Parteet Soft Silicon School Pencil Pouch Stationery Case Box -for Birthday Party Return Gift for Kids(Pack of 6 Pcs)(Assorted Design)

Package include 6pc soft silicon pouch, package include 6pc soft silicon pouch, high quality product, good quality chain, flexible, easy to clean, Easy to carry, specially designed for kids to carry their school and stationery stuff, note: random design will be Dispatch.

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Product Specification

Binding Toy
Color 6Pc Eyes Pouch
  • Package Include 6Pc Soft Silicon Pouch
  • High Quality product, good quality chain
  • Flexible,easy to clean, easy to carry
  • Specially designed for kids to carry their school and stationery stuff
  • NOTE: Random design will be dispatch
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 433
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 846
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 689
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
List Price:Amount 90000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 900.00
Manufacturer PARTEET
Manufacturer Maximum Age: Content 120
Manufacturer Maximum Age:Units months
Manufacturer Minimum Age: Content 36
Manufacturer Minimum Age:Units months
Mpn 6Pc Eyes Pouch(Flex)
Number Of Items 6
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 315
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1012
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 66
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 961
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number 6Pc Eyes Pouch(Flex)
Product Group Toy
Product Type Name TOYS_AND_GAMES
Publisher PARTEET
Title Parteet Soft Silicon School Pencil Pouch Stationery Case Box -for Birthday Party Return Gift for Kids(Pack of 6 Pcs)(Assorted Design)

