Ratnavali jewels American Diamond Studded Gold Plated Traditional Emerald Green CZ/Diamond Bangles for Women/Girls RV1938
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Ratnavali jewels American Diamond Studded Gold Plated Traditional Emerald Green CZ/Diamond Bangles for Women/Girls RV1938

Designer and trendy bangle from the house of Ratnavali jewels, perfect for all occassions. It's graceful designs compliments with ethnic/western/ indowestern outfit. The Diamond looks totally like real Solitaires Ruby Emerald and gives a very good lusture with shine. Bangles inner side is nicely cut and polished so you dont get any rashes cuts in hand. Available in size 2.4, 2.6, 2.8.

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Product Specification

Binding Jewellery
Brand Ratnavali Jewels
Department Women
  • Package Contents: 1 Pair of Bangle
  • Studded with high quality Swiss Cubic Zirconia
  • Get the Bollywood Diva Look. Easy to wear, Light in weight & gives you a Rich Look. A designer pair of earrings that will make you feel Royal.
  • Item arrives in an elegant complimentary gift box
  • Ratnavali Jewels is a well known brand across fashion jewelry sector. Ratnavali Jewels products are preferred by many Designers, Stars and Celebrities. Ratnavali Jewels fashion jewelry believes in making beauty and fashion a part of everybody's life.
Label Ratnavali jewels
Manufacturer Ratnavali jewels
Model RV1938G
Mpn RV1938G
Part Number RV1938G
Product Group Jewelry
Publisher Ratnavali jewels
Studio Ratnavali jewels
Title Ratnavali jewels American Diamond Studded Gold Plated Traditional Emerald Green CZ/Diamond Bangles for Women/Girls RV1938

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Plated Traditional RV1938
Plated Emerald Green
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Plated Emerald RV1938
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Plated Green RV1938
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Plated Bangles for
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Traditional Emerald RV1938
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Traditional Green RV1938
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Traditional CZ/Diamond RV1938
Traditional Bangles for
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Emerald Green Bangles
Emerald Green for
Emerald Green Women/Girls
Emerald Green RV1938
Emerald CZ/Diamond Bangles
Emerald CZ/Diamond for
Emerald CZ/Diamond Women/Girls
Emerald CZ/Diamond RV1938
Emerald Bangles for
Emerald Bangles Women/Girls
Emerald Bangles RV1938
Emerald for Women/Girls
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Green CZ/Diamond Bangles
Green CZ/Diamond for
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Green CZ/Diamond RV1938
Green Bangles for
Green Bangles Women/Girls
Green Bangles RV1938
Green for Women/Girls
Green for RV1938
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CZ/Diamond Bangles for
CZ/Diamond Bangles Women/Girls
CZ/Diamond Bangles RV1938
CZ/Diamond for Women/Girls
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for Women/Girls RV1938

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Ratnavali jewels American Diamond Studded Gold Plated Traditional Emerald Green CZ/Diamond Bangles for Women/Girls RV1938 Reviews

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