Kuber Industries™ Multi-Utility Foldable Seat Fruit Stool Cum Storage Box Organizer, Bench Footrest, Coffee Table Cube, Outdoor Picnic Folding Chair (Orange)

folding stool solves your seating and Storage purpose both at a time. It is easy to move without any great effort. Its foldable Design lets you set it up in an instant and keep it wherever you need to sit, a cushioned, padded lid, which acts as a seating cover and is comfortable to sit. It is sturdy enough to hold your weight and light enough to move wherever you wish to sit. - The Stool acts as a Storage unit too. Just remove the top seat cover and keep the magazines, toys, clothes, papers and other things in it and put the cover back on it. - It is washable, durable and light-weight. For those with small spaces in their homes, this Folding Stool with Storage becomes a valuable addition. - Just unfold the stool and keep the hard base at the stool's bottom for keeping the stool erect and you are ready to sit. It folds flat for space saving Storage when not in use. - Assembled Size : 30 x 30 x 30 cm
फोल्डिंग मल एक समय में आपके बैठने और भंडारण के उद्देश्य को हल करती है। बिना किसी महान प्रयास के चलना आसान है। इसका फोल्ड करने योग्य डिज़ाइन आपको इसे तुरंत स्थापित करने देता है और जहां भी आपको बैठने की ज़रूरत होती है, एक कुशन, गद्देदार ढक्कन, जो बैठने के कवर के रूप में कार्य करता है और बैठने में सहज रहता है। यह आपके वजन और प्रकाश को पकड़ने के लिए पर्याप्त मजबूत है जहां आप बैठना चाहते हैं। - मल भी भंडारण इकाई के रूप में कार्य करता है। बस शीर्ष सीट कवर को हटा दें और पत्रिकाओं, खिलौने, कपड़े, कागजात और अन्य चीजों को इसमें रखें और कवर को उस पर वापस रखें। - यह धोने योग्य, टिकाऊ और हल्के वजन है। अपने घरों में छोटी जगहों वाले लोगों के लिए, भंडारण के साथ यह फोल्डिंग स्टूल एक मूल्यवान जोड़ बन जाता है। - बस मल को खोलें और मल को बनाए रखने के लिए मल के नीचे कठोर आधार रखें और आप बैठने के लिए तैयार हैं। उपयोग में नहीं होने पर यह अंतरिक्ष बचत भंडारण के लिए फ्लैट folds। - इकट्ठा आकार: 30 x 30 x 30 सेमी

Storage Sit Acts Cover Folding Stool Space Other Topics Seat Foldable

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Color Multi
  • The Stool acts as a storage unit too. Just remove the top seat cover and keep the magazines, toys, clothes, papers and other things in it and put the cover back on it.
  • folding stool solves your seating and storage purpose both at a time. It is easy to move without any great effort. Its foldable design lets you set it up in an instant and keep it wherever you need to sit, a cushioned, padded lid, which acts as a seating cover and is comfortable to sit. It is sturdy enough to hold your weight and light enough to move wherever you wish to sit.
  • It is washable, durable and light-weight. For those with small spaces in their homes, this Folding Stool with storage becomes a valuable addition
  • Just unfold the stool and keep the hard base at the stool's bottom for keeping the stool erect and you are ready to sit. It folds flat for space saving storage when not in use.
  • Assembled Size : 30 x 30 x 30 cm. Brand: "Kuber Industries" - LATEST, TRENDY, DESIGNER & STYLISH WITH CHOICE OF COLOURS. Just type & search "Kuber Industries" in Search Bar & don't miss 'The Must Buy Products'.
