Shining Diva Fashion 18k Gold Plated Original Bahubali Stylish Fancy Party Wear Pearl Chain Jhumka Jhumki Traditional Earrings For Women & Girls

Latest New Bahubali Chain Traditional Earrings - Shining Diva Fashion Jewellery presents these Pearl Studded Stylish Fancy Party Wear Earrings. A designer pair of Earings that will make you feel like a Diva. The color complements all outfits & may be worn as a statement piece to any occasion. Shining Diva is pioneer of Imitation Jewellery for Women and Traditional Wedding Party Wear Necklace Jewellery Set. Shining Diva Fashion and Traditional Jewellery give true value for your money. Buy Shining Diva trendy, artificial and stylish Jewellery for Women from Amazon in cheap low price offer. These are also ideal for birthday Gifts for girls, girlfriend, wife, wedding Gifts and anniversary gifts. Jewelry For Women
नवीनतम नई बहुबाली चेन पारंपरिक बालियां - चमकता दीवा फैशन आभूषण इन मोती स्टड स्टाइलिश फैंसी पार्टी पहनें बालियां प्रस्तुत करती हैं। कान की एक डिजाइनर जोड़ी जो आपको दिवा की तरह महसूस करेगी। रंग सभी संगठनों को पूरा करता है और किसी भी अवसर पर एक बयान टुकड़ा के रूप में पहना जा सकता है। चमकती दीवा महिलाओं और पारंपरिक वेडिंग पार्टी पहनने के लिए नकली आभूषण पहनने का अग्रणी है। चमकता दीवा फैशन और पारंपरिक आभूषण आपके पैसे के लिए सही मूल्य देते हैं। सस्ते कम कीमत की पेशकश में अमेज़ॅन से महिलाओं के लिए चमकदार डिवा ट्रेंडी, कृत्रिम और स्टाइलिश आभूषण खरीदें। ये लड़कियों, प्रेमिका, पत्नी, शादी के तोहफे और सालगिरह उपहारों के लिए जन्मदिन के उपहारों के लिए आदर्श भी हैं। महिलाओं के लिए आभूषण

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Product Specification

Binding Jewellery
Brand Shining Diva Fashion
Color Gold
Department Women
  • Gold Plated Pearl Jhumki Traditional Earrings with Hair Chain
  • Stylish Fancy Party Wear Earings
  • These Jhumka Ear Rings can be worn with all kind of Traditional Outfits.
  • Ideal Gift for Wife, Girls, Women, Girlfriend.
  • SHINING DIVA FASHION is a well known brand across fashion jewellery sector. Shining Diva products are preferred by many Designers, Stars and Celebrities. Shining Diva fashion jewelry believes in making beauty and fashion a part of everybody's life. Shining Diva offers high quality jewellery at most affordable prices. THE PRODUCT COMES IN SHINING DIVA FASHION BRANDED PACKAGING. PLEASE BEWARE OF SELLERS SELLING FAKE AND CHEAP REPLICA UNDER "SHINING DIVA FASHION" BRAND NAME.
Label Shining Diva
List Price:Amount 399900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 3,999.00
Manufacturer Shining Diva
Model 9611er
Mpn 9611er
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 118
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 610
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 13
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 354
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number 9611er
Product Group Jewelry
Publisher Shining Diva
Studio Shining Diva
Title Shining Diva Fashion 18k Gold Plated Original Bahubali Stylish Fancy Party Wear Pearl Chain Jhumka Jhumki Traditional Earrings For Women & Girls

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18k Bahubali Jhumki
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18k Bahubali Earrings
18k Bahubali For
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18k Bahubali Girls
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18k Stylish Party
18k Stylish Wear
18k Stylish Pearl
18k Stylish Chain
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18k Stylish Jhumki
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18k Stylish For
18k Stylish Women
