Monoprice Ultra Slim High-Speed 18Gbps Active HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return - 10ft Black (113592)

  The Monoprice Ultra Slim Active High Speed HDMI® Cable series is designed with the thinnest TVs in mind. The small form factor connector heads fit perfectly in tight spaces, while the ultra thin 36AWG cable is more flexible and easier to route. Built into this small package is an active HDMI chipset, which ensures the most reliable signal transmissions to support 4K, 3D, and other bandwidth intensive features. Ultra Slim Active High Speed HDMI Cable Supports [email protected] High Bandwidth Ultra Slim Design  Supports [email protected]: This cable supports HDMI® resolutions up to 3840x2160p with a 60Hz refresh rate, the highest resolution listed in the HDMI spec. High Bandwidth: The active chipset built into these Cables ensures that they can provide the full 18Gbps bandwidth needed to support all High Speed HDMI features. Ultra Slim Design: The ultra slim connector heads are designed with the thinnest TVs in mind and are capable of fitting into the tightest spaces, while the ultra thin 36AWG cable is more flexible and easier to hide from view.  Perfectly combines high performance, ease of use, and great looks!  Colors: Black and Silver Lengths: 3, 6, 10, and 15 feet Supports all HDMI resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160p @60Hz), including 3D video Uses active signal regeneration to ensure 18Gbps data throughput Ultra Slim zinc alloy connector heads provide superior RFI/EMI shielding and measure only 0.63" x 0.26" (16.0 x 6.7 mm) Supports the 21:9 cinema aspect ratio Supports up to 32 audio channels and a 1536 kHz audio sampling rate Supports SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Monoprice
Catalog Number List:Catalog Number List Element
  • 12304118031
  • 113592
Color Black
Ean 0889028016404
Ean List:Ean List Element 0889028016404
  • Supports all HDMI resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160p at60Hz), including 3D video
  • Uses active signal regeneration to ensure 18Gbps data throughput
  • Ultra Slim zinc alloy connector heads provide superior RFI/EMI shielding and measure only 0.63" x 0.26" (16.0 x 6.7 mm)
  • Supports SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby , and other high-definition audio standards
  • Ultra thin cable using 36AWG conductors is more flexible, easier to route, and easier to hide from view
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 80
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 600
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 1
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 580
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Monoprice Inc.
List Price:Amount 1364000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 13,640.00
Manufacturer Monoprice Inc.
Model 113592
Mpn 113592
Number Of Items 1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 80
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 790
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 13
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 590
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number 113592
Product Group Personal Computer
Product Type Name CABLE_OR_ADAPTER
Publisher Monoprice Inc.
Size 10ft
Studio Monoprice Inc.
Title Monoprice Ultra Slim High-Speed 18Gbps Active HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return - 10ft Black (113592)
Upc 889028016404
Upc List:Upc List Element 889028016404

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Slim Active Cable
Slim Active Supports
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Slim Cable 4K
Slim Cable and
Slim Cable Audio
Slim Cable Return
Slim Cable -
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Slim Cable Black
Slim Cable (113592)
Slim Supports Ethernet,
Slim Supports 3D,
Slim Supports 4K
