Katkum 4 Node Wifi Smart Switch Controller for Home Automation works Amazon Alexa

Katkum Smart Switch 4 Node can make your existing lights, Fans and other electrical fittings smart. Easy to InstallNo re-wiring required! Fits inside your switchboard and can be installed by any electrician. Integrates with Amazon AlexaIntegrates with Amazon Alex and enables you to control your existing lights and fixtures by voice ConnectivityControl your lights, fan and fixtures from anywhere in the world using Mobile App whether on via WiFi or Data (3G/4G). ExtendableIt can integrate with any 433 Mhz Wirelss Remotes, Touch Buttons, Motion Sensor, Door Sensor, Smoke Sensors available in market. You can program it to control Lights on Motion or Door action Scenes and MoodsYou can create Scenes or Mood lighting by combination of multiple lights. Free Mobile App for allSmartphone app can be installed on all Smartphones in the family RetrofitYour physical switches remain operational.

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Product Specification

Brand Katkum
  • Works with Existing Switches and hides inside switchboard. Automate your Existing Lights, Fan. Supports 4 On/Off switches
  • Amazon Alexa Integration. Control your Lighting and Fixtures with Voice and Mobile App
  • 1 Year Carry In Warranty for complete Peace of Mind
  • Integrates with all 433 Mhz Motion Sensors, Touch Buttons, Remotes.
  • Supports Scenes to create Mood Lighting
Label Katkum
List Price:Amount 450000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 4,500.00
Manufacturer Katkum
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 173
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 764
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 37
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 307
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Product Group Home Improvement
Publisher Katkum
Studio Katkum
Title Katkum 4 Node Wifi Smart Switch Controller for Home Automation works Amazon Alexa

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