Joyful Studio 4 XL Plastic Modular Drawer System, Pink Colour by DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm as per Lable from Manufacturer)

Joyful studio plastic modular drawer system specially crafted to serve multiple needs. Joyful studio assorted colored plastic modular drawer system. The high quality & attractive colorful drawer system not only helps to with daily needs but also creates a colorful attractive theme in your home and enlightens the whole room decor. 2) healthy & sturdy plastic the drawer is made of top-grade heavy weight nontoxic plastic that resists scratches and Chips with a smooth and glossy finish that never fades. While compared with stainless steel, it is strong and feels comfortable while holding. Designed to store all your essentials in a safe & secure manner. 3) versatile & fashionable with bright modern colors, the compact design drawer is all you need to keep your stuff organized. The drawer is perfect for storing kids clothes, toys, Books and other small stuffs in an organized manner. 4) easy to clean & safe to use the drawer can be clean easily & quickly. Able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, this drawer can stay with you every day, in every way. 5) easy to assembale with the heavy weight plastic the drawers are designed that is extremely easy to assemble. It serves multiple home needs in an effortless way. 6) large drawers for extra space the perfect solution to tidying up an already cluttered home the drawer with top cover will keep your stuff away from dust. This drawer is designed for space-saving. 7) thickened body deliberately thickened fine plastic material, the drawer is more substantial and reliable in strength and durability its elegant and practical design for a host of multipurpose usage. 8) best useable gift option this makes an awesome gift for christmas, anniversary, father's day, mother's day, housewarming, new year's day, or just without any special reason.

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand Joyful
Color PINK
Ean 5031816880604
Ean List:Ean List Element
  • 5031816880604
  • 5031816884039
  • Material: Plastic, Color:PINK
  • Package Contents: 1 Drawer with Top Cover, Connectors and Base Cap
  • Care Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place. As a eco friendly measure product is dispatched in recyclable brown color carton
  • Easy to Assemble Modular Design, Convinient to use, Made from High quality virgin Plastic
  • Ample of space to organise in each drawer, Note: Each drawer can hold upto 4 kg weight, dimension (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm)
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 1654
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 1220
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 1378
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Joyful
List Price:Amount 215500
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 2,155.00
Manufacturer Joyful
Model FBA 4Xl Pink
Number Of Items 1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 1220
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1535
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 778
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 1378
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Publisher Joyful
Studio Joyful
Title Joyful Studio 4 XL Plastic Modular Drawer System, Pink Colour by DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm as per Lable from Manufacturer)