List Price:Amount 179800
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,798.00
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 39
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1181
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 44
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 787
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number SCRSCHP25
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Size Standard
Title Kuber Industries™ Multi-Utility Foldable Seat Fruit Stool Cum Storage Box Organizer, Bench Footrest, Coffee Table Cube, Outdoor Picnic Folding Chair (Orange)

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Seat Cube, Outdoor
Seat Cube, Picnic
Seat Cube, Folding
Seat Cube, Chair
Seat Cube, (Orange)
Seat Outdoor Picnic
Seat Outdoor Folding
Seat Outdoor Chair
Seat Outdoor (Orange)
Seat Picnic Folding
Seat Picnic Chair
Seat Picnic (Orange)
Seat Folding Chair
Seat Folding (Orange)
Seat Chair (Orange)
Fruit Stool Cum
Fruit Stool Storage
Fruit Stool Box
Fruit Stool Organizer,
Fruit Stool Bench
Fruit Stool Footrest,
Fruit Stool Coffee
Fruit Stool Table
Fruit Stool Cube,
Fruit Stool Outdoor
Fruit Stool Picnic
Fruit Stool Folding
Fruit Stool Chair
Fruit Stool (Orange)
Fruit Cum Storage
Fruit Cum Box
Fruit Cum Organizer,
Fruit Cum Bench
Fruit Cum Footrest,
Fruit Cum Coffee
Fruit Cum Table
Fruit Cum Cube,
Fruit Cum Outdoor
Fruit Cum Picnic
Fruit Cum Folding
Fruit Cum Chair
Fruit Cum (Orange)
Fruit Storage Box
Fruit Storage Organizer,
Fruit Storage Bench
Fruit Storage Footrest,
Fruit Storage Coffee
Fruit Storage Table
Fruit Storage Cube,
Fruit Storage Outdoor
Fruit Storage Picnic
Fruit Storage Folding
Fruit Storage Chair
Fruit Storage (Orange)
Fruit Box Organizer,
Fruit Box Bench
Fruit Box Footrest,
Fruit Box Coffee
Fruit Box Table
Fruit Box Cube,
Fruit Box Outdoor
Fruit Box Picnic
Fruit Box Folding
Fruit Box Chair
Fruit Box (Orange)
Fruit Organizer, Bench
Fruit Organizer, Footrest,
Fruit Organizer, Coffee
Fruit Organizer, Table
Fruit Organizer, Cube,
Fruit Organizer, Outdoor
Fruit Organizer, Picnic
Fruit Organizer, Folding
Fruit Organizer, Chair
Fruit Organizer, (Orange)
Fruit Bench Footrest,
Fruit Bench Coffee
Fruit Bench Table
Fruit Bench Cube,
Fruit Bench Outdoor
Fruit Bench Picnic
Fruit Bench Folding
Fruit Bench Chair
Fruit Bench (Orange)
Fruit Footrest, Coffee
Fruit Footrest, Table
Fruit Footrest, Cube,
Fruit Footrest, Outdoor
Fruit Footrest, Picnic
Fruit Footrest, Folding
Fruit Footrest, Chair
Fruit Footrest, (Orange)
Fruit Coffee Table
Fruit Coffee Cube,
Fruit Coffee Outdoor
Fruit Coffee Picnic
Fruit Coffee Folding
Fruit Coffee Chair
Fruit Coffee (Orange)
Fruit Table Cube,
Fruit Table Outdoor
Fruit Table Picnic
Fruit Table Folding
Fruit Table Chair
Fruit Table (Orange)
Fruit Cube, Outdoor
Fruit Cube, Picnic
Fruit Cube, Folding
Fruit Cube, Chair
Fruit Cube, (Orange)
Fruit Outdoor Picnic
Fruit Outdoor Folding
Fruit Outdoor Chair
Fruit Outdoor (Orange)
Fruit Picnic Folding
Fruit Picnic Chair
Fruit Picnic (Orange)
Fruit Folding Chair
Fruit Folding (Orange)
Fruit Chair (Orange)
Stool Cum Storage
Stool Cum Box
Stool Cum Organizer,
Stool Cum Bench
Stool Cum Footrest,
Stool Cum Coffee
Stool Cum Table
