House of Quirk 4pc Reusable Silicone Food Preservation Bag Gallon - Zip Sealed Storage Container (size-20x17x15cm - capacity-1000 ML))

Made of food grade silicone and amp, airtight sealing strip to store liquids and solids without leaking out. Heat and cold resistant, keep your food fresh and antioxidant. Can be put in the refrigerator in the state of lying or standing. Scale designed for easy viewing the capacity, save more space. Safe for use in dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, freezer and microwave. Specifications: Material: Siliconecolor: Red, green, blue, clearsize: 7. 9 x 6. 9 inch (20 x 17. 5 cm)temperature: -60 --260. Packing list: 4* silicone food container bags color as per availability.

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand House of Quirk
Color Multi
  • LEAKPROOF - Designed with Airtight seal, leakproof vacuum and zip-locked container,perfect for storing food and liquid, portable and save room (COLOR AS PER AVAILABILITY) (NOTE: The lock mechanism might be slightly hard to use as its a air tight food pouch)
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Excellent heat and cold resistant, temperature resistant range: -50?~+250?, can be boiled and used in microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster,freezer, dishwasher safe, available in kitchen and outdoors for carrying
  • REUSABLE ALTERNATIVE: only pure silicone is safe, healthy, eco-friendly, non-allergenic, non-reactive, hygienic, repels germs and chemicals, not toxic to environment, recyclable, possess long lifespan up to 30 years.
  • Leak proof - designed with airtight seal, leak proof vacuum and zip-locked container, perfect for storing food and liquid, portable and save room (NOTE: The lock mechanism might be slightly hard to use as its a air tight food pouch)
  • Multi functional - excellent heat and cold resistant, temperature resistant range: -50 to +250, Can be boiled and used in microwave oven
  • Only pure silicone is safe, healthy, non-allergenic, non-reactive, hygienic, repels germs and chemicals
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 591
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 787
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 77
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 669
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label House of Quirk
List Price:Amount 199900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,999.00
Manufacturer House of Quirk
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 252 193
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1106 1047
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 123 101
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 441 760
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Publisher House of Quirk
Size 10 IN
Studio House of Quirk
Title House of Quirk 4pc Reusable Silicone Food Preservation Bag Gallon - Zip Sealed Storage Container (size-20x17x15cm - capacity-1000 ML))

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of Silicone Zip
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of Silicone (size-20x17x15cm
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of Silicone capacity-1000
of Silicone ML))
of Food Preservation
of Food Bag
of Food Gallon
of Food -
of Food Zip
of Food Sealed
of Food Storage
of Food Container
of Food (size-20x17x15cm
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of Food capacity-1000
of Food ML))
of Preservation Bag
of Preservation Gallon
of Preservation -
of Preservation Zip
of Preservation Sealed
of Preservation Storage
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Quirk 4pc Reusable
Quirk 4pc Silicone
Quirk 4pc Food
Quirk 4pc Preservation
Quirk 4pc Bag
Quirk 4pc Gallon
Quirk 4pc -
Quirk 4pc Zip
Quirk 4pc Sealed
Quirk 4pc Storage
Quirk 4pc Container
Quirk 4pc (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk 4pc -
Quirk 4pc capacity-1000
Quirk 4pc ML))
Quirk Reusable Silicone
Quirk Reusable Food
Quirk Reusable Preservation
Quirk Reusable Bag
Quirk Reusable Gallon
Quirk Reusable -
Quirk Reusable Zip
