Hopscotch Baby Girls Cotton Solid Sleeveless Art Dress and Shorts Set in Yellow Color for Ages 18-24 Months

Hopscotch Baby Girls Cotton Solid Sleeveless Art Dress and Shorts Set in Yellow Color for Ages 18-24 Months

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Product Specification

Brand Hopscotch
Manufacturer Hopscotch
Binding Apparel
Product Group Apparel
  • Fabric :- 100% Cotton
  • Package Includes :- 1 Dress, 1 Shorts
  • The actual product may differ slightly in color from the one illustrated in the images.
  • Care Instruction:- Gentle Wash
  • All Dimensions are in cms :- Casual Dresses: Length: 21 cm , Chest: 48 cm , Shorts: Length: 35 cm , Waist: 58 cm
Part Number MC0-2952267
Color Yellow
Item Dimensions:Height 1.968503935
Item Dimensions:Length 7.87401574
Item Dimensions:Width 7.086614166
Size 18 Months-24 Months
Title Hopscotch Baby Girls Cotton Solid Sleeveless Art Dress and Shorts Set in Yellow Color for Ages 18-24 Months

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Dress Color 18-24
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and Shorts Set
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and Shorts for
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and Shorts Months
and Set in
and Set Yellow
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in Color 18-24
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in for Ages
in for 18-24
in for Months
in Ages 18-24
in Ages Months
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Yellow Color for
Yellow Color Ages
Yellow Color 18-24
Yellow Color Months
Yellow for Ages
Yellow for 18-24
Yellow for Months
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Yellow Ages Months
Yellow 18-24 Months
Color for Ages
Color for 18-24
Color for Months
Color Ages 18-24
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Color 18-24 Months
for Ages 18-24
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Ages 18-24 Months

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Hopscotch Baby Girls Cotton Solid Sleeveless Art Dress and Shorts Set in Yellow Color for Ages 18-24 Months Reviews

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