Stool Cum Cube,
Stool Cum Outdoor
Stool Cum Picnic
Stool Cum Folding
Stool Cum Chair
Stool Cum (Orange)
Stool Storage Box
Stool Storage Organizer,
Stool Storage Bench
Stool Storage Footrest,
Stool Storage Coffee
Stool Storage Table
Stool Storage Cube,
Stool Storage Outdoor
Stool Storage Picnic
Stool Storage Folding
Stool Storage Chair
Stool Storage (Orange)
Stool Box Organizer,
Stool Box Bench
Stool Box Footrest,
Stool Box Coffee
Stool Box Table
Stool Box Cube,
Stool Box Outdoor
Stool Box Picnic
Stool Box Folding
Stool Box Chair
Stool Box (Orange)
Stool Organizer, Bench
Stool Organizer, Footrest,
Stool Organizer, Coffee
Stool Organizer, Table
Stool Organizer, Cube,
Stool Organizer, Outdoor
Stool Organizer, Picnic
Stool Organizer, Folding
Stool Organizer, Chair
Stool Organizer, (Orange)
Stool Bench Footrest,
Stool Bench Coffee
Stool Bench Table
Stool Bench Cube,
Stool Bench Outdoor
Stool Bench Picnic
Stool Bench Folding
Stool Bench Chair
Stool Bench (Orange)
Stool Footrest, Coffee
Stool Footrest, Table
Stool Footrest, Cube,
Stool Footrest, Outdoor
Stool Footrest, Picnic
Stool Footrest, Folding
Stool Footrest, Chair
Stool Footrest, (Orange)
Stool Coffee Table
Stool Coffee Cube,
Stool Coffee Outdoor
Stool Coffee Picnic
Stool Coffee Folding
Stool Coffee Chair
Stool Coffee (Orange)
Stool Table Cube,
Stool Table Outdoor
Stool Table Picnic
Stool Table Folding
Stool Table Chair
Stool Table (Orange)
Stool Cube, Outdoor
Stool Cube, Picnic
Stool Cube, Folding
Stool Cube, Chair
Stool Cube, (Orange)
Stool Outdoor Picnic
Stool Outdoor Folding
Stool Outdoor Chair
Stool Outdoor (Orange)
Stool Picnic Folding
Stool Picnic Chair
Stool Picnic (Orange)
Stool Folding Chair
Stool Folding (Orange)
Stool Chair (Orange)
Cum Storage Box
Cum Storage Organizer,
Cum Storage Bench
Cum Storage Footrest,
Cum Storage Coffee
Cum Storage Table
Cum Storage Cube,
Cum Storage Outdoor
Cum Storage Picnic
Cum Storage Folding
Cum Storage Chair
Cum Storage (Orange)
Cum Box Organizer,
Cum Box Bench
Cum Box Footrest,
Cum Box Coffee
Cum Box Table
Cum Box Cube,
Cum Box Outdoor
Cum Box Picnic
Cum Box Folding
Cum Box Chair
Cum Box (Orange)
Cum Organizer, Bench
Cum Organizer, Footrest,
Cum Organizer, Coffee
Cum Organizer, Table
Cum Organizer, Cube,
Cum Organizer, Outdoor
Cum Organizer, Picnic
Cum Organizer, Folding
Cum Organizer, Chair
Cum Organizer, (Orange)
Cum Bench Footrest,
Cum Bench Coffee
Cum Bench Table
Cum Bench Cube,
Cum Bench Outdoor
Cum Bench Picnic
Cum Bench Folding
Cum Bench Chair
Cum Bench (Orange)
Cum Footrest, Coffee
Cum Footrest, Table
Cum Footrest, Cube,
Cum Footrest, Outdoor
Cum Footrest, Picnic
Cum Footrest, Folding
Cum Footrest, Chair
Cum Footrest, (Orange)
Cum Coffee Table
Cum Coffee Cube,
Cum Coffee Outdoor
Cum Coffee Picnic
Cum Coffee Folding
Cum Coffee Chair
Cum Coffee (Orange)
Cum Table Cube,
Cum Table Outdoor
Cum Table Picnic
Cum Table Folding
Cum Table Chair
Cum Table (Orange)
Cum Cube, Outdoor
Cum Cube, Picnic
Cum Cube, Folding
Cum Cube, Chair
Cum Cube, (Orange)
Cum Outdoor Picnic
Cum Outdoor Folding
Cum Outdoor Chair
Cum Outdoor (Orange)
Cum Picnic Folding
Cum Picnic Chair
Cum Picnic (Orange)
Cum Folding Chair
Cum Folding (Orange)
Cum Chair (Orange)
