Inlight Cineview Series Tripod Type Projector Screen, Supports UHD, 3D and 4K Ready Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3 Aspect Ratio)

If you are looking for a screen with a tripod stand, then you may take a look at the inlight cineview tripod type projector screen. Not only will it become the best partner of your projecting device, but will also help you a lot when it comes to a vital business presentation before your seniors. This screen will give bright colors and crisp Pictures along with the finest details present in your powerpoint slides. Made of superior quality Fabric, this screen comes with a tripod stand. Design and specifications:- the inlight cineview tripod type projector screen is made of super high gain Fabric that has the matte finish for better picture quality. It is white in colour and comes with black borders. It measures 6 feet in width and 4 feet in height, and diagonally it measures 7 feet. The screen is made as such to reflect every bit of light that is falling on it, thus recreating a zoomed version of the picture that is being projected on it. It can support a picture format with 4:3 aspect ratio. Inlight cineview tripod type projector screen can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water at regular intervals to prolong its lifespan. This inlight cineview tripod type projector screen can be used for different purposes. It can be used for business, educational and entertainment purposes.

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Inlight
Color White
  • Comes with ultra HD, 3d and 4k ready technology, compatible with all the projectors available in the market
  • Best super gain matt white fabric with 1.2 gain, total weight of the product 10kgs
  • Keeps your eyes strain proof while viewing, comes with anti UV coating to protect eyes
  • Easy to use and low maintenance, 6feet (width) x 4feet (height), in 4:3 format, 84 inches/7 feet diagonal length, ideal for presentation, meetings rooms, home cinema
  • Easy to clean super high gain fabric/material, black coated screen material from back side eliminates light penetration for superior colour reproduction, complimentary four side black masking borders enhances picture contrast
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 2205
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Label Inlight
Legal Disclaimer "INLIGHT" Brand is solely owned by M/s. Ansons Enterprises, No other seller can sell Projector Screen in the name of "INLIGHT" other then M/s. Ansons Enterprises. FOR MORE DETAILS KINDLY CONTACT NITIN ANAND AT 09810080112.
List Price:Amount 550000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 5,500.00
Manufacturer Inlight
Model ILT_6X4_T
Mpn ILT_6X4_T
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 228
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 7201
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 584
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 244
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number ILT_6X4_T
Product Group CE
Publisher Inlight
Studio Inlight
Title Inlight Cineview Series Tripod Type Projector Screen, Supports UHD, 3D and 4K Ready Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3 Aspect Ratio)