Slim Supports and
Slim Supports Audio
Slim Supports Return
Slim Supports -
Slim Supports 10ft
Slim Supports Black
Slim Supports (113592)
Slim Ethernet, 3D,
Slim Ethernet, 4K
Slim Ethernet, and
Slim Ethernet, Audio
Slim Ethernet, Return
Slim Ethernet, -
Slim Ethernet, 10ft
Slim Ethernet, Black
Slim Ethernet, (113592)
Slim 3D, 4K
Slim 3D, and
Slim 3D, Audio
Slim 3D, Return
Slim 3D, -
Slim 3D, 10ft
Slim 3D, Black
Slim 3D, (113592)
Slim 4K and
Slim 4K Audio
Slim 4K Return
Slim 4K -
Slim 4K 10ft
Slim 4K Black
Slim 4K (113592)
Slim and Audio
Slim and Return
Slim and -
Slim and 10ft
Slim and Black
Slim and (113592)
Slim Audio Return
Slim Audio -
Slim Audio 10ft
Slim Audio Black
Slim Audio (113592)
Slim Return -
Slim Return 10ft
Slim Return Black
Slim Return (113592)
Slim - 10ft
Slim - Black
Slim - (113592)
Slim 10ft Black
Slim 10ft (113592)
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High-Speed 18Gbps HDMI
High-Speed 18Gbps Cable
High-Speed 18Gbps Supports
High-Speed 18Gbps Ethernet,
High-Speed 18Gbps 3D,
High-Speed 18Gbps 4K
High-Speed 18Gbps and
High-Speed 18Gbps Audio
High-Speed 18Gbps Return
High-Speed 18Gbps -
High-Speed 18Gbps 10ft
High-Speed 18Gbps Black
High-Speed 18Gbps (113592)
High-Speed Active HDMI
High-Speed Active Cable
High-Speed Active Supports
High-Speed Active Ethernet,
High-Speed Active 3D,
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High-Speed Active and
High-Speed Active Audio
High-Speed Active Return
High-Speed Active -
High-Speed Active 10ft
High-Speed Active Black
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High-Speed HDMI Audio
High-Speed HDMI Return
High-Speed HDMI -
High-Speed HDMI 10ft
High-Speed HDMI Black
High-Speed HDMI (113592)
High-Speed Cable Supports
High-Speed Cable Ethernet,
High-Speed Cable 3D,
High-Speed Cable 4K
High-Speed Cable and
High-Speed Cable Audio
High-Speed Cable Return
High-Speed Cable -
High-Speed Cable 10ft
High-Speed Cable Black
High-Speed Cable (113592)
High-Speed Supports Ethernet,
High-Speed Supports 3D,
High-Speed Supports 4K
High-Speed Supports and
High-Speed Supports Audio
High-Speed Supports Return
High-Speed Supports -
High-Speed Supports 10ft
High-Speed Supports Black
High-Speed Supports (113592)
High-Speed Ethernet, 3D,
High-Speed Ethernet, 4K
High-Speed Ethernet, and
High-Speed Ethernet, Audio
High-Speed Ethernet, Return
High-Speed Ethernet, -
High-Speed Ethernet, 10ft
High-Speed Ethernet, Black
High-Speed Ethernet, (113592)
High-Speed 3D, 4K
High-Speed 3D, and
High-Speed 3D, Audio
High-Speed 3D, Return
High-Speed 3D, -
High-Speed 3D, 10ft
High-Speed 3D, Black
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High-Speed 4K and
High-Speed 4K Audio
High-Speed 4K Return
High-Speed 4K -
High-Speed 4K 10ft
High-Speed 4K Black
High-Speed 4K (113592)
High-Speed and Audio
High-Speed and Return
High-Speed and -
High-Speed and 10ft
High-Speed and Black
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High-Speed Audio Return
High-Speed Audio -
High-Speed Audio 10ft
High-Speed Audio Black
High-Speed Audio (113592)
High-Speed Return -
High-Speed Return 10ft
High-Speed Return Black
High-Speed Return (113592)
High-Speed - 10ft
High-Speed - Black
High-Speed - (113592)
High-Speed 10ft Black
High-Speed 10ft (113592)
High-Speed Black (113592)
18Gbps Active HDMI
18Gbps Active Cable
18Gbps Active Supports
18Gbps Active Ethernet,
18Gbps Active 3D,
18Gbps Active 4K
18Gbps Active and
18Gbps Active Audio
18Gbps Active Return
18Gbps Active -
18Gbps Active 10ft
18Gbps Active Black
18Gbps Active (113592)
18Gbps HDMI Cable
18Gbps HDMI Supports
18Gbps HDMI Ethernet,
18Gbps HDMI 3D,
18Gbps HDMI 4K
18Gbps HDMI and
18Gbps HDMI Audio
18Gbps HDMI Return
18Gbps HDMI -
18Gbps HDMI 10ft
18Gbps HDMI Black
18Gbps HDMI (113592)
18Gbps Cable Supports
18Gbps Cable Ethernet,
18Gbps Cable 3D,
18Gbps Cable 4K
18Gbps Cable and
18Gbps Cable Audio
18Gbps Cable Return
18Gbps Cable -
