Fresh From Loom Platinum Superior Elegant 300 TC Cotton Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers - Striped, Light Brown

Size: King size 95x108 inch. Color name: Light brown. This is extremely high quality bed sheets of 300 thread count. Elegant colors of this satin stripes series would fit well with most interiors. Fresh From Loom presents a bed sheet with strip design and modern look to your master bedroom. Finest design will add elegance to your room and will give you lots of compliments. This bed sheet is skin friendly and therefore does not make any kind of discomfort. The bed sheet doesn't shrink after washing. We intend you to provide with the premium quality and extraordinary bed sheet so that you can have luxuries feel in your bed room. This bed sheet is characterized with colorfastness and perfect finishing, which makes this bed sheet customer priority. We have a dedicated team for quality check, who examine under several parameters to ensure that you are provided with zero defect products. To experience the pleasure of superior quality product, buy this bedsheet from our online store Fresh From Loom. Package content: 1 double bedsheet with 2 pillow cover. Size: Bed sheet 95 x 108 inch or 229 x 274 cms pillow cover: 18 x 27 inch or 46x 69 cm. Features: 100 percent cotton, finish: Ultra soft. Thread count: 300, satin fabric. Quality stitch, standard packing. Washing instructions: Machine wash, hand wash, do not bleach, tumble dry.

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand Fresh From Loom
Color Light Brown
  • Material: Cotton, Thread Count: 300
  • Package Contents: 1 Double Bedsheet With 2 Pillow
  • Size: Bedsheet: 95 inch x 108 inch or 240 cm x 275 cm, Pillow Cover: 18 inch x 27 inch or 46 cm x 68 cm
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash, Hand wash, Do not bleach, Tumble dry
  • Cotton fabric, soft to touch
  • Quality stitch, standard packing
Label Fresh From Loom
List Price:Amount 237000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 2,370.00
Manufacturer Fresh From Loom
Model 3844-Strip-Light-Brown-1pc-90x108
Mpn 3844-Strip-Light-Brown-1pc-90x108
Number Of Items 2
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 126
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1378
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 207
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 1165
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number 3844-Strip-Light-Brown-1pc-90x108
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME_BED_AND_BATH
Publisher Fresh From Loom
Size Double
Studio Fresh From Loom
Title Fresh From Loom Platinum Superior Elegant 300 TC Cotton Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers - Striped, Light Brown

