Skin
Basket Container Care
Basket Container Cosmetic
Basket Container Organizer
Basket Container Fruit
Basket Container Vegetable
Basket Container Kitchen
Basket Container Bathroom
Basket Container (Multicolour)
Basket with Handles
Basket with for
Basket with Skin
Basket with Care
Basket with Cosmetic
Basket with Organizer
Basket with Fruit
Basket with Vegetable
Basket with Kitchen
Basket with Bathroom
Basket with (Multicolour)
Basket Handles for
Basket Handles Skin
Basket Handles Care
Basket Handles Cosmetic
Basket Handles Organizer
Basket Handles Fruit
Basket Handles Vegetable
Basket Handles Kitchen
Basket Handles Bathroom
Basket Handles (Multicolour)
Basket for Skin
Basket for Care
Basket for Cosmetic
Basket for Organizer
Basket for Fruit
Basket for Vegetable
Basket for Kitchen
Basket for Bathroom
Basket for (Multicolour)
Basket Skin Care
Basket Skin Cosmetic
Basket Skin Organizer
Basket Skin Fruit
Basket Skin Vegetable
Basket Skin Kitchen
Basket Skin Bathroom
Basket Skin (Multicolour)
Basket Care Cosmetic
Basket Care Organizer
Basket Care Fruit
Basket Care Vegetable
Basket Care Kitchen
Basket Care Bathroom
Basket Care (Multicolour)
Basket Cosmetic Organizer
Basket Cosmetic Fruit
Basket Cosmetic Vegetable
Basket Cosmetic Kitchen
Basket Cosmetic Bathroom
Basket Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Basket Organizer Fruit
Basket Organizer Vegetable
Basket Organizer Kitchen
Basket Organizer Bathroom
Basket Organizer (Multicolour)
Basket Fruit Vegetable
Basket Fruit Kitchen
Basket Fruit Bathroom
Basket Fruit (Multicolour)
Basket Vegetable Kitchen
Basket Vegetable Bathroom
Basket Vegetable (Multicolour)
Basket Kitchen Bathroom
Basket Kitchen (Multicolour)
Basket Bathroom (Multicolour)
Container with Handles
Container with for
Container with Skin
Container with Care
Container with Cosmetic
Container with Organizer
Container with Fruit
Container with Vegetable
Container with Kitchen
Container with Bathroom
Container with (Multicolour)
Container Handles for
Container Handles Skin
Container Handles Care
Container Handles Cosmetic
Container Handles Organizer
Container Handles Fruit
Container Handles Vegetable
Container Handles Kitchen
Container Handles Bathroom
Container Handles (Multicolour)
Container for Skin
Container for Care
Container for Cosmetic
Container for Organizer
Container for Fruit
Container for Vegetable
Container for Kitchen
Container for Bathroom
Container for (Multicolour)
Container Skin Care
Container Skin Cosmetic
Container Skin Organizer
Container Skin Fruit
Container Skin Vegetable
Container Skin Kitchen
Container Skin Bathroom
Container Skin (Multicolour)
Container Care Cosmetic
Container Care Organizer
Container Care Fruit
Container Care Vegetable
Container Care Kitchen
Container Care Bathroom
Container Care (Multicolour)
Container Cosmetic Organizer
Container Cosmetic Fruit
Container Cosmetic Vegetable
Container Cosmetic Kitchen
Container Cosmetic Bathroom
Container Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Container Organizer Fruit
Container Organizer Vegetable
Container Organizer Kitchen
Container Organizer Bathroom
Container Organizer (Multicolour)
Container Fruit Vegetable
Container Fruit Kitchen
Container Fruit Bathroom
Container Fruit (Multicolour)
Container Vegetable Kitchen
Container Vegetable Bathroom
Container Vegetable (Multicolour)
Container Kitchen Bathroom
Container Kitchen (Multicolour)
Container Bathroom (Multicolour)
with Handles for
with Handles Skin
with Handles Care
with Handles Cosmetic
with Handles Organizer
with Handles Fruit
with Handles Vegetable
with Handles Kitchen
with Handles Bathroom
with Handles (Multicolour)
with for Skin
with for Care
with for Cosmetic
with for Organizer
with for Fruit
with for Vegetable
with for Kitchen
with for Bathroom
with for (Multicolour)
with Skin Care
with Skin Cosmetic
with Skin Organizer
with Skin Fruit
with Skin Vegetable
with Skin Kitchen
with Skin Bathroom
with Skin (Multicolour)
with Care Cosmetic
with Care Organizer
with Care Fruit
with Care Vegetable
with Care Kitchen
with Care Bathroom
with Care (Multicolour)
with Cosmetic Organizer
with Cosmetic Fruit
with Cosmetic Vegetable
with Cosmetic Kitchen
with Cosmetic Bathroom
with Cosmetic (Multicolour)
with Organizer Fruit
with Organizer Vegetable
with Organizer Kitchen
with Organizer Bathroom