18Gbps Cable 10ft
18Gbps Cable Black
18Gbps Cable (113592)
18Gbps Supports Ethernet,
18Gbps Supports 3D,
18Gbps Supports 4K
18Gbps Supports and
18Gbps Supports Audio
18Gbps Supports Return
18Gbps Supports -
18Gbps Supports 10ft
18Gbps Supports Black
18Gbps Supports (113592)
18Gbps Ethernet, 3D,
18Gbps Ethernet, 4K
18Gbps Ethernet, and
18Gbps Ethernet, Audio
18Gbps Ethernet, Return
18Gbps Ethernet, -
18Gbps Ethernet, 10ft
18Gbps Ethernet, Black
18Gbps Ethernet, (113592)
18Gbps 3D, 4K
18Gbps 3D, and
18Gbps 3D, Audio
18Gbps 3D, Return
18Gbps 3D, -
18Gbps 3D, 10ft
18Gbps 3D, Black
18Gbps 3D, (113592)
18Gbps 4K and
18Gbps 4K Audio
18Gbps 4K Return
18Gbps 4K -
18Gbps 4K 10ft
18Gbps 4K Black
18Gbps 4K (113592)
18Gbps and Audio
18Gbps and Return
18Gbps and -
18Gbps and 10ft
18Gbps and Black
18Gbps and (113592)
18Gbps Audio Return
18Gbps Audio -
18Gbps Audio 10ft
18Gbps Audio Black
18Gbps Audio (113592)
18Gbps Return -
18Gbps Return 10ft
18Gbps Return Black
18Gbps Return (113592)
18Gbps - 10ft
18Gbps - Black
18Gbps - (113592)
18Gbps 10ft Black
18Gbps 10ft (113592)
18Gbps Black (113592)
Active HDMI Cable
Active HDMI Supports
Active HDMI Ethernet,
Active HDMI 3D,
Active HDMI 4K
Active HDMI and
Active HDMI Audio
Active HDMI Return
Active HDMI -
Active HDMI 10ft
Active HDMI Black
Active HDMI (113592)
Active Cable Supports
Active Cable Ethernet,
Active Cable 3D,
Active Cable 4K
Active Cable and
Active Cable Audio
Active Cable Return
Active Cable -
Active Cable 10ft
Active Cable Black
Active Cable (113592)
Active Supports Ethernet,
Active Supports 3D,
Active Supports 4K
Active Supports and
Active Supports Audio
Active Supports Return
Active Supports -
Active Supports 10ft
Active Supports Black
Active Supports (113592)
Active Ethernet, 3D,
Active Ethernet, 4K
Active Ethernet, and
Active Ethernet, Audio
Active Ethernet, Return
Active Ethernet, -
Active Ethernet, 10ft
Active Ethernet, Black
Active Ethernet, (113592)
Active 3D, 4K
Active 3D, and
Active 3D, Audio
Active 3D, Return
Active 3D, -
Active 3D, 10ft
Active 3D, Black
Active 3D, (113592)
Active 4K and
Active 4K Audio
Active 4K Return
Active 4K -
Active 4K 10ft
Active 4K Black
Active 4K (113592)
Active and Audio
Active and Return
Active and -
Active and 10ft
Active and Black
Active and (113592)
Active Audio Return
Active Audio -
Active Audio 10ft
Active Audio Black
Active Audio (113592)
Active Return -
Active Return 10ft
Active Return Black
Active Return (113592)
Active - 10ft
Active - Black
Active - (113592)
Active 10ft Black
Active 10ft (113592)
Active Black (113592)
HDMI Cable Supports
HDMI Cable Ethernet,
HDMI Cable 3D,
HDMI Cable 4K
HDMI Cable and
HDMI Cable Audio
HDMI Cable Return
HDMI Cable -
HDMI Cable 10ft
HDMI Cable Black
HDMI Cable (113592)
HDMI Supports Ethernet,
HDMI Supports 3D,
HDMI Supports 4K
HDMI Supports and
HDMI Supports Audio
HDMI Supports Return
HDMI Supports -
HDMI Supports 10ft
HDMI Supports Black
HDMI Supports (113592)
HDMI Ethernet, 3D,
HDMI Ethernet, 4K
HDMI Ethernet, and
HDMI Ethernet, Audio
HDMI Ethernet, Return
HDMI Ethernet, -
HDMI Ethernet, 10ft
HDMI Ethernet, Black
HDMI Ethernet, (113592)
HDMI 3D, and
HDMI 3D, Audio
HDMI 3D, Return
HDMI 3D, -
HDMI 3D, 10ft
HDMI 3D, Black
HDMI 3D, (113592)
HDMI 4K and
HDMI 4K Audio
HDMI 4K Return
HDMI 4K 10ft
HDMI 4K Black
HDMI 4K (113592)
HDMI and Audio
HDMI and Return
HDMI and -
HDMI and 10ft
HDMI and Black
HDMI and (113592)
HDMI Audio Return
HDMI Audio -
HDMI Audio 10ft
HDMI Audio Black
HDMI Audio (113592)
HDMI Return -
HDMI Return 10ft
HDMI Return Black
HDMI Return (113592)
HDMI - 10ft
HDMI - Black
HDMI - (113592)
HDMI 10ft Black
HDMI 10ft (113592)
HDMI Black (113592)
Cable Supports Ethernet,
Cable Supports 3D,
Cable Supports 4K
Cable Supports and
Cable Supports Audio
Cable Supports Return
Cable Supports -
Cable Supports 10ft
Cable Supports Black
Cable Supports (113592)
Cable Ethernet, 3D,
Cable Ethernet, 4K