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XL System, Colour
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Plastic Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9
Plastic Colour cm
Plastic Colour as
Plastic Colour per
Plastic Colour Lable
Plastic Colour from
Plastic Colour Manufacturer)
Plastic by DFO
Plastic by (31cmx39cmx80.9
Plastic by cm
Plastic by as
Plastic by per
Plastic by Lable
Plastic by from
Plastic by Manufacturer)
Plastic DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
Plastic DFO cm
Plastic DFO as
Plastic DFO per
Plastic DFO Lable
Plastic DFO from
Plastic DFO Manufacturer)
Plastic (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
Plastic (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
Plastic (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
Plastic (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
Plastic (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
Plastic (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
Plastic cm as
Plastic cm per
Plastic cm Lable
Plastic cm from
Plastic cm Manufacturer)
Plastic as per
Plastic as Lable
Plastic as from
Plastic as Manufacturer)
Plastic per Lable
Plastic per from
Plastic per Manufacturer)
Plastic Lable from
Plastic Lable Manufacturer)
Plastic from Manufacturer)
Modular Drawer System,
Modular Drawer Pink
Modular Drawer Colour
Modular Drawer by
Modular Drawer DFO
Modular Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9
Modular Drawer cm
Modular Drawer as
Modular Drawer per
Modular Drawer Lable
Modular Drawer from
Modular Drawer Manufacturer)
Modular System, Pink
Modular System, Colour
Modular System, by
Modular System, DFO
Modular System, (31cmx39cmx80.9
Modular System, cm
Modular System, as
Modular System, per
Modular System, Lable
Modular System, from
Modular System, Manufacturer)
Modular Pink Colour
Modular Pink by
Modular Pink DFO
Modular Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9
Modular Pink cm
Modular Pink as
Modular Pink per
Modular Pink Lable
Modular Pink from
Modular Pink Manufacturer)
Modular Colour by
Modular Colour DFO
Modular Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9
Modular Colour cm
Modular Colour as
Modular Colour per
Modular Colour Lable
Modular Colour from
Modular Colour Manufacturer)
Modular by DFO
Modular by (31cmx39cmx80.9
Modular by cm
Modular by as
Modular by per
Modular by Lable
Modular by from
Modular by Manufacturer)
Modular DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
Modular DFO cm
Modular DFO as
Modular DFO per
Modular DFO Lable
Modular DFO from
Modular DFO Manufacturer)
Modular (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
Modular (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
Modular (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
Modular (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
Modular (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
Modular (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
Modular cm as
Modular cm per
Modular cm Lable
Modular cm from
Modular cm Manufacturer)
Modular as per
Modular as Lable
Modular as from
Modular as Manufacturer)
Modular per Lable
Modular per from
Modular per Manufacturer)
Modular Lable from
Modular Lable Manufacturer)
Modular from Manufacturer)
Drawer System, Pink
Drawer System, Colour
Drawer System, by
Drawer System, DFO
Drawer System, (31cmx39cmx80.9
Drawer System, cm
Drawer System, as
Drawer System, per
Drawer System, Lable
Drawer System, from
Drawer System, Manufacturer)
Drawer Pink Colour
Drawer Pink by
Drawer Pink DFO
Drawer Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9
Drawer Pink cm
Drawer Pink as
Drawer Pink per
Drawer Pink Lable
Drawer Pink from
Drawer Pink Manufacturer)
Drawer Colour by
Drawer Colour DFO
Drawer Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9
Drawer Colour cm
Drawer Colour as
Drawer Colour per
Drawer Colour Lable
Drawer Colour from
Drawer Colour Manufacturer)
Drawer by DFO
Drawer by (31cmx39cmx80.9
Drawer by cm
Drawer by as
Drawer by per
Drawer by Lable
Drawer by from
Drawer by Manufacturer)
Drawer DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
Drawer DFO cm
Drawer DFO as
Drawer DFO per
Drawer DFO Lable
Drawer DFO from
Drawer DFO Manufacturer)
Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
Drawer (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
Drawer cm as
Drawer cm per
Drawer cm Lable
Drawer cm from
Drawer cm Manufacturer)
Drawer as per
Drawer as Lable
Drawer as from
Drawer as Manufacturer)
Drawer per Lable
Drawer per from
Drawer per Manufacturer)
Drawer Lable from
Drawer Lable Manufacturer)
Drawer from Manufacturer)
System, Pink Colour
System, Pink by
System, Pink DFO
System, Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9
System, Pink cm
System, Pink as
System, Pink per
System, Pink Lable
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System, Colour by
System, Colour DFO
System, Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9
System, Colour cm
System, Colour as
System, Colour per
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System, by DFO
System, by (31cmx39cmx80.9
System, by cm
System, by as
System, by per
System, by Lable
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System, by Manufacturer)
System, DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
System, DFO cm
System, DFO as
System, DFO per
System, DFO Lable
System, DFO from
System, DFO Manufacturer)
System, (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
System, (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
System, (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
System, (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
System, (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
System, (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
System, cm as
System, cm per
System, cm Lable
System, cm from
System, cm Manufacturer)
System, as per
System, as Lable
System, as from
System, as Manufacturer)
System, per Lable
System, per from
System, per Manufacturer)
System, Lable from
System, Lable Manufacturer)
System, from Manufacturer)
Pink Colour by
Pink Colour DFO
Pink Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9
Pink Colour cm
Pink Colour as
Pink Colour per
Pink Colour Lable
Pink Colour from
Pink Colour Manufacturer)
Pink by DFO
Pink by (31cmx39cmx80.9
Pink by cm
Pink by as
Pink by per
Pink by Lable
Pink by from
Pink by Manufacturer)
Pink DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
Pink DFO cm
Pink DFO as
Pink DFO per
Pink DFO Lable
Pink DFO from
Pink DFO Manufacturer)
Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
Pink (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
Pink cm as
Pink cm per
Pink cm Lable
Pink cm from
Pink cm Manufacturer)
Pink as per
Pink as Lable
Pink as from
Pink as Manufacturer)
Pink per Lable
Pink per from
Pink per Manufacturer)
Pink Lable from
Pink Lable Manufacturer)
Pink from Manufacturer)
Colour by DFO
Colour by (31cmx39cmx80.9
Colour by cm
Colour by as
Colour by per
Colour by Lable
Colour by from
Colour by Manufacturer)
Colour DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
Colour DFO cm
Colour DFO as
Colour DFO per
Colour DFO Lable
Colour DFO from
Colour DFO Manufacturer)
Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
Colour (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
Colour cm as
Colour cm per
Colour cm Lable
Colour cm from
Colour cm Manufacturer)
Colour as per
Colour as Lable
Colour as from
Colour as Manufacturer)
Colour per Lable
Colour per from
Colour per Manufacturer)
Colour Lable from
Colour Lable Manufacturer)
Colour from Manufacturer)
by DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9
by DFO cm
by DFO as
by DFO per
by DFO Lable
by DFO from
by DFO Manufacturer)
by (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
by (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
by (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
by (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
by (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
by (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
by cm as
by cm per
by cm Lable
by cm from
by cm Manufacturer)
by as per
by as Lable
by as from
by as Manufacturer)
by per Lable
by per from
by per Manufacturer)
by Lable from
by Lable Manufacturer)
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DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm
DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 as
DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 per
DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable
DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 from
DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 Manufacturer)
DFO cm as
DFO cm per
DFO cm Lable
DFO cm from
DFO cm Manufacturer)
DFO as per
DFO as Lable
DFO as from
DFO as Manufacturer)
DFO per Lable
DFO per from
DFO per Manufacturer)
DFO Lable from
DFO Lable Manufacturer)
DFO from Manufacturer)
(31cmx39cmx80.9 cm as
(31cmx39cmx80.9 cm per
(31cmx39cmx80.9 cm Lable
(31cmx39cmx80.9 cm from
(31cmx39cmx80.9 cm Manufacturer)
(31cmx39cmx80.9 as per
(31cmx39cmx80.9 as Lable
(31cmx39cmx80.9 as from
(31cmx39cmx80.9 as Manufacturer)
(31cmx39cmx80.9 per Lable
(31cmx39cmx80.9 per from
(31cmx39cmx80.9 per Manufacturer)
(31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable from
(31cmx39cmx80.9 Lable Manufacturer)
(31cmx39cmx80.9 from Manufacturer)
cm as per
cm as Lable
cm as from
cm as Manufacturer)
cm per Lable
cm per from
cm per Manufacturer)
cm Lable from
cm Lable Manufacturer)
cm from Manufacturer)
as per Lable
as per from
as per Manufacturer)
as Lable from
as Lable Manufacturer)
as from Manufacturer)
per Lable from
per Lable Manufacturer)
per from Manufacturer)
Lable from Manufacturer)

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Joyful Studio 4 XL Plastic Modular Drawer System, Pink Colour by DFO (31cmx39cmx80.9 cm as per Lable from Manufacturer) Reviews

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