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Pencil -for Gift
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Pencil Birthday Return
Pencil Birthday Gift
Pencil Birthday for
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Pencil Party Gift
Pencil Party for
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Pencil Party Pcs)(Assorted
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Pencil Return for
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Pencil Return 6
Pencil Return Pcs)(Assorted
Pencil Return Design)
Pencil Gift for
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Pencil Gift 6
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Pencil 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Pencil 6 Design)
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Pouch Stationery Gift
Pouch Stationery for
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Pouch Party Gift
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Pouch Party Design)
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Pouch Return for
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Stationery Case Return
Stationery Case Gift
Stationery Case for
Stationery Case Kids(Pack
Stationery Case of
Stationery Case 6
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Stationery Box Return
Stationery Box Gift
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Stationery 6 Design)
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Case Box Return
Case Box Gift
Case Box for
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Case Box 6
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Case -for Gift
Case -for for
Case -for Kids(Pack
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Case -for 6
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Case -for Design)
Case Birthday Party
Case Birthday Return
Case Birthday Gift
Case Birthday for
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Case Birthday 6
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Case Party Return
Case Party Gift
Case Party for
Case Party Kids(Pack
Case Party of
Case Party 6
Case Party Pcs)(Assorted
Case Party Design)
Case Return Gift
Case Return for
Case Return Kids(Pack
Case Return of
Case Return 6
Case Return Pcs)(Assorted
Case Return Design)
Case Gift for
Case Gift Kids(Pack
Case Gift of
Case Gift 6
Case Gift Pcs)(Assorted
Case Gift Design)
Case for Kids(Pack
Case for of
Case for 6
Case for Pcs)(Assorted
Case for Design)
Case Kids(Pack of
Case Kids(Pack 6
Case Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
Case Kids(Pack Design)
Case of 6
Case of Pcs)(Assorted
Case of Design)
Case 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Case 6 Design)
Case Pcs)(Assorted Design)
Box -for Birthday
Box -for Party
Box -for Return
Box -for Gift
Box -for for
Box -for Kids(Pack
Box -for of
Box -for 6
Box -for Pcs)(Assorted
Box -for Design)
Box Birthday Party
Box Birthday Return
Box Birthday Gift
Box Birthday for
Box Birthday Kids(Pack
Box Birthday of
Box Birthday 6
Box Birthday Pcs)(Assorted
Box Birthday Design)
Box Party Return
Box Party Gift
Box Party for
Box Party Kids(Pack
Box Party of
Box Party 6
Box Party Pcs)(Assorted
Box Party Design)
Box Return Gift
Box Return for
Box Return Kids(Pack
Box Return of
Box Return 6
Box Return Pcs)(Assorted
Box Return Design)
Box Gift for
Box Gift Kids(Pack
Box Gift of
Box Gift 6
Box Gift Pcs)(Assorted
Box Gift Design)
Box for Kids(Pack
Box for of
Box for 6
Box for Pcs)(Assorted
Box for Design)
Box Kids(Pack of
Box Kids(Pack 6
Box Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
Box Kids(Pack Design)
Box of 6
Box of Pcs)(Assorted
Box of Design)
Box 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Box 6 Design)
Box Pcs)(Assorted Design)
-for Birthday Party
-for Birthday Return
-for Birthday Gift
-for Birthday for
-for Birthday Kids(Pack
-for Birthday of
-for Birthday 6
-for Birthday Pcs)(Assorted
-for Birthday Design)
-for Party Return
-for Party Gift
-for Party for
-for Party Kids(Pack
-for Party of
-for Party 6
-for Party Pcs)(Assorted
-for Party Design)
-for Return Gift
-for Return for
-for Return Kids(Pack
-for Return of
-for Return 6
-for Return Pcs)(Assorted
-for Return Design)
-for Gift for
-for Gift Kids(Pack
-for Gift of
-for Gift 6
-for Gift Pcs)(Assorted
-for Gift Design)
-for for Kids(Pack
-for for of
-for for 6
-for for Pcs)(Assorted
-for for Design)
-for Kids(Pack of
-for Kids(Pack 6
-for Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
-for Kids(Pack Design)
-for of 6
-for of Pcs)(Assorted
-for of Design)
-for 6 Pcs)(Assorted
-for 6 Design)
-for Pcs)(Assorted Design)
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Birthday Kids(Pack 6
Birthday Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
Birthday Kids(Pack Design)
Birthday of 6
Birthday of Pcs)(Assorted
Birthday of Design)
Birthday 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Birthday 6 Design)
Birthday Pcs)(Assorted Design)
Party Return Gift
Party Return for
Party Return Kids(Pack
Party Return of
Party Return 6
Party Return Pcs)(Assorted
Party Return Design)
Party Gift for
Party Gift Kids(Pack
Party Gift of
Party Gift 6
Party Gift Pcs)(Assorted
Party Gift Design)
Party for Kids(Pack
Party for of
Party for 6
Party for Pcs)(Assorted
Party for Design)
Party Kids(Pack of
Party Kids(Pack 6
Party Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
Party Kids(Pack Design)
Party of 6
Party of Pcs)(Assorted
Party of Design)
Party 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Party 6 Design)
Party Pcs)(Assorted Design)
Return Gift for
Return Gift Kids(Pack
Return Gift of
Return Gift 6
Return Gift Pcs)(Assorted
Return Gift Design)
Return for Kids(Pack
Return for of
Return for 6
Return for Pcs)(Assorted
Return for Design)
Return Kids(Pack of
Return Kids(Pack 6
Return Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
Return Kids(Pack Design)
Return of 6
Return of Pcs)(Assorted
Return of Design)
Return 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Return 6 Design)
Return Pcs)(Assorted Design)
Gift for Kids(Pack
Gift for of
Gift for 6
Gift for Pcs)(Assorted
Gift for Design)
Gift Kids(Pack of
Gift Kids(Pack 6
Gift Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
Gift Kids(Pack Design)
Gift of 6
Gift of Pcs)(Assorted
Gift of Design)
Gift 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Gift 6 Design)
Gift Pcs)(Assorted Design)
for Kids(Pack of
for Kids(Pack 6
for Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted
for Kids(Pack Design)
for of 6
for of Pcs)(Assorted
for of Design)
for 6 Pcs)(Assorted
for 6 Design)
for Pcs)(Assorted Design)
Kids(Pack of 6
Kids(Pack of Pcs)(Assorted
Kids(Pack of Design)
Kids(Pack 6 Pcs)(Assorted
Kids(Pack 6 Design)
Kids(Pack Pcs)(Assorted Design)
of 6 Pcs)(Assorted
of 6 Design)
of Pcs)(Assorted Design)
6 Pcs)(Assorted Design)

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Parteet Soft Silicon School Pencil Pouch Stationery Case Box -for Birthday Party Return Gift for Kids(Pack of 6 Pcs)(Assorted Design) Reviews

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Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy this online

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Yes, but you can pay online and try different payment wallets for cashbacks

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Yes, you can return this product, however the product should be in good shape