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18k Fancy Pearl
18k Fancy Chain
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18k Fancy Jhumki
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18k Fancy Earrings
18k Fancy For
18k Fancy Women
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18k Party Pearl
18k Party Chain
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18k Party Jhumki
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Gold Bahubali Fancy
Gold Bahubali Party
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Gold Bahubali Pearl
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Gold Bahubali Jhumki
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Gold Fancy Pearl
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Gold Fancy Jhumki
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Plated Original Jhumki
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Plated Original Women
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Plated Bahubali Fancy
Plated Bahubali Party
Plated Bahubali Wear
Plated Bahubali Pearl
Plated Bahubali Chain
Plated Bahubali Jhumka
Plated Bahubali Jhumki
Plated Bahubali Traditional
Plated Bahubali Earrings
Plated Bahubali For
Plated Bahubali Women
Plated Bahubali &
Plated Bahubali Girls
Plated Stylish Fancy
Plated Stylish Party
Plated Stylish Wear
Plated Stylish Pearl
Plated Stylish Chain
Plated Stylish Jhumka
Plated Stylish Jhumki
Plated Stylish Traditional
Plated Stylish Earrings
Plated Stylish For
Plated Stylish Women
Plated Stylish &
Plated Stylish Girls
Plated Fancy Party
Plated Fancy Wear
Plated Fancy Pearl
Plated Fancy Chain
Plated Fancy Jhumka
Plated Fancy Jhumki
Plated Fancy Traditional
Plated Fancy Earrings
Plated Fancy For
Plated Fancy Women
Plated Fancy &
Plated Fancy Girls
Plated Party Wear
Plated Party Pearl
Plated Party Chain
Plated Party Jhumka
Plated Party Jhumki
Plated Party Traditional
Plated Party Earrings
Plated Party For
Plated Party Women
Plated Party &
Plated Party Girls
Plated Wear Pearl
Plated Wear Chain
Plated Wear Jhumka
Plated Wear Jhumki
Plated Wear Traditional
Plated Wear Earrings
Plated Wear For
Plated Wear Women
Plated Wear &
Plated Wear Girls
Plated Pearl Chain
Plated Pearl Jhumka
Plated Pearl Jhumki
Plated Pearl Traditional
Plated Pearl Earrings
Plated Pearl For
Plated Pearl Women
Plated Pearl &
Plated Pearl Girls
Plated Chain Jhumka
Plated Chain Jhumki
Plated Chain Traditional
Plated Chain Earrings
Plated Chain For
Plated Chain Women
Plated Chain &
Plated Chain Girls
Plated Jhumka Jhumki
Plated Jhumka Traditional
Plated Jhumka Earrings
Plated Jhumka For
Plated Jhumka Women
Plated Jhumka &
Plated Jhumka Girls
Plated Jhumki Traditional
Plated Jhumki Earrings
Plated Jhumki For
Plated Jhumki Women
Plated Jhumki &
Plated Jhumki Girls
Plated Traditional Earrings
Plated Traditional For
Plated Traditional Women
Plated Traditional &
Plated Traditional Girls
Plated Earrings For
Plated Earrings Women
Plated Earrings &
Plated Earrings Girls
Plated For Women
Plated For &
Plated For Girls
Plated Women &
Plated Women Girls
Plated & Girls
Original Bahubali Stylish
Original Bahubali Fancy
Original Bahubali Party
Original Bahubali Wear
Original Bahubali Pearl
Original Bahubali Chain
Original Bahubali Jhumka
Original Bahubali Jhumki
Original Bahubali Traditional
Original Bahubali Earrings
Original Bahubali For
Original Bahubali Women
Original Bahubali &
Original Bahubali Girls
Original Stylish Fancy
Original Stylish Party
Original Stylish Wear
Original Stylish Pearl
Original Stylish Chain
Original Stylish Jhumka
Original Stylish Jhumki
Original Stylish Traditional