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Tripod UHD, and
Tripod UHD, 4K
Tripod UHD, Ready
Tripod UHD, Technology-(6x4ft,
Tripod UHD, 4:3
Tripod UHD, Aspect
Tripod UHD, Ratio)
Tripod 3D and
Tripod 3D 4K
Tripod 3D Ready
Tripod 3D Technology-(6x4ft,
Tripod 3D 4:3
Tripod 3D Aspect
Tripod 3D Ratio)
Tripod and 4K
Tripod and Ready
Tripod and Technology-(6x4ft,
Tripod and 4:3
Tripod and Aspect
Tripod and Ratio)
Tripod 4K Ready
Tripod 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
Tripod 4K 4:3
Tripod 4K Aspect
Tripod 4K Ratio)
Tripod Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
Tripod Ready 4:3
Tripod Ready Aspect
Tripod Ready Ratio)
Tripod Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
Tripod Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
Tripod Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
Tripod 4:3 Aspect
Tripod 4:3 Ratio)
Tripod Aspect Ratio)
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Type Projector 3D
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Type UHD, 3D
Type UHD, and
Type UHD, 4K
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Type UHD, 4:3
Type UHD, Aspect
Type UHD, Ratio)
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Type 3D 4K
Type 3D Ready
Type 3D Technology-(6x4ft,
Type 3D 4:3
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Type 3D Ratio)
Type and 4K
Type and Ready
Type and Technology-(6x4ft,
Type and 4:3
Type and Aspect
Type and Ratio)
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Type 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
Type 4K 4:3
Type 4K Aspect
Type 4K Ratio)
Type Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
Type Ready 4:3
Type Ready Aspect
Type Ready Ratio)
Type Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
Type Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
Type Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
Type 4:3 Aspect
Type 4:3 Ratio)
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Projector Screen, and
Projector Screen, 4K
Projector Screen, Ready
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Projector UHD, Technology-(6x4ft,
Projector UHD, 4:3
Projector UHD, Aspect
Projector UHD, Ratio)
Projector 3D and
Projector 3D 4K
Projector 3D Ready
Projector 3D Technology-(6x4ft,
Projector 3D 4:3
Projector 3D Aspect
Projector 3D Ratio)
Projector and 4K
Projector and Ready
Projector and Technology-(6x4ft,
Projector and 4:3
Projector and Aspect
Projector and Ratio)
Projector 4K Ready
Projector 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
Projector 4K 4:3
Projector 4K Aspect
Projector 4K Ratio)
Projector Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
Projector Ready 4:3
Projector Ready Aspect
Projector Ready Ratio)
Projector Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
Projector Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
Projector Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
Projector 4:3 Aspect
Projector 4:3 Ratio)
Projector Aspect Ratio)
Screen, Supports UHD,
Screen, Supports 3D
Screen, Supports and
Screen, Supports 4K
Screen, Supports Ready
Screen, Supports Technology-(6x4ft,
Screen, Supports 4:3
Screen, Supports Aspect
Screen, Supports Ratio)
Screen, UHD, 3D
Screen, UHD, and
Screen, UHD, 4K
Screen, UHD, Ready
Screen, UHD, Technology-(6x4ft,
Screen, UHD, 4:3
Screen, UHD, Aspect
Screen, UHD, Ratio)
Screen, 3D and
Screen, 3D 4K
Screen, 3D Ready
Screen, 3D Technology-(6x4ft,
Screen, 3D 4:3
Screen, 3D Aspect
Screen, 3D Ratio)
Screen, and 4K
Screen, and Ready
Screen, and Technology-(6x4ft,
Screen, and 4:3
Screen, and Aspect
Screen, and Ratio)
Screen, 4K Ready
Screen, 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
Screen, 4K 4:3
Screen, 4K Aspect
Screen, 4K Ratio)
Screen, Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
Screen, Ready 4:3
Screen, Ready Aspect
Screen, Ready Ratio)
Screen, Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
Screen, Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
Screen, Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
Screen, 4:3 Aspect
Screen, 4:3 Ratio)
Screen, Aspect Ratio)
Supports UHD, 3D
Supports UHD, and
Supports UHD, 4K
Supports UHD, Ready
Supports UHD, Technology-(6x4ft,
Supports UHD, 4:3
Supports UHD, Aspect
Supports UHD, Ratio)
Supports 3D and
Supports 3D 4K
Supports 3D Ready
Supports 3D Technology-(6x4ft,
Supports 3D 4:3
Supports 3D Aspect
Supports 3D Ratio)
Supports and 4K
Supports and Ready
Supports and Technology-(6x4ft,
Supports and 4:3
Supports and Aspect
Supports and Ratio)
Supports 4K Ready
Supports 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
Supports 4K 4:3
Supports 4K Aspect
Supports 4K Ratio)
Supports Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
Supports Ready 4:3
Supports Ready Aspect
Supports Ready Ratio)
Supports Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
Supports Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
Supports Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
Supports 4:3 Aspect
Supports 4:3 Ratio)
Supports Aspect Ratio)
UHD, 3D and
UHD, 3D 4K
UHD, 3D Ready
UHD, 3D Technology-(6x4ft,
UHD, 3D 4:3
UHD, 3D Aspect
UHD, 3D Ratio)
UHD, and 4K
UHD, and Ready
UHD, and Technology-(6x4ft,
UHD, and 4:3
UHD, and Aspect
UHD, and Ratio)
UHD, 4K Ready
UHD, 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
UHD, 4K 4:3
UHD, 4K Aspect
UHD, 4K Ratio)
UHD, Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
UHD, Ready 4:3
UHD, Ready Aspect
UHD, Ready Ratio)
UHD, Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
UHD, Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
UHD, Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
UHD, 4:3 Aspect
UHD, 4:3 Ratio)
UHD, Aspect Ratio)
3D and 4K
3D and Ready
3D and Technology-(6x4ft,
3D and 4:3
3D and Aspect
3D and Ratio)
3D 4K Ready
3D 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
3D 4K 4:3
3D 4K Aspect
3D 4K Ratio)
3D Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
3D Ready 4:3
3D Ready Aspect
3D Ready Ratio)
3D Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
3D Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
3D Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
3D 4:3 Aspect
3D 4:3 Ratio)
3D Aspect Ratio)
and 4K Ready
and 4K Technology-(6x4ft,
and 4K 4:3
and 4K Aspect
and 4K Ratio)
and Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
and Ready 4:3
and Ready Aspect
and Ready Ratio)
and Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
and Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
and Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
and 4:3 Aspect
and 4:3 Ratio)
and Aspect Ratio)
4K Ready Technology-(6x4ft,
4K Ready 4:3
4K Ready Aspect
4K Ready Ratio)
4K Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
4K Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
4K Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
4K 4:3 Aspect
4K 4:3 Ratio)
4K Aspect Ratio)
Ready Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3
Ready Technology-(6x4ft, Aspect
Ready Technology-(6x4ft, Ratio)
Ready 4:3 Aspect
Ready 4:3 Ratio)
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Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3 Ratio)
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Inlight Cineview Series Tripod Type Projector Screen, Supports UHD, 3D and 4K Ready Technology-(6x4ft, 4:3 Aspect Ratio) Reviews

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