Jewels Galaxy Glittering Colors AAA Zircon Delicate Meenakari Floral Gold Plated Traditional Adjustable Ring for Women/Girls
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Jewels Galaxy Glittering Colors AAA Zircon Delicate Meenakari Floral Gold Plated Traditional Adjustable Ring for Women/Girls

Jewels Galaxy welcomes you to the world of Crystals designer jewellery made with Original Elements. It was modest beginning a decade ago.In an endeavour to delightfully surprise its customers, travels around the country to procure exquisite and rare pieces of ornamentation. World-class Craftsmanship, Jewels Galaxy Luxuria Limited Edition makes people remember not only the jewellery itself, but also the woman who wears that jewellery. Jewels Galaxy will never fail to meet your expectations. At Jewels Galaxy, it is not about ornaments, but a treasure that will be cherished forever. Come, be a part of the Jewels Galaxy family and experience a relation of trust, a promise of quality and a tradition of happiness.

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Product Specification

Binding Jewellery
Brand Jewels Galaxy
Color Multi-Colour
Department Women::Girls
  • Jewels Galaxy Exclusive Gold Plated Designer Traditional Adjustable Rings
  • BEAUTY- Very feminine, this must-have design can be worn on any Occasion to boost up your style factor and enhance the ultra beauty factor. Indian, or Western, this Bracelet gives a glamorous looks, Royal blue colour giving the choice to it it with any colour dress.
  • ITALIAN DESIGN - 3 Layer Advanced Micro 18K Gold Plating From Germany. Thickness of plating: 0.3 Micron. Top Quality Genuine AAA Swiss Cubic Zirconia.
  • Material - Environmental Brass Alloy With Top Quality Genuine AAA Swiss Cubic Zirconia (Rose Gold Finish) World-class Craftsmanship, JewelsGalaxy Luxuria Limited Collection makes people remember not only the jewellery itself, but also the woman who wears that jewellery.
  • Jewellery itself has no value, but the jewels which can make women shining are priceless! JewelsGalaxy is committed to provide the best Jewellery and the best customer services to our customers, your feedback is our motivations to improve. We are looking forward to your feedback.
Label Jewels Galaxy
Manufacturer Jewels Galaxy
Product Group Jewelry
Product Type Name FASHIONRING
Publisher Jewels Galaxy
Studio Jewels Galaxy
Title Jewels Galaxy Glittering Colors AAA Zircon Delicate Meenakari Floral Gold Plated Traditional Adjustable Ring for Women/Girls

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Gold Adjustable for
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Ring for Women/Girls

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Jewels Galaxy Glittering Colors AAA Zircon Delicate Meenakari Floral Gold Plated Traditional Adjustable Ring for Women/Girls Reviews

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