iBELL 200-89 Inverter ARC Compact Welding Machine (IGBT) 200A with Hot Start and Anti-Stick Functions - 1 Year Warranty

Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool causing fusion. Welding is distinct from lower temperature metal-joining techniques such as brazing and soldering, which do not melt the base metal.iBELL 200-89 is used for home and professionals to comply the above Solution.

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Product Specification

Color Red
  • Electrode usable for professional weld: 1.6 to 5mm, Electrode holder 2 m x 16mm² Copper-clad Aluminium with welding cable
  • Durable, Compact and Easy to carry : Advanced IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine with wide voltage input 160V-250V, Light weight and compact design, IGBT Protection and Overheat Protection, easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations
  • Welding current: 220 adjustable ARC Force with Hot Start ARC current and Anti-Stick
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 984
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 906
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 1181
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label RHM Technologies , Ningbo , Zhejiang , PRC
Legal Disclaimer Six Months warranty*
Manufacturer RHM Technologies , Ningbo , Zhejiang , PRC
Model IBL 200-89
Mpn M220020089
Number Of Items 1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 890
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1189
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 944
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 976
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number M220020089
Product Group BISS
Product Type Name CUTTING_TOOLS
Publisher RHM Technologies , Ningbo , Zhejiang , PRC
Studio RHM Technologies , Ningbo , Zhejiang , PRC
Title iBELL 200-89 Inverter ARC Compact Welding Machine (IGBT) 200A with Hot Start and Anti-Stick Functions - 1 Year Warranty
List Price:Amount 850000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 8,500.00