Storage Box Organizer,
Storage Box Bench
Storage Box Footrest,
Storage Box Coffee
Storage Box Table
Storage Box Cube,
Storage Box Outdoor
Storage Box Picnic
Storage Box Folding
Storage Box Chair
Storage Box (Orange)
Storage Organizer, Bench
Storage Organizer, Footrest,
Storage Organizer, Coffee
Storage Organizer, Table
Storage Organizer, Cube,
Storage Organizer, Outdoor
Storage Organizer, Picnic
Storage Organizer, Folding
Storage Organizer, Chair
Storage Organizer, (Orange)
Storage Bench Footrest,
Storage Bench Coffee
Storage Bench Table
Storage Bench Cube,
Storage Bench Outdoor
Storage Bench Picnic
Storage Bench Folding
Storage Bench Chair
Storage Bench (Orange)
Storage Footrest, Coffee
Storage Footrest, Table
Storage Footrest, Cube,
Storage Footrest, Outdoor
Storage Footrest, Picnic
Storage Footrest, Folding
Storage Footrest, Chair
Storage Footrest, (Orange)
Storage Coffee Table
Storage Coffee Cube,
Storage Coffee Outdoor
Storage Coffee Picnic
Storage Coffee Folding
Storage Coffee Chair
Storage Coffee (Orange)
Storage Table Cube,
Storage Table Outdoor
Storage Table Picnic
Storage Table Folding
Storage Table Chair
Storage Table (Orange)
Storage Cube, Outdoor
Storage Cube, Picnic
Storage Cube, Folding
Storage Cube, Chair
Storage Cube, (Orange)
Storage Outdoor Picnic
Storage Outdoor Folding
Storage Outdoor Chair
Storage Outdoor (Orange)
Storage Picnic Folding
Storage Picnic Chair
Storage Picnic (Orange)
Storage Folding Chair
Storage Folding (Orange)
Storage Chair (Orange)
Box Organizer, Bench
Box Organizer, Footrest,
Box Organizer, Coffee
Box Organizer, Table
Box Organizer, Cube,
Box Organizer, Outdoor
Box Organizer, Picnic
Box Organizer, Folding
Box Organizer, Chair
Box Organizer, (Orange)
Box Bench Footrest,
Box Bench Coffee
Box Bench Table
Box Bench Cube,
Box Bench Outdoor
Box Bench Picnic
Box Bench Folding
Box Bench Chair
Box Bench (Orange)
Box Footrest, Coffee
Box Footrest, Table
Box Footrest, Cube,
Box Footrest, Outdoor
Box Footrest, Picnic
Box Footrest, Folding
Box Footrest, Chair
Box Footrest, (Orange)
Box Coffee Table
Box Coffee Cube,
Box Coffee Outdoor
Box Coffee Picnic
Box Coffee Folding
Box Coffee Chair
Box Coffee (Orange)
Box Table Cube,
Box Table Outdoor
Box Table Picnic
Box Table Folding
Box Table Chair
Box Table (Orange)
Box Cube, Outdoor
Box Cube, Picnic
Box Cube, Folding
Box Cube, Chair
Box Cube, (Orange)
Box Outdoor Picnic
Box Outdoor Folding
Box Outdoor Chair
Box Outdoor (Orange)
Box Picnic Folding
Box Picnic Chair
Box Picnic (Orange)
Box Folding Chair
Box Folding (Orange)
Box Chair (Orange)
Organizer, Bench Footrest,
Organizer, Bench Coffee
Organizer, Bench Table
Organizer, Bench Cube,
Organizer, Bench Outdoor
Organizer, Bench Picnic
Organizer, Bench Folding
Organizer, Bench Chair
Organizer, Bench (Orange)
Organizer, Footrest, Coffee
Organizer, Footrest, Table
Organizer, Footrest, Cube,
Organizer, Footrest, Outdoor
Organizer, Footrest, Picnic
Organizer, Footrest, Folding
Organizer, Footrest, Chair
Organizer, Footrest, (Orange)
Organizer, Coffee Table
Organizer, Coffee Cube,
Organizer, Coffee Outdoor
Organizer, Coffee Picnic
Organizer, Coffee Folding
Organizer, Coffee Chair
Organizer, Coffee (Orange)
Organizer, Table Cube,