Original Stylish Earrings
Original Stylish For
Original Stylish Women
Original Stylish &
Original Stylish Girls
Original Fancy Party
Original Fancy Wear
Original Fancy Pearl
Original Fancy Chain
Original Fancy Jhumka
Original Fancy Jhumki
Original Fancy Traditional
Original Fancy Earrings
Original Fancy For
Original Fancy Women
Original Fancy &
Original Fancy Girls
Original Party Wear
Original Party Pearl
Original Party Chain
Original Party Jhumka
Original Party Jhumki
Original Party Traditional
Original Party Earrings
Original Party For
Original Party Women
Original Party &
Original Party Girls
Original Wear Pearl
Original Wear Chain
Original Wear Jhumka
Original Wear Jhumki
Original Wear Traditional
Original Wear Earrings
Original Wear For
Original Wear Women
Original Wear &
Original Wear Girls
Original Pearl Chain
Original Pearl Jhumka
Original Pearl Jhumki
Original Pearl Traditional
Original Pearl Earrings
Original Pearl For
Original Pearl Women
Original Pearl &
Original Pearl Girls
Original Chain Jhumka
Original Chain Jhumki
Original Chain Traditional
Original Chain Earrings
Original Chain For
Original Chain Women
Original Chain &
Original Chain Girls
Original Jhumka Jhumki
Original Jhumka Traditional
Original Jhumka Earrings
Original Jhumka For
Original Jhumka Women
Original Jhumka &
Original Jhumka Girls
Original Jhumki Traditional
Original Jhumki Earrings
Original Jhumki For
Original Jhumki Women
Original Jhumki &
Original Jhumki Girls
Original Traditional Earrings
Original Traditional For
Original Traditional Women
Original Traditional &
Original Traditional Girls
Original Earrings For
Original Earrings Women
Original Earrings &
Original Earrings Girls
Original For Women
Original For &
Original For Girls
Original Women &
Original Women Girls
Original & Girls
Bahubali Stylish Fancy
Bahubali Stylish Party
Bahubali Stylish Wear
Bahubali Stylish Pearl
Bahubali Stylish Chain
Bahubali Stylish Jhumka
Bahubali Stylish Jhumki
Bahubali Stylish Traditional
Bahubali Stylish Earrings
Bahubali Stylish For
Bahubali Stylish Women
Bahubali Stylish &
Bahubali Stylish Girls
Bahubali Fancy Party
Bahubali Fancy Wear
Bahubali Fancy Pearl
Bahubali Fancy Chain
Bahubali Fancy Jhumka
Bahubali Fancy Jhumki
Bahubali Fancy Traditional
Bahubali Fancy Earrings
Bahubali Fancy For
Bahubali Fancy Women
Bahubali Fancy &
Bahubali Fancy Girls
Bahubali Party Wear
Bahubali Party Pearl
Bahubali Party Chain
Bahubali Party Jhumka
Bahubali Party Jhumki
Bahubali Party Traditional
Bahubali Party Earrings
Bahubali Party For
Bahubali Party Women
Bahubali Party &
Bahubali Party Girls
Bahubali Wear Pearl
Bahubali Wear Chain
Bahubali Wear Jhumka
Bahubali Wear Jhumki
Bahubali Wear Traditional
Bahubali Wear Earrings
Bahubali Wear For
Bahubali Wear Women
Bahubali Wear &
Bahubali Wear Girls
Bahubali Pearl Chain
Bahubali Pearl Jhumka
Bahubali Pearl Jhumki
Bahubali Pearl Traditional
Bahubali Pearl Earrings
Bahubali Pearl For
Bahubali Pearl Women
Bahubali Pearl &
Bahubali Pearl Girls
Bahubali Chain Jhumka
Bahubali Chain Jhumki
Bahubali Chain Traditional
Bahubali Chain Earrings
Bahubali Chain For
Bahubali Chain Women
Bahubali Chain &
Bahubali Chain Girls
Bahubali Jhumka Jhumki
Bahubali Jhumka Traditional
Bahubali Jhumka Earrings
Bahubali Jhumka For
Bahubali Jhumka Women
Bahubali Jhumka &
Bahubali Jhumka Girls
Bahubali Jhumki Traditional
Bahubali Jhumki Earrings
Bahubali Jhumki For
Bahubali Jhumki Women
Bahubali Jhumki &
Bahubali Jhumki Girls
Bahubali Traditional Earrings
Bahubali Traditional For
Bahubali Traditional Women
Bahubali Traditional &
Bahubali Traditional Girls
Bahubali Earrings For
Bahubali Earrings Women