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Elegant Double Covers
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Elegant Bedsheet with
Elegant Bedsheet 2
Elegant Bedsheet Pillow
Elegant Bedsheet Covers
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Elegant with 2
Elegant with Pillow
Elegant with Covers
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Elegant 2 Pillow
Elegant 2 Covers
Elegant 2 -
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Elegant Pillow Covers
Elegant Pillow -
Elegant Pillow Striped,
Elegant Pillow Light
Elegant Pillow Brown
Elegant Covers -
Elegant Covers Striped,
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Elegant Covers Brown
Elegant - Striped,
Elegant - Light
Elegant - Brown
Elegant Striped, Light
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Elegant Light Brown
300 TC Cotton
300 TC Double
300 TC Bedsheet
300 TC with
300 TC 2
300 TC Pillow
300 TC Covers
300 TC -
300 TC Striped,
300 TC Light
300 TC Brown
300 Cotton Double
300 Cotton Bedsheet
300 Cotton with
300 Cotton 2
300 Cotton Pillow
300 Cotton Covers
300 Cotton -
300 Cotton Striped,
300 Cotton Light
300 Cotton Brown
300 Double Bedsheet
300 Double with
300 Double 2
300 Double Pillow
300 Double Covers
300 Double -
300 Double Striped,
300 Double Light
300 Double Brown
300 Bedsheet with
300 Bedsheet 2
300 Bedsheet Pillow
300 Bedsheet Covers
300 Bedsheet -
300 Bedsheet Striped,
300 Bedsheet Light
300 Bedsheet Brown
300 with 2
300 with Pillow
300 with Covers
300 with -
300 with Striped,
300 with Light
300 with Brown
300 2 Pillow
300 2 Covers
300 2 -
300 2 Striped,
300 2 Light
300 2 Brown
300 Pillow Covers
300 Pillow -
300 Pillow Striped,
300 Pillow Light
300 Pillow Brown
300 Covers -
300 Covers Striped,
300 Covers Light
300 Covers Brown
300 - Striped,
300 - Light
300 - Brown
300 Striped, Light
300 Striped, Brown
300 Light Brown
TC Cotton Double
TC Cotton Bedsheet
TC Cotton with
TC Cotton 2
TC Cotton Pillow
TC Cotton Covers
TC Cotton -
TC Cotton Striped,
TC Cotton Light
TC Cotton Brown
TC Double Bedsheet
TC Double with
TC Double 2
TC Double Pillow
TC Double Covers
TC Double -
TC Double Striped,
TC Double Light
TC Double Brown
TC Bedsheet with
TC Bedsheet 2
TC Bedsheet Pillow
TC Bedsheet Covers
TC Bedsheet -
TC Bedsheet Striped,
TC Bedsheet Light
TC Bedsheet Brown
TC with 2
TC with Pillow
TC with Covers
TC with -
TC with Striped,
TC with Light
TC with Brown
TC 2 Pillow
TC 2 Covers
TC 2 -
TC 2 Striped,
TC 2 Light
TC 2 Brown
TC Pillow Covers
TC Pillow -
TC Pillow Striped,
TC Pillow Light
TC Pillow Brown
TC Covers -
TC Covers Striped,
TC Covers Light
TC Covers Brown
TC - Striped,
TC - Light
TC - Brown
TC Striped, Light
TC Striped, Brown
TC Light Brown
Cotton Double Bedsheet
Cotton Double with
Cotton Double 2
Cotton Double Pillow
Cotton Double Covers
Cotton Double -
Cotton Double Striped,
Cotton Double Light
Cotton Double Brown
Cotton Bedsheet with
Cotton Bedsheet 2
Cotton Bedsheet Pillow
Cotton Bedsheet Covers
Cotton Bedsheet -
Cotton Bedsheet Striped,
Cotton Bedsheet Light
Cotton Bedsheet Brown
Cotton with 2
Cotton with Pillow
Cotton with Covers
Cotton with -
Cotton with Striped,
Cotton with Light
Cotton with Brown
Cotton 2 Pillow
Cotton 2 Covers
Cotton 2 -
Cotton 2 Striped,
Cotton 2 Light
Cotton 2 Brown
Cotton Pillow Covers
Cotton Pillow -
Cotton Pillow Striped,
Cotton Pillow Light
Cotton Pillow Brown
Cotton Covers -
Cotton Covers Striped,
Cotton Covers Light
Cotton Covers Brown
Cotton - Striped,
Cotton - Light
Cotton - Brown
Cotton Striped, Light
Cotton Striped, Brown
Cotton Light Brown
Double Bedsheet with
Double Bedsheet 2
Double Bedsheet Pillow
Double Bedsheet Covers
Double Bedsheet -
Double Bedsheet Striped,
Double Bedsheet Light
Double Bedsheet Brown
Double with 2
Double with Pillow
Double with Covers
Double with -
Double with Striped,
Double with Light
Double with Brown
Double 2 Pillow
Double 2 Covers
Double 2 -
Double 2 Striped,
Double 2 Light
Double 2 Brown
Double Pillow Covers
Double Pillow -
Double Pillow Striped,
Double Pillow Light
Double Pillow Brown
Double Covers -
Double Covers Striped,
Double Covers Light
Double Covers Brown
Double - Striped,
Double - Light
Double - Brown
Double Striped, Light
Double Striped, Brown
Double Light Brown
Bedsheet with 2
Bedsheet with Pillow
Bedsheet with Covers
Bedsheet with -
Bedsheet with Striped,
Bedsheet with Light
Bedsheet with Brown
Bedsheet 2 Pillow
Bedsheet 2 Covers
Bedsheet 2 -
Bedsheet 2 Striped,
Bedsheet 2 Light
Bedsheet 2 Brown
Bedsheet Pillow Covers
Bedsheet