Organizer, Table Outdoor
Organizer, Table Picnic
Organizer, Table Folding
Organizer, Table Chair
Organizer, Table (Orange)
Organizer, Cube, Outdoor
Organizer, Cube, Picnic
Organizer, Cube, Folding
Organizer, Cube, Chair
Organizer, Cube, (Orange)
Organizer, Outdoor Picnic
Organizer, Outdoor Folding
Organizer, Outdoor Chair
Organizer, Outdoor (Orange)
Organizer, Picnic Folding
Organizer, Picnic Chair
Organizer, Picnic (Orange)
Organizer, Folding Chair
Organizer, Folding (Orange)
Organizer, Chair (Orange)
Bench Footrest, Coffee
Bench Footrest, Table
Bench Footrest, Cube,
Bench Footrest, Outdoor
Bench Footrest, Picnic
Bench Footrest, Folding
Bench Footrest, Chair
Bench Footrest, (Orange)
Bench Coffee Table
Bench Coffee Cube,
Bench Coffee Outdoor
Bench Coffee Picnic
Bench Coffee Folding
Bench Coffee Chair
Bench Coffee (Orange)
Bench Table Cube,
Bench Table Outdoor
Bench Table Picnic
Bench Table Folding
Bench Table Chair
Bench Table (Orange)
Bench Cube, Outdoor
Bench Cube, Picnic
Bench Cube, Folding
Bench Cube, Chair
Bench Cube, (Orange)
Bench Outdoor Picnic
Bench Outdoor Folding
Bench Outdoor Chair
Bench Outdoor (Orange)
Bench Picnic Folding
Bench Picnic Chair
Bench Picnic (Orange)
Bench Folding Chair
Bench Folding (Orange)
Bench Chair (Orange)
Footrest, Coffee Table
Footrest, Coffee Cube,
Footrest, Coffee Outdoor
Footrest, Coffee Picnic
Footrest, Coffee Folding
Footrest, Coffee Chair
Footrest, Coffee (Orange)
Footrest, Table Cube,
Footrest, Table Outdoor
Footrest, Table Picnic
Footrest, Table Folding
Footrest, Table Chair
Footrest, Table (Orange)
Footrest, Cube, Outdoor
Footrest, Cube, Picnic
Footrest, Cube, Folding
Footrest, Cube, Chair
Footrest, Cube, (Orange)
Footrest, Outdoor Picnic
Footrest, Outdoor Folding
Footrest, Outdoor Chair
Footrest, Outdoor (Orange)
Footrest, Picnic Folding
Footrest, Picnic Chair
Footrest, Picnic (Orange)
Footrest, Folding Chair
Footrest, Folding (Orange)
Footrest, Chair (Orange)
Coffee Table Cube,
Coffee Table Outdoor
Coffee Table Picnic
Coffee Table Folding
Coffee Table Chair
Coffee Table (Orange)
Coffee Cube, Outdoor
Coffee Cube, Picnic
Coffee Cube, Folding
Coffee Cube, Chair
Coffee Cube, (Orange)
Coffee Outdoor Picnic
Coffee Outdoor Folding
Coffee Outdoor Chair
Coffee Outdoor (Orange)
Coffee Picnic Folding
Coffee Picnic Chair
Coffee Picnic (Orange)
Coffee Folding Chair
Coffee Folding (Orange)
Coffee Chair (Orange)
Table Cube, Outdoor
Table Cube, Picnic
Table Cube, Folding
Table Cube, Chair
Table Cube, (Orange)
Table Outdoor Picnic
Table Outdoor Folding
Table Outdoor Chair
Table Outdoor (Orange)
Table Picnic Folding
Table Picnic Chair
Table Picnic (Orange)
Table Folding Chair
Table Folding (Orange)
Table Chair (Orange)
Cube, Outdoor Picnic
Cube, Outdoor Folding
Cube, Outdoor Chair
Cube, Outdoor (Orange)
Cube, Picnic Folding
Cube, Picnic Chair
Cube, Picnic (Orange)
Cube, Folding Chair
Cube, Folding (Orange)
Cube, Chair (Orange)
Outdoor Picnic Folding
Outdoor Picnic Chair
Outdoor Picnic (Orange)
Outdoor Folding Chair
Outdoor Folding (Orange)
Outdoor Chair (Orange)
Picnic Folding Chair
Picnic Folding (Orange)
Picnic Chair (Orange)
Folding Chair (Orange)

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