G LAB map Type Projector Screen 6ft X 4FT 3D 4D Fabric (White)

If you are looking for a compact and Portable projector screen, then you may take a look at the G LAB Map Type Projector Screen. Not only will it become the best partner of your projecting device, but will also help you a lot when it comes to a vital business presentation before your seniors. This screen will provide bright colours and crisp Pictures along with the finest details present in your PowerPoint slides. Made of standard Fabric, this screen is made like a map and can be rolled and unfolded manually. Design and Specifications:- The G LAB Map Type Projector Screen is made of high gain Fabric that has matte finish for better picture standard. It is white in color and comes with black. It measures 6 Feet in Width and 4 Feet in Height, and diagonally it measures 7 Feet. The screen is made as such to reflect every bit of light that is falling on it, thus recreating a zoomed version of the picture that is being projected on it. It can support a picture format with 4:3 aspect ratio. Features:- Being a map type screen, the G LAB Map Type Projector Screen comes with rods on both the upper and lower sides. It can be manually folded by rolling the lower rod with your hands, which increases the durability of the screen by keeping it flat for a long period of time. The rod on the lower portion also enables uniform rolling of the screen Fabric, which relevantly decreases the damage of the screen due to frequent pull and release. With the help of the two Hooks provided on the top, it is very easy to hang the screen on the wall. G LAB Map Type Screen can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water at regular intervals to prolong its lifespan. This G LAB Map Type Projector Screen can be used for different purposes. It can be used for business, educational and entertainment purposes.

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand G LAB
Color White
  • Comes with 1080 P 3D and 4K Ready Technology
  • Keeps your Eyes Strain-free while Viewing, Comes with Anti UV Coating to Protect Eyes
  • Easy to use and Low Maintenance, 6 Feet (Width) x 4 Feet (Height), In 4:3 Format, 84 Inches/7 Feet Diagonal Length
Label G LAB
List Price:Amount 399900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 3,999.00
Manufacturer G LAB
Package Quantity 1
Part Number DZ_6ft X 4FT IMPORTED 3D 4D FABRIC
Product Group CE
Product Type Name CAMCORDER
Publisher G LAB
Size 6Wx4H
Studio G LAB
Title G LAB map Type Projector Screen 6ft X 4FT 3D 4D Fabric (White)

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