Krevia 15 Grid Design Plastic Clothes, Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Storage Organizer Box with Lid - 1pc (Color May Very)

Organize your undergarments, socks, ties, etc in this high quality plastic organizer box. This box has 10 partitions. The boxes come with a lid. They are dust resistant, moisture resistant and stackable. The material is plastic, which means that these boxes are easily washable. And unlike the cloth organizers, the partitions and the structure is firm. It needs minimum maintenance and it will serve you for a long time.

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Product Specification

Binding Baby Product
Brand Krevia
Catalog Number List:Catalog Number List Element 11497974031
Color Multi
Ean 4872075813313
Ean List:Ean List Element 4872075813313
  • Organize undergarments, socks, ties, etc.
  • This box has 10 partitions with a lid.
  • Dust resistant, moisture resistant stackable and easily washable
  • It needs minimum maintenance and it will serve you for a long time.
  • Dimension: 30 cm x 22. 5 cm x 8cm, 10 Grids
Label Storage Box
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Manufacturer Storage Box
Manufacturer Minimum Age: Content 24
Manufacturer Minimum Age:Units months
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 201
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 732
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 77
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 362
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Product Group Home
Product Type Name BABY_PRODUCT
Publisher Storage Box
Size Medium
Studio Storage Box
Title Krevia 15 Grid Design Plastic Clothes, Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Storage Organizer Box with Lid - 1pc (Color May Very)

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Clothes, Storage with
Clothes, Storage Lid
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Clothes, Organizer Box
Clothes, Organizer with
Clothes, Organizer Lid
Clothes, Organizer -
Clothes, Organizer 1pc
Clothes, Organizer (Color
Clothes, Organizer May
Clothes, Organizer Very)
Clothes, Box with
Clothes, Box Lid
Clothes, Box -
Clothes, Box 1pc
Clothes, Box (Color
Clothes, Box May
Clothes, Box Very)
Clothes, with Lid
Clothes, with -
Clothes, with 1pc
Clothes, with (Color
Clothes, with May
Clothes, with Very)
Clothes, Lid -
Clothes, Lid 1pc
Clothes, Lid (Color
Clothes, Lid May
Clothes, Lid Very)
Clothes, - 1pc
Clothes, - (Color
Clothes, - May
Clothes, - Very)
Clothes, 1pc (Color
Clothes, 1pc May
Clothes, 1pc Very)
Clothes, (Color May
Clothes, (Color Very)
Clothes, May Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Storage
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Organizer
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Box
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer with
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Lid
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer -
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer May
Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage Organizer
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage Box
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage with
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage Lid
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage -
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage May
Undergarment,Stationary, Storage Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer Box
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer with
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer Lid
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer -
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer May
Undergarment,Stationary, Organizer Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, Box with
Undergarment,Stationary, Box Lid
Undergarment,Stationary, Box -
Undergarment,Stationary, Box 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, Box (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, Box May
Undergarment,Stationary, Box Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, with Lid
Undergarment,Stationary, with -
Undergarment,Stationary, with 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, with (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, with May
Undergarment,Stationary, with Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, Lid -
Undergarment,Stationary, Lid 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, Lid (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, Lid May
Undergarment,Stationary, Lid Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, - 1pc
Undergarment,Stationary, - (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, - May
Undergarment,Stationary, - Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, 1pc (Color
Undergarment,Stationary, 1pc May
Undergarment,Stationary, 1pc Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, (Color May
Undergarment,Stationary, (Color Very)
Undergarment,Stationary, May Very)
Drawer Storage Organizer
Drawer Storage Box
Drawer Storage with
Drawer Storage Lid
Drawer Storage -
Drawer Storage 1pc
Drawer Storage (Color
Drawer Storage May
Drawer Storage Very)
Drawer Organizer Box
Drawer Organizer with
Drawer Organizer Lid
Drawer Organizer -
Drawer Organizer 1pc
Drawer Organizer (Color
Drawer Organizer May
Drawer Organizer Very)
Drawer Box with
Drawer Box Lid
Drawer Box -
Drawer Box 1pc
Drawer Box (Color
Drawer Box May
Drawer Box Very)
Drawer with Lid
Drawer with -
Drawer with 1pc
Drawer with (Color
Drawer with May
Drawer with Very)
Drawer Lid -
Drawer Lid 1pc
Drawer Lid (Color
Drawer Lid May
Drawer Lid Very)
Drawer - 1pc
Drawer - (Color
Drawer - May
Drawer - Very)
Drawer 1pc (Color
Drawer 1pc May
Drawer 1pc Very)
Drawer (Color May
Drawer (Color Very)
Drawer May Very)
Storage Organizer Box
Storage Organizer with
Storage Organizer Lid
Storage Organizer -
Storage Organizer 1pc
Storage Organizer (Color
Storage Organizer May
Storage Organizer Very)
Storage Box with
Storage Box Lid
Storage Box -
Storage Box 1pc
Storage Box (Color
Storage Box May
Storage Box Very)
Storage with Lid
Storage with -
Storage with 1pc
Storage with (Color
Storage with May
Storage with Very)
Storage Lid -
Storage Lid 1pc
Storage Lid (Color
Storage Lid May
Storage Lid Very)
Storage - 1pc
Storage - (Color
Storage - May
Storage - Very)
Storage 1pc (Color
Storage 1pc May
Storage 1pc Very)
Storage (Color May
Storage (Color Very)
Storage May Very)
Organizer Box with
Organizer Box Lid
Organizer Box -
Organizer Box 1pc
Organizer Box (Color
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Organizer with Lid
Organizer with -
Organizer with 1pc
Organizer with (Color
Organizer with May
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Organizer Lid -
Organizer Lid 1pc
Organizer Lid (Color
Organizer Lid May
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Organizer - 1pc
Organizer - (Color
Organizer - May
Organizer - Very)
Organizer 1pc (Color
Organizer 1pc May
Organizer 1pc Very)
Organizer (Color May
Organizer (Color Very)
Organizer May Very)
Box with Lid
Box with -
Box with 1pc
Box with (Color
Box with May
Box with Very)
Box Lid -
Box Lid 1pc
Box Lid (Color
Box Lid May
Box Lid Very)
Box - 1pc
Box - (Color
Box - May
Box - Very)
Box 1pc (Color
Box 1pc May
Box 1pc Very)
Box (Color May
Box (Color Very)
Box May Very)
with Lid -
with Lid 1pc
with Lid (Color
with Lid May
with Lid Very)
with - 1pc
with - (Color
with - May
with - Very)
with 1pc (Color
with 1pc May
with 1pc Very)
with (Color May
with (Color Very)
with May Very)
Lid - 1pc
Lid - (Color
Lid - May
Lid - Very)
Lid 1pc (Color
Lid 1pc May
Lid 1pc Very)
Lid (Color May
Lid (Color Very)
Lid May Very)
- 1pc (Color
- 1pc May
- 1pc Very)
- (Color May
- (Color Very)
- May Very)
1pc (Color May
1pc (Color Very)
1pc May Very)
(Color May Very)

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Krevia 15 Grid Design Plastic Clothes, Undergarment,Stationary, Drawer Storage Organizer Box with Lid - 1pc (Color May Very) Reviews

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