with Organizer (Multicolour)
with Fruit Vegetable
with Fruit Kitchen
with Fruit Bathroom
with Fruit (Multicolour)
with Vegetable Kitchen
with Vegetable Bathroom
with Vegetable (Multicolour)
with Kitchen Bathroom
with Kitchen (Multicolour)
with Bathroom (Multicolour)
Handles for Skin
Handles for Care
Handles for Cosmetic
Handles for Organizer
Handles for Fruit
Handles for Vegetable
Handles for Kitchen
Handles for Bathroom
Handles for (Multicolour)
Handles Skin Care
Handles Skin Cosmetic
Handles Skin Organizer
Handles Skin Fruit
Handles Skin Vegetable
Handles Skin Kitchen
Handles Skin Bathroom
Handles Skin (Multicolour)
Handles Care Cosmetic
Handles Care Organizer
Handles Care Fruit
Handles Care Vegetable
Handles Care Kitchen
Handles Care Bathroom
Handles Care (Multicolour)
Handles Cosmetic Organizer
Handles Cosmetic Fruit
Handles Cosmetic Vegetable
Handles Cosmetic Kitchen
Handles Cosmetic Bathroom
Handles Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Handles Organizer Fruit
Handles Organizer Vegetable
Handles Organizer Kitchen
Handles Organizer Bathroom
Handles Organizer (Multicolour)
Handles Fruit Vegetable
Handles Fruit Kitchen
Handles Fruit Bathroom
Handles Fruit (Multicolour)
Handles Vegetable Kitchen
Handles Vegetable Bathroom
Handles Vegetable (Multicolour)
Handles Kitchen Bathroom
Handles Kitchen (Multicolour)
Handles Bathroom (Multicolour)
for Skin Care
for Skin Cosmetic
for Skin Organizer
for Skin Fruit
for Skin Vegetable
for Skin Kitchen
for Skin Bathroom
for Skin (Multicolour)
for Care Cosmetic
for Care Organizer
for Care Fruit
for Care Vegetable
for Care Kitchen
for Care Bathroom
for Care (Multicolour)
for Cosmetic Organizer
for Cosmetic Fruit
for Cosmetic Vegetable
for Cosmetic Kitchen
for Cosmetic Bathroom
for Cosmetic (Multicolour)
for Organizer Fruit
for Organizer Vegetable
for Organizer Kitchen
for Organizer Bathroom
for Organizer (Multicolour)
for Fruit Vegetable
for Fruit Kitchen
for Fruit Bathroom
for Fruit (Multicolour)
for Vegetable Kitchen
for Vegetable Bathroom
for Vegetable (Multicolour)
for Kitchen Bathroom
for Kitchen (Multicolour)
for Bathroom (Multicolour)
Skin Care Cosmetic
Skin Care Organizer
Skin Care Fruit
Skin Care Vegetable
Skin Care Kitchen
Skin Care Bathroom
Skin Care (Multicolour)
Skin Cosmetic Organizer
Skin Cosmetic Fruit
Skin Cosmetic Vegetable
Skin Cosmetic Kitchen
Skin Cosmetic Bathroom
Skin Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Skin Organizer Fruit
Skin Organizer Vegetable
Skin Organizer Kitchen
Skin Organizer Bathroom
Skin Organizer (Multicolour)
Skin Fruit Vegetable
Skin Fruit Kitchen
Skin Fruit Bathroom
Skin Fruit (Multicolour)
Skin Vegetable Kitchen
Skin Vegetable Bathroom
Skin Vegetable (Multicolour)
Skin Kitchen Bathroom
Skin Kitchen (Multicolour)
Skin Bathroom (Multicolour)
Care Cosmetic Organizer
Care Cosmetic Fruit
Care Cosmetic Vegetable
Care Cosmetic Kitchen
Care Cosmetic Bathroom
Care Cosmetic (Multicolour)
Care Organizer Fruit
Care Organizer Vegetable
Care Organizer Kitchen
Care Organizer Bathroom
Care Organizer (Multicolour)
Care Fruit Vegetable
Care Fruit Kitchen
Care Fruit Bathroom
Care Fruit (Multicolour)
Care Vegetable Kitchen
Care Vegetable Bathroom
Care Vegetable (Multicolour)
Care Kitchen Bathroom
Care Kitchen (Multicolour)
Care Bathroom (Multicolour)
Cosmetic Organizer Fruit
Cosmetic Organizer Vegetable
Cosmetic Organizer Kitchen
Cosmetic Organizer Bathroom
Cosmetic Organizer (Multicolour)
Cosmetic Fruit Vegetable
Cosmetic Fruit Kitchen
Cosmetic Fruit Bathroom
Cosmetic Fruit (Multicolour)
Cosmetic Vegetable Kitchen
Cosmetic Vegetable Bathroom
Cosmetic Vegetable (Multicolour)
Cosmetic Kitchen Bathroom
Cosmetic Kitchen (Multicolour)
Cosmetic Bathroom (Multicolour)
Organizer Fruit Vegetable
Organizer Fruit Kitchen
Organizer Fruit Bathroom
Organizer Fruit (Multicolour)
Organizer Vegetable Kitchen
Organizer Vegetable Bathroom
Organizer Vegetable (Multicolour)
Organizer Kitchen Bathroom
Organizer Kitchen (Multicolour)
Organizer Bathroom (Multicolour)
Fruit Vegetable Kitchen
Fruit Vegetable Bathroom
Fruit Vegetable (Multicolour)
Fruit Kitchen Bathroom
Fruit Kitchen (Multicolour)
Fruit Bathroom (Multicolour)
Vegetable Kitchen Bathroom
Vegetable Kitchen (Multicolour)
Vegetable Bathroom (Multicolour)
Kitchen Bathroom (Multicolour)

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