Cable Ethernet, and
Cable Ethernet, Audio
Cable Ethernet, Return
Cable Ethernet, -
Cable Ethernet, 10ft
Cable Ethernet, Black
Cable Ethernet, (113592)
Cable 3D, 4K
Cable 3D, and
Cable 3D, Audio
Cable 3D, Return
Cable 3D, -
Cable 3D, 10ft
Cable 3D, Black
Cable 3D, (113592)
Cable 4K and
Cable 4K Audio
Cable 4K Return
Cable 4K -
Cable 4K 10ft
Cable 4K Black
Cable 4K (113592)
Cable and Audio
Cable and Return
Cable and -
Cable and 10ft
Cable and Black
Cable and (113592)
Cable Audio Return
Cable Audio -
Cable Audio 10ft
Cable Audio Black
Cable Audio (113592)
Cable Return -
Cable Return 10ft
Cable Return Black
Cable Return (113592)
Cable - 10ft
Cable - Black
Cable - (113592)
Cable 10ft Black
Cable 10ft (113592)
Cable Black (113592)
Supports Ethernet, 3D,
Supports Ethernet, 4K
Supports Ethernet, and
Supports Ethernet, Audio
Supports Ethernet, Return
Supports Ethernet, -
Supports Ethernet, 10ft
Supports Ethernet, Black
Supports Ethernet, (113592)
Supports 3D, 4K
Supports 3D, and
Supports 3D, Audio
Supports 3D, Return
Supports 3D, -
Supports 3D, 10ft
Supports 3D, Black
Supports 3D, (113592)
Supports 4K and
Supports 4K Audio
Supports 4K Return
Supports 4K -
Supports 4K 10ft
Supports 4K Black
Supports 4K (113592)
Supports and Audio
Supports and Return
Supports and -
Supports and 10ft
Supports and Black
Supports and (113592)
Supports Audio Return
Supports Audio -
Supports Audio 10ft
Supports Audio Black
Supports Audio (113592)
Supports Return -
Supports Return 10ft
Supports Return Black
Supports Return (113592)
Supports - 10ft
Supports - Black
Supports - (113592)
Supports 10ft Black
Supports 10ft (113592)
Supports Black (113592)
Ethernet, 3D, 4K
Ethernet, 3D, and
Ethernet, 3D, Audio
Ethernet, 3D, Return
Ethernet, 3D, -
Ethernet, 3D, 10ft
Ethernet, 3D, Black
Ethernet, 3D, (113592)
Ethernet, 4K and
Ethernet, 4K Audio
Ethernet, 4K Return
Ethernet, 4K -
Ethernet, 4K 10ft
Ethernet, 4K Black
Ethernet, 4K (113592)
Ethernet, and Audio
Ethernet, and Return
Ethernet, and -
Ethernet, and 10ft
Ethernet, and Black
Ethernet, and (113592)
Ethernet, Audio Return
Ethernet, Audio -
Ethernet, Audio 10ft
Ethernet, Audio Black
Ethernet, Audio (113592)
Ethernet, Return -
Ethernet, Return 10ft
Ethernet, Return Black
Ethernet, Return (113592)
Ethernet, - 10ft
Ethernet, - Black
Ethernet, - (113592)
Ethernet, 10ft Black
Ethernet, 10ft (113592)
Ethernet, Black (113592)
3D, 4K and
3D, 4K Audio
3D, 4K Return
3D, 4K -
3D, 4K 10ft
3D, 4K Black
3D, 4K (113592)
3D, and Audio
3D, and Return
3D, and -
3D, and 10ft
3D, and Black
3D, and (113592)
3D, Audio Return
3D, Audio -
3D, Audio 10ft
3D, Audio Black
3D, Audio (113592)
3D, Return -
3D, Return 10ft
3D, Return Black
3D, Return (113592)
3D, - 10ft
3D, - Black
3D, - (113592)
3D, 10ft Black
3D, 10ft (113592)
3D, Black (113592)
4K and Audio
4K and Return
4K and -
4K and 10ft
4K and Black
4K and (113592)
4K Audio Return
4K Audio -
4K Audio 10ft
4K Audio Black
4K Audio (113592)
4K Return -
4K Return 10ft
4K Return Black
4K Return (113592)
4K - 10ft
4K - Black
4K - (113592)
4K 10ft Black
4K 10ft (113592)
4K Black (113592)
and Audio Return
and Audio -
and Audio 10ft
and Audio Black
and Audio (113592)
and Return -
and Return 10ft
and Return Black
and Return (113592)
and - 10ft
and - Black
and - (113592)
and 10ft Black
and 10ft (113592)
and Black (113592)
Audio Return -
Audio Return 10ft
Audio Return Black
Audio Return (113592)
Audio - 10ft
Audio - Black
Audio - (113592)
Audio 10ft Black
Audio 10ft (113592)
Audio Black (113592)
Return - 10ft
Return - Black
Return - (113592)
Return 10ft Black
Return 10ft (113592)
Return Black (113592)
- 10ft Black
- 10ft (113592)
- Black (113592)
10ft Black (113592)

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Monoprice Ultra Slim High-Speed 18Gbps Active HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return - 10ft Black (113592) Reviews

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