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200-89 (IGBT) 200A
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ARC Compact 1
ARC Compact Year
ARC Compact Warranty
ARC Welding Machine
ARC Welding (IGBT)
ARC Welding 200A
ARC Welding with
ARC Welding Hot
ARC Welding Start
ARC Welding and
ARC Welding Anti-Stick
ARC Welding Functions
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ARC Machine 200A
ARC Machine with
ARC Machine Hot
ARC Machine Start
ARC Machine and
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ARC (IGBT) with
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Compact 200A Hot
Compact 200A Start
Compact 200A and
Compact 200A Anti-Stick
Compact 200A Functions
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Compact with and
Compact with Anti-Stick
Compact with Functions
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Compact Start Anti-Stick
Compact Start Functions
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Compact Start Year
Compact Start Warranty
Compact and Anti-Stick
Compact and Functions
Compact and -
Compact and 1
Compact and Year
Compact and Warranty
Compact Anti-Stick Functions
Compact Anti-Stick -
Compact Anti-Stick 1
Compact Anti-Stick Year
Compact Anti-Stick Warranty
Compact Functions -
Compact Functions 1
Compact Functions Year
Compact Functions Warranty
Compact - 1
Compact - Year
Compact - Warranty
Compact 1 Year
Compact 1 Warranty
Compact Year Warranty
Welding Machine (IGBT)
Welding Machine 200A
Welding Machine with
Welding Machine Hot
Welding Machine Start
Welding Machine and
Welding Machine Anti-Stick
Welding Machine Functions
Welding Machine -
Welding Machine 1
Welding Machine Year
Welding Machine Warranty
Welding (IGBT) 200A
Welding (IGBT) with
Welding (IGBT) Hot
Welding (IGBT) Start
Welding (IGBT) and
Welding (IGBT) Anti-Stick
Welding (IGBT) Functions
Welding (IGBT) -
Welding (IGBT) 1
Welding (IGBT) Year
Welding (IGBT) Warranty
Welding 200A with
Welding 200A Hot
Welding 200A Start
Welding 200A and
Welding 200A Anti-Stick
Welding 200A Functions
Welding 200A -
Welding 200A 1
Welding 200A Year
Welding 200A Warranty
Welding with Hot
Welding with Start
Welding with and
Welding with Anti-Stick
Welding with Functions
Welding with -
Welding with 1
Welding with Year
Welding with Warranty
Welding Hot Start
Welding Hot and
Welding Hot Anti-Stick
Welding Hot Functions
Welding Hot -
Welding Hot 1
Welding Hot Year
Welding Hot Warranty
Welding Start and
Welding Start Anti-Stick
Welding Start Functions
Welding Start -
Welding Start 1
Welding Start Year
Welding Start Warranty
Welding and Anti-Stick
Welding and Functions
Welding and -
Welding and 1
Welding and Year
Welding and Warranty
Welding Anti-Stick Functions
Welding Anti-Stick -
Welding Anti-Stick 1
Welding Anti-Stick Year
Welding Anti-Stick Warranty
Welding Functions -
Welding Functions 1
Welding Functions Year
Welding Functions Warranty
Welding - 1
Welding - Year
Welding - Warranty
Welding 1 Year
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Machine (IGBT) 200A
Machine (IGBT) with
Machine (IGBT) Hot
Machine (IGBT) Start
Machine (IGBT) and
Machine (IGBT) Anti-Stick
Machine (IGBT) Functions
Machine (IGBT) -
Machine (IGBT) 1
Machine (IGBT) Year
Machine (IGBT) Warranty
Machine 200A with
Machine 200A Hot
Machine 200A Start
Machine 200A and
Machine 200A Anti-Stick
Machine 200A Functions
Machine 200A -
Machine 200A 1
Machine 200A Year
Machine 200A Warranty
Machine with Hot
Machine with Start
Machine with and
Machine with Anti-Stick
Machine with Functions
Machine with -
Machine with 1
Machine with Year
Machine with Warranty
Machine Hot Start
Machine Hot and
Machine Hot Anti-Stick
Machine Hot Functions
Machine Hot -
Machine Hot 1
Machine Hot Year
Machine Hot Warranty
Machine Start and
Machine Start Anti-Stick
Machine Start Functions
Machine Start -
Machine Start 1
Machine Start Year
Machine Start Warranty
Machine and Anti-Stick
Machine and Functions
Machine and -
Machine and 1
Machine and Year
Machine and Warranty
Machine Anti-Stick Functions
Machine Anti-Stick -
Machine Anti-Stick 1
Machine Anti-Stick Year
Machine Anti-Stick Warranty
Machine Functions -
Machine Functions 1
Machine Functions Year
Machine Functions Warranty
Machine - 1
Machine - Year
Machine - Warranty
Machine 1 Year
Machine 1 Warranty
Machine Year Warranty
(IGBT) 200A with
(IGBT) 200A Hot
(IGBT) 200A Start
(IGBT) 200A and