Bahubali Earrings &
Bahubali Earrings Girls
Bahubali For Women
Bahubali For &
Bahubali For Girls
Bahubali Women &
Bahubali Women Girls
Bahubali & Girls
Stylish Fancy Party
Stylish Fancy Wear
Stylish Fancy Pearl
Stylish Fancy Chain
Stylish Fancy Jhumka
Stylish Fancy Jhumki
Stylish Fancy Traditional
Stylish Fancy Earrings
Stylish Fancy For
Stylish Fancy Women
Stylish Fancy &
Stylish Fancy Girls
Stylish Party Wear
Stylish Party Pearl
Stylish Party Chain
Stylish Party Jhumka
Stylish Party Jhumki
Stylish Party Traditional
Stylish Party Earrings
Stylish Party For
Stylish Party Women
Stylish Party &
Stylish Party Girls
Stylish Wear Pearl
Stylish Wear Chain
Stylish Wear Jhumka
Stylish Wear Jhumki
Stylish Wear Traditional
Stylish Wear Earrings
Stylish Wear For
Stylish Wear Women
Stylish Wear &
Stylish Wear Girls
Stylish Pearl Chain
Stylish Pearl Jhumka
Stylish Pearl Jhumki
Stylish Pearl Traditional
Stylish Pearl Earrings
Stylish Pearl For
Stylish Pearl Women
Stylish Pearl &
Stylish Pearl Girls
Stylish Chain Jhumka
Stylish Chain Jhumki
Stylish Chain Traditional
Stylish Chain Earrings
Stylish Chain For
Stylish Chain Women
Stylish Chain &
Stylish Chain Girls
Stylish Jhumka Jhumki
Stylish Jhumka Traditional
Stylish Jhumka Earrings
Stylish Jhumka For
Stylish Jhumka Women
Stylish Jhumka &
Stylish Jhumka Girls
Stylish Jhumki Traditional
Stylish Jhumki Earrings
Stylish Jhumki For
Stylish Jhumki Women
Stylish Jhumki &
Stylish Jhumki Girls
Stylish Traditional Earrings
Stylish Traditional For
Stylish Traditional Women
Stylish Traditional &
Stylish Traditional Girls
Stylish Earrings For
Stylish Earrings Women
Stylish Earrings &
Stylish Earrings Girls
Stylish For Women
Stylish For &
Stylish For Girls
Stylish Women &
Stylish Women Girls
Stylish & Girls
Fancy Party Wear
Fancy Party Pearl
Fancy Party Chain
Fancy Party Jhumka
Fancy Party Jhumki
Fancy Party Traditional
Fancy Party Earrings
Fancy Party For
Fancy Party Women
Fancy Party &
Fancy Party Girls
Fancy Wear Pearl
Fancy Wear Chain
Fancy Wear Jhumka
Fancy Wear Jhumki
Fancy Wear Traditional
Fancy Wear Earrings
Fancy Wear For
Fancy Wear Women
Fancy Wear &
Fancy Wear Girls
Fancy Pearl Chain
Fancy Pearl Jhumka
Fancy Pearl Jhumki
Fancy Pearl Traditional
Fancy Pearl Earrings
Fancy Pearl For
Fancy Pearl Women
Fancy Pearl &
Fancy Pearl Girls
Fancy Chain Jhumka
Fancy Chain Jhumki
Fancy Chain Traditional
Fancy Chain Earrings
Fancy Chain For
Fancy Chain Women
Fancy Chain &
Fancy Chain Girls
Fancy Jhumka Jhumki
Fancy Jhumka Traditional
Fancy Jhumka Earrings
Fancy Jhumka For
Fancy Jhumka Women
Fancy Jhumka &
Fancy Jhumka Girls
Fancy Jhumki Traditional
Fancy Jhumki Earrings
Fancy Jhumki For
Fancy Jhumki Women
Fancy Jhumki &
Fancy Jhumki Girls
Fancy Traditional Earrings
Fancy Traditional For
Fancy Traditional Women
Fancy Traditional &
Fancy Traditional Girls
Fancy Earrings For
Fancy Earrings Women
Fancy Earrings &
Fancy Earrings Girls
Fancy For Women
Fancy For &
Fancy For Girls
Fancy Women &
Fancy Women Girls
Fancy & Girls
Party Wear Pearl
Party Wear Chain
Party Wear Jhumka
Party Wear Jhumki
Party Wear Traditional
Party Wear Earrings
Party Wear For
Party Wear Women
Party Wear &
Party Wear Girls
Party Pearl Chain
Party Pearl Jhumka
Party Pearl Jhumki
Party Pearl Traditional
Party Pearl Earrings
Party Pearl For
Party Pearl Women
Party Pearl &
Party Pearl Girls
Party Chain Jhumka
Party Chain Jhumki
Party Chain Traditional
Party Chain Earrings
Party Chain For
Party Chain Women
Party Chain &
Party Chain Girls
Party Jhumka Jhumki
Party Jhumka Traditional
Party Jhumka Earrings
Party Jhumka For
Party Jhumka Women
Party Jhumka &
Party Jhumka Girls
Party Jhumki Traditional
Party Jhumki Earrings
Party Jhumki For
Party Jhumki Women
Party Jhumki &
Party Jhumki Girls
Party Traditional Earrings
Party Traditional For
Party Traditional Women
Party Traditional &
Party Traditional Girls
Party Earrings For
Party Earrings Women
Party Earrings &
Party Earrings Girls
Party For Women
Party For &
Party For Girls
Party Women &
Party Women Girls
Party & Girls
Wear Pearl Chain
Wear Pearl Jhumka
Wear Pearl Jhumki
Wear Pearl Traditional
Wear Pearl Earrings
Wear Pearl For
Wear Pearl Women
Wear Pearl &
Wear Pearl Girls
Wear Chain Jhumka
Wear Chain Jhumki
Wear Chain Traditional
Wear Chain Earrings
Wear Chain For
Wear Chain Women
Wear Chain &
Wear Chain Girls
Wear Jhumka Jhumki
Wear Jhumka Traditional
Wear Jhumka Earrings
Wear Jhumka For
Wear Jhumka Women
Wear Jhumka &
Wear Jhumka Girls
Wear Jhumki Traditional
Wear Jhumki Earrings
Wear Jhumki For
Wear Jhumki Women
Wear Jhumki &
Wear Jhumki Girls
Wear Traditional Earrings
Wear Traditional For
Wear Traditional Women
Wear Traditional &
Wear Traditional Girls
Wear Earrings For
Wear Earrings Women
Wear Earrings &
Wear Earrings Girls
Wear For Women
Wear For &
Wear For Girls
Wear Women &
Wear Women Girls
Wear & Girls
Pearl Chain Jhumka
Pearl Chain Jhumki
Pearl Chain Traditional
Pearl Chain Earrings
Pearl Chain For
Pearl Chain Women
Pearl Chain &
Pearl Chain Girls
Pearl Jhumka Jhumki
Pearl Jhumka Traditional
Pearl Jhumka Earrings
Pearl Jhumka For
Pearl Jhumka Women
Pearl Jhumka &
Pearl Jhumka Girls
Pearl Jhumki Traditional
Pearl Jhumki Earrings
Pearl Jhumki For
Pearl Jhumki Women
Pearl Jhumki &
Pearl Jhumki Girls
Pearl Traditional Earrings
Pearl Traditional For
Pearl Traditional Women
Pearl Traditional &
Pearl Traditional Girls
Pearl Earrings For
Pearl Earrings Women
Pearl Earrings &
Pearl Earrings Girls
Pearl For Women
Pearl For &
Pearl For Girls
Pearl Women &
Pearl Women Girls
Pearl & Girls
Chain Jhumka Jhumki
Chain Jhumka Traditional
Chain Jhumka Earrings
Chain Jhumka For
Chain Jhumka Women
Chain Jhumka &
Chain Jhumka Girls
Chain Jhumki Traditional
Chain Jhumki Earrings
Chain Jhumki For
Chain Jhumki Women
Chain Jhumki &
Chain Jhumki Girls
Chain Traditional Earrings
Chain Traditional For
Chain Traditional Women
Chain Traditional &
Chain Traditional Girls
Chain Earrings For
Chain Earrings Women
Chain Earrings &
Chain Earrings Girls
Chain For Women
Chain For &
Chain For Girls
Chain Women &
Chain Women Girls
Chain & Girls
Jhumka Jhumki Traditional
Jhumka Jhumki Earrings
Jhumka Jhumki For
Jhumka Jhumki Women
Jhumka Jhumki &
Jhumka Jhumki Girls
Jhumka Traditional Earrings
Jhumka Traditional For
Jhumka Traditional Women
Jhumka Traditional &
Jhumka Traditional Girls
Jhumka Earrings For
Jhumka Earrings Women
Jhumka Earrings &
Jhumka Earrings Girls
Jhumka For Women
Jhumka For &
Jhumka For Girls
Jhumka Women &
Jhumka Women Girls
Jhumka & Girls
Jhumki Traditional Earrings
Jhumki Traditional For
Jhumki Traditional Women
Jhumki Traditional &
Jhumki Traditional Girls
Jhumki Earrings For
Jhumki Earrings Women
Jhumki Earrings &
Jhumki Earrings Girls
Jhumki For Women
Jhumki For &
Jhumki For Girls
Jhumki Women &
Jhumki Women Girls
Jhumki & Girls
Traditional Earrings For
Traditional Earrings Women
Traditional Earrings &
Traditional Earrings Girls
Traditional For Women
Traditional For &
Traditional For Girls
Traditional Women &
Traditional Women Girls
Traditional & Girls
Earrings For Women
Earrings For &
Earrings For Girls
Earrings Women &
Earrings Women Girls
Earrings & Girls
For Women &
For Women Girls
For & Girls
Women & Girls

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