Quirk Reusable Sealed
Quirk Reusable Storage
Quirk Reusable Container
Quirk Reusable (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Reusable -
Quirk Reusable capacity-1000
Quirk Reusable ML))
Quirk Silicone Food
Quirk Silicone Preservation
Quirk Silicone Bag
Quirk Silicone Gallon
Quirk Silicone -
Quirk Silicone Zip
Quirk Silicone Sealed
Quirk Silicone Storage
Quirk Silicone Container
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Quirk Preservation -
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Quirk Bag -
Quirk Bag Zip
Quirk Bag Sealed
Quirk Bag Storage
Quirk Bag Container
Quirk Bag (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Bag -
Quirk Bag capacity-1000
Quirk Bag ML))
Quirk Gallon -
Quirk Gallon Zip
Quirk Gallon Sealed
Quirk Gallon Storage
Quirk Gallon Container
Quirk Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Gallon -
Quirk Gallon capacity-1000
Quirk Gallon ML))
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Quirk - Sealed
Quirk - Storage
Quirk - Container
Quirk - (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk - -
Quirk - capacity-1000
Quirk - ML))
Quirk Zip Sealed
Quirk Zip Storage
Quirk Zip Container
Quirk Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Zip -
Quirk Zip capacity-1000
Quirk Zip ML))
Quirk Sealed Storage
Quirk Sealed Container
Quirk Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Sealed -
Quirk Sealed capacity-1000
Quirk Sealed ML))
Quirk Storage Container
Quirk Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Storage -
Quirk Storage capacity-1000
Quirk Storage ML))
Quirk Container (size-20x17x15cm
Quirk Container -
Quirk Container capacity-1000
Quirk Container ML))
Quirk (size-20x17x15cm -
Quirk (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Quirk (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Quirk - capacity-1000
Quirk - ML))
Quirk capacity-1000 ML))
4pc Reusable Silicone
4pc Reusable Food
4pc Reusable Preservation
4pc Reusable Bag
4pc Reusable Gallon
4pc Reusable -
4pc Reusable Zip
4pc Reusable Sealed
4pc Reusable Storage
4pc Reusable Container
4pc Reusable (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Reusable -
4pc Reusable capacity-1000
4pc Reusable ML))
4pc Silicone Food
4pc Silicone Preservation
4pc Silicone Bag
4pc Silicone Gallon
4pc Silicone -
4pc Silicone Zip
4pc Silicone Sealed
4pc Silicone Storage
4pc Silicone Container
4pc Silicone (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Silicone -
4pc Silicone capacity-1000
4pc Silicone ML))
4pc Food Preservation
4pc Food Bag
4pc Food Gallon
4pc Food -
4pc Food Zip
4pc Food Sealed
4pc Food Storage
4pc Food Container
4pc Food (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Food -
4pc Food capacity-1000
4pc Food ML))
4pc Preservation Bag
4pc Preservation Gallon
4pc Preservation -
4pc Preservation Zip
4pc Preservation Sealed
4pc Preservation Storage
4pc Preservation Container
4pc Preservation (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Preservation -
4pc Preservation capacity-1000
4pc Preservation ML))
4pc Bag Gallon
4pc Bag -
4pc Bag Zip
4pc Bag Sealed
4pc Bag Storage
4pc Bag Container
4pc Bag (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Bag -
4pc Bag capacity-1000
4pc Bag ML))
4pc Gallon -
4pc Gallon Zip
4pc Gallon Sealed
4pc Gallon Storage
4pc Gallon Container
4pc Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Gallon -
4pc Gallon capacity-1000
4pc Gallon ML))
4pc - Zip
4pc - Sealed
4pc - Storage
4pc - Container
4pc - (size-20x17x15cm
4pc - -
4pc - capacity-1000
4pc - ML))
4pc Zip Sealed
4pc Zip Storage
4pc Zip Container
4pc Zip (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Zip -
4pc Zip capacity-1000
4pc Zip ML))
4pc Sealed Storage
4pc Sealed Container
4pc Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Sealed -
4pc Sealed capacity-1000
4pc Sealed ML))
4pc Storage Container
4pc Storage (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Storage -
4pc Storage capacity-1000
4pc Storage ML))
4pc Container (size-20x17x15cm
4pc Container -
4pc Container capacity-1000
4pc Container ML))
4pc (size-20x17x15cm -
4pc (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
4pc (size-20x17x15cm ML))
4pc - capacity-1000
4pc - ML))
4pc capacity-1000 ML))
Reusable Silicone Food
Reusable Silicone Preservation
Reusable Silicone Bag
Reusable Silicone Gallon
Reusable Silicone -
Reusable Silicone Zip
Reusable Silicone Sealed
Reusable Silicone Storage
Reusable Silicone Container
Reusable Silicone (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Silicone -
Reusable Silicone capacity-1000
Reusable Silicone ML))
Reusable Food Preservation
Reusable Food Bag
Reusable Food Gallon
Reusable Food -
Reusable Food Zip
Reusable Food Sealed
Reusable Food Storage
Reusable Food Container
Reusable Food (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Food -
Reusable Food capacity-1000
Reusable Food ML))
Reusable Preservation Bag
Reusable Preservation Gallon
Reusable Preservation -
Reusable Preservation Zip
Reusable Preservation Sealed
Reusable Preservation Storage
Reusable Preservation Container
Reusable Preservation (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Preservation -
Reusable Preservation capacity-1000
Reusable Preservation ML))
Reusable Bag Gallon
Reusable Bag -
Reusable Bag Zip
Reusable Bag Sealed
Reusable Bag Storage
Reusable Bag Container
Reusable Bag (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Bag -
Reusable Bag capacity-1000
Reusable Bag ML))
Reusable Gallon -
Reusable Gallon Zip
Reusable Gallon Sealed
Reusable Gallon Storage
Reusable Gallon Container
Reusable Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Gallon -
Reusable Gallon capacity-1000
Reusable Gallon ML))
Reusable - Zip
Reusable - Sealed
Reusable - Storage
Reusable - Container
Reusable - (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable - -
Reusable - capacity-1000
Reusable - ML))
Reusable Zip Sealed
Reusable Zip Storage
Reusable Zip Container
Reusable Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Zip -
Reusable Zip capacity-1000
Reusable Zip ML))
Reusable Sealed Storage
Reusable Sealed Container
Reusable Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Sealed -
Reusable Sealed capacity-1000
Reusable Sealed ML))
Reusable Storage Container
Reusable Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Storage -
Reusable Storage capacity-1000
Reusable Storage ML))
Reusable Container (size-20x17x15cm
Reusable Container -
Reusable Container capacity-1000
Reusable Container ML))
Reusable (size-20x17x15cm -
Reusable (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Reusable (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Reusable - capacity-1000
Reusable - ML))
Reusable capacity-1000 ML))
Silicone Food Preservation
Silicone Food Bag
Silicone Food Gallon
Silicone Food -
Silicone Food Zip
Silicone Food Sealed
Silicone Food Storage
Silicone Food Container
Silicone Food (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Food -
Silicone Food capacity-1000
Silicone Food ML))
Silicone Preservation Bag
Silicone Preservation Gallon
Silicone Preservation -
Silicone Preservation Zip
Silicone Preservation Sealed
Silicone Preservation Storage
Silicone Preservation Container
Silicone Preservation (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Preservation -
Silicone Preservation capacity-1000
Silicone Preservation ML))
Silicone Bag Gallon
Silicone Bag -
Silicone Bag Zip
Silicone Bag Sealed
Silicone Bag Storage
Silicone Bag Container
Silicone Bag (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Bag -
Silicone Bag capacity-1000
Silicone Bag ML))
Silicone Gallon -
Silicone Gallon Zip
Silicone Gallon Sealed
Silicone Gallon Storage
Silicone Gallon Container
Silicone Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Gallon -
Silicone Gallon capacity-1000
Silicone Gallon ML))
Silicone - Zip
Silicone - Sealed
Silicone - Storage
Silicone - Container
Silicone - (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone - -
Silicone - capacity-1000
Silicone - ML))
Silicone Zip Sealed
Silicone Zip Storage
Silicone Zip Container
Silicone Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Zip -
Silicone Zip capacity-1000
Silicone Zip ML))
Silicone Sealed Storage
Silicone Sealed Container
Silicone Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Sealed -
Silicone Sealed capacity-1000
Silicone Sealed ML))
Silicone Storage Container
Silicone Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Storage -
Silicone Storage capacity-1000
Silicone Storage ML))
Silicone Container (size-20x17x15cm
Silicone Container -
Silicone Container capacity-1000
Silicone Container ML))
Silicone (size-20x17x15cm -
Silicone (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Silicone (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Silicone - capacity-1000
Silicone - ML))
Silicone capacity-1000 ML))
Food Preservation Bag
Food Preservation Gallon
Food Preservation -
Food Preservation Zip
Food Preservation Sealed
Food Preservation Storage
Food Preservation Container
Food Preservation (size-20x17x15cm
Food Preservation -
Food Preservation capacity-1000
Food Preservation ML))
Food Bag Gallon
Food Bag -
Food Bag Zip
Food Bag Sealed
Food Bag Storage
Food Bag Container
Food Bag (size-20x17x15cm
Food Bag -
Food Bag capacity-1000
Food Bag ML))
Food Gallon -
Food Gallon Zip
Food Gallon Sealed
Food Gallon Storage
Food Gallon Container
Food Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
Food Gallon -
Food Gallon capacity-1000
Food Gallon ML))
Food - Zip
Food - Sealed
Food - Storage
Food - Container
Food - (size-20x17x15cm
Food - -
Food - capacity-1000
Food - ML))
Food Zip Sealed
Food Zip Storage
Food Zip Container
Food Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Food Zip -
Food Zip capacity-1000
Food Zip ML))
Food Sealed Storage
Food Sealed Container
Food Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Food Sealed -
Food Sealed capacity-1000
Food Sealed ML))
Food Storage Container
Food Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Food Storage -
Food Storage capacity-1000
Food Storage ML))
Food Container (size-20x17x15cm
Food Container -
Food Container capacity-1000
Food Container ML))
Food (size-20x17x15cm -
Food (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Food (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Food - capacity-1000
Food - ML))
Food capacity-1000 ML))
Preservation Bag Gallon
Preservation Bag -
Preservation Bag Zip
Preservation Bag Sealed
Preservation Bag Storage
Preservation Bag Container
Preservation Bag (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation Bag -
Preservation Bag capacity-1000
Preservation Bag ML))
Preservation Gallon -
Preservation Gallon Zip
Preservation Gallon Sealed
Preservation Gallon Storage
Preservation Gallon Container
Preservation Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation Gallon -
Preservation Gallon capacity-1000
Preservation Gallon ML))
Preservation - Zip
Preservation - Sealed
Preservation - Storage
Preservation - Container
Preservation - (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation - -
Preservation - capacity-1000
Preservation - ML))
Preservation Zip Sealed
Preservation Zip Storage
Preservation Zip Container
Preservation Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation Zip -
Preservation Zip capacity-1000
Preservation Zip ML))
Preservation Sealed Storage
Preservation Sealed Container
Preservation Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation Sealed -
Preservation Sealed capacity-1000
Preservation Sealed ML))
Preservation Storage Container
Preservation Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation Storage -
Preservation Storage capacity-1000
Preservation Storage ML))
Preservation Container (size-20x17x15cm
Preservation Container -
Preservation Container capacity-1000
Preservation Container ML))
Preservation (size-20x17x15cm -
Preservation (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Preservation (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Preservation - capacity-1000
Preservation - ML))
Preservation capacity-1000 ML))
Bag Gallon -
Bag Gallon Zip
Bag Gallon Sealed
Bag Gallon Storage
Bag Gallon Container
Bag Gallon (size-20x17x15cm
Bag Gallon -
Bag Gallon capacity-1000
Bag Gallon ML))
Bag - Zip
Bag - Sealed
Bag - Storage
Bag - Container
Bag - (size-20x17x15cm
Bag - -
Bag - capacity-1000
Bag - ML))
Bag Zip Sealed
Bag Zip Storage
Bag Zip Container
Bag Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Bag Zip -
Bag Zip capacity-1000
Bag Zip ML))
Bag Sealed Storage
Bag Sealed Container
Bag Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Bag Sealed -
Bag Sealed capacity-1000
Bag Sealed ML))
Bag Storage Container
Bag Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Bag Storage -
Bag Storage capacity-1000
Bag Storage ML))
Bag Container (size-20x17x15cm
Bag Container -
Bag Container capacity-1000
Bag Container ML))
Bag (size-20x17x15cm -
Bag (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Bag (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Bag - capacity-1000
Bag - ML))
Bag capacity-1000 ML))
Gallon - Zip
Gallon - Sealed
Gallon - Storage
Gallon - Container
Gallon - (size-20x17x15cm
Gallon - -
Gallon - capacity-1000
Gallon - ML))
Gallon Zip Sealed
Gallon Zip Storage
Gallon Zip Container
Gallon Zip (size-20x17x15cm
Gallon Zip -
Gallon Zip capacity-1000
Gallon Zip ML))
Gallon Sealed Storage
Gallon Sealed Container
Gallon Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Gallon Sealed -
Gallon Sealed capacity-1000
Gallon Sealed ML))
Gallon Storage Container
Gallon Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Gallon Storage -
Gallon Storage capacity-1000
Gallon Storage ML))
Gallon Container (size-20x17x15cm
Gallon Container -
Gallon Container capacity-1000
Gallon Container ML))
Gallon (size-20x17x15cm -
Gallon (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Gallon (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Gallon - capacity-1000
Gallon - ML))
Gallon capacity-1000 ML))
- Zip Sealed
- Zip Storage
- Zip Container
- Zip (size-20x17x15cm
- Zip -
- Zip capacity-1000
- Zip ML))
- Sealed Storage
- Sealed Container
- Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
- Sealed -
- Sealed capacity-1000
- Sealed ML))
- Storage Container
- Storage (size-20x17x15cm
- Storage -
- Storage capacity-1000
- Storage ML))
- Container (size-20x17x15cm
- Container -
- Container capacity-1000
- Container ML))
- (size-20x17x15cm -
- (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
- (size-20x17x15cm ML))
- - capacity-1000
- - ML))
- capacity-1000 ML))
Zip Sealed Storage
Zip Sealed Container
Zip Sealed (size-20x17x15cm
Zip Sealed -
Zip Sealed capacity-1000
Zip Sealed ML))
Zip Storage Container
Zip Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Zip Storage -
Zip Storage capacity-1000
Zip Storage ML))
Zip Container (size-20x17x15cm
Zip Container -
Zip Container capacity-1000
Zip Container ML))
Zip (size-20x17x15cm -
Zip (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Zip (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Zip - capacity-1000
Zip - ML))
Zip capacity-1000 ML))
Sealed Storage Container
Sealed Storage (size-20x17x15cm
Sealed Storage -
Sealed Storage capacity-1000
Sealed Storage ML))
Sealed Container (size-20x17x15cm
Sealed Container -
Sealed Container capacity-1000
Sealed Container ML))
Sealed (size-20x17x15cm -
Sealed (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Sealed (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Sealed - capacity-1000
Sealed - ML))
Sealed capacity-1000 ML))
Storage Container (size-20x17x15cm
Storage Container -
Storage Container capacity-1000
Storage Container ML))
Storage (size-20x17x15cm -
Storage (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Storage (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Storage - capacity-1000
Storage - ML))
Storage capacity-1000 ML))
Container (size-20x17x15cm -
Container (size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000
Container (size-20x17x15cm ML))
Container - capacity-1000
Container - ML))
Container capacity-1000 ML))
(size-20x17x15cm - capacity-1000
(size-20x17x15cm - ML))
(size-20x17x15cm capacity-1000 ML))
- capacity-1000 ML))

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House of Quirk 4pc Reusable Silicone Food Preservation Bag Gallon - Zip Sealed Storage Container (size-20x17x15cm - capacity-1000 ML)) Reviews

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