(IGBT) 200A Anti-Stick
(IGBT) 200A Functions
(IGBT) 200A -
(IGBT) 200A 1
(IGBT) 200A Year
(IGBT) 200A Warranty
(IGBT) with Hot
(IGBT) with Start
(IGBT) with and
(IGBT) with Anti-Stick
(IGBT) with Functions
(IGBT) with -
(IGBT) with 1
(IGBT) with Year
(IGBT) with Warranty
(IGBT) Hot Start
(IGBT) Hot and
(IGBT) Hot Anti-Stick
(IGBT) Hot Functions
(IGBT) Hot -
(IGBT) Hot 1
(IGBT) Hot Year
(IGBT) Hot Warranty
(IGBT) Start and
(IGBT) Start Anti-Stick
(IGBT) Start Functions
(IGBT) Start -
(IGBT) Start 1
(IGBT) Start Year
(IGBT) Start Warranty
(IGBT) and Anti-Stick
(IGBT) and Functions
(IGBT) and -
(IGBT) and 1
(IGBT) and Year
(IGBT) and Warranty
(IGBT) Anti-Stick Functions
(IGBT) Anti-Stick -
(IGBT) Anti-Stick 1
(IGBT) Anti-Stick Year
(IGBT) Anti-Stick Warranty
(IGBT) Functions -
(IGBT) Functions 1
(IGBT) Functions Year
(IGBT) Functions Warranty
(IGBT) - 1
(IGBT) - Year
(IGBT) - Warranty
(IGBT) 1 Year
(IGBT) 1 Warranty
(IGBT) Year Warranty
200A with Hot
200A with Start
200A with and
200A with Anti-Stick
200A with Functions
200A with -
200A with 1
200A with Year
200A with Warranty
200A Hot Start
200A Hot and
200A Hot Anti-Stick
200A Hot Functions
200A Hot -
200A Hot 1
200A Hot Year
200A Hot Warranty
200A Start and
200A Start Anti-Stick
200A Start Functions
200A Start -
200A Start 1
200A Start Year
200A Start Warranty
200A and Anti-Stick
200A and Functions
200A and -
200A and 1
200A and Year
200A and Warranty
200A Anti-Stick Functions
200A Anti-Stick -
200A Anti-Stick 1
200A Anti-Stick Year
200A Anti-Stick Warranty
200A Functions -
200A Functions 1
200A Functions Year
200A Functions Warranty
200A - 1
200A - Year
200A - Warranty
200A 1 Year
200A 1 Warranty
200A Year Warranty
with Hot Start
with Hot and
with Hot Anti-Stick
with Hot Functions
with Hot -
with Hot 1
with Hot Year
with Hot Warranty
with Start and
with Start Anti-Stick
with Start Functions
with Start -
with Start 1
with Start Year
with Start Warranty
with and Anti-Stick
with and Functions
with and -
with and 1
with and Year
with and Warranty
with Anti-Stick Functions
with Anti-Stick -
with Anti-Stick 1
with Anti-Stick Year
with Anti-Stick Warranty
with Functions -
with Functions 1
with Functions Year
with Functions Warranty
with - 1
with - Year
with - Warranty
with 1 Year
with 1 Warranty
with Year Warranty
Hot Start and
Hot Start Anti-Stick
Hot Start Functions
Hot Start -
Hot Start 1
Hot Start Year
Hot Start Warranty
Hot and Anti-Stick
Hot and Functions
Hot and -
Hot and 1
Hot and Year
Hot and Warranty
Hot Anti-Stick Functions
Hot Anti-Stick -
Hot Anti-Stick 1
Hot Anti-Stick Year
Hot Anti-Stick Warranty
Hot Functions -
Hot Functions 1
Hot Functions Year
Hot Functions Warranty
Hot - 1
Hot - Year
Hot - Warranty
Hot 1 Year
Hot 1 Warranty
Hot Year Warranty
Start and Anti-Stick
Start and Functions
Start and -
Start and 1
Start and Year
Start and Warranty
Start Anti-Stick Functions
Start Anti-Stick -
Start Anti-Stick 1
Start Anti-Stick Year
Start Anti-Stick Warranty
Start Functions -
Start Functions 1
Start Functions Year
Start Functions Warranty
Start - 1
Start - Year
Start - Warranty
Start 1 Year
Start 1 Warranty
Start Year Warranty
and Anti-Stick Functions
and Anti-Stick -
and Anti-Stick 1
and Anti-Stick Year
and Anti-Stick Warranty
and Functions -
and Functions 1
and Functions Year
and Functions Warranty
and - 1
and - Year
and - Warranty
and 1 Year
and 1 Warranty
and Year Warranty
Anti-Stick Functions -
Anti-Stick Functions 1
Anti-Stick Functions Year
Anti-Stick Functions Warranty
Anti-Stick - 1
Anti-Stick - Year
Anti-Stick - Warranty
Anti-Stick 1 Year
Anti-Stick 1 Warranty
Anti-Stick Year Warranty
Functions - 1
Functions - Year
Functions - Warranty
Functions 1 Year
Functions 1 Warranty
Functions Year Warranty
- 1 Year
- 1 Warranty
- Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty

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iBELL 200-89 Inverter ARC Compact Welding Machine (IGBT) 200A with Hot Start and Anti-Stick Functions - 1 Year Warranty Reviews

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Can I buy this product online ?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy this online

Is this the best price on which I can buy it ?

Yes, but you can pay online and try different payment wallets for cashbacks

Can I return this product ?

Yes, you can return this product, however the product should be in good shape