NooElec Seeds India Pond Plants Lotus Flower Seeds - Pack of 10 seeds

How to grow water lotus from Seeds? 1. Sowing: under a proper temperatureand sunshine; can be sowed at any time of a year; takes only 50 to 60 days from sowing to blossoming, a little longer in autumn (60-80days), without any dormant period. 2. Seed treatment: break a little mouth on the sunken end of the seed; carefully not to hurt the embryo, do not peel; (you may find the method as follows) 3. Seed germination: in summer, Seeds should be good to be submerged in water; Be kept inside and changed the water twice a day; It can germinate within 1 week; After that, Put it towards the sun, strengthen light but never let it dry; It Will outgrow fine-root and 2 to 3 young small lotus leaf after two weeks. 4.Transplanting: choose a proper basin, put in a half basin of garden soil or soil without any chemical pollution, immerse the soil whit water but no fertilizer 2 weeks before you transplant the plant; carefully transplant the seedlings into the soil, each one basin, proper of water after transplanting(not over the lotus leaves) 5. Autumn and winter management: 2-3 weeks after transplanting, fertilize the plants properly, better to keep it above.

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Product Specification

Brand NooElec Seeds India
  • Pack of 10 Seeds
  • Grow in Any Season
  • Grow in Indoor or Outdoor
  • Near 100% Germination Rate
  • Fresh Seeds
Label E Garden
List Price:Amount 35800
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 358.00
Manufacturer E Garden
Product Group Lawn & Patio
Product Type Name SEEDS_AND_PLANTS
Publisher E Garden
Studio E Garden
Title NooElec Seeds India Pond Plants Lotus Flower Seeds - Pack of 10 seeds

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