SASY Digital Kitchen Timer, Laboratory Timer with Magnetic OR Table Stand.

SASY Digital Kitchen Timer, Laboratory Timer with Magnetic OR Table Stand.

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SASY Digital Kitchen Timer, Laboratory Timer with Magnetic OR Table Stand.

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Product Specification

Brand Generic
Product Group Kitchen
  • Large LCD screen( 2.56 x 1.34 inch) with big number display for easy read
  • Power on/off swtich for battery saved when not in use ,The palm and lightweight size for easily portable
  • Easy to Use: Maximum time is 99 minutes, 59 seconds useful for cooking, exercise sports, enactment noon break time, study or exam test. Memory could store the last timer setting for quick use.
  • LARGE LCD Screen With Clear Digits : Large numbers are perfect for those who has a visual impairment, just a glance from across the room and you can easily read the countdown timer display.
  • Loud And Clear Alarm : It doesn't have to sit directly next to you. You can be in another room and know your chicken is ready to come out of the over. Perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking (ie egg timer), sports, games and classroom timer activities.
Part Number SASY103BL
Color BLUE
Size Standard
Title SASY Digital Kitchen Timer, Laboratory Timer with Magnetic OR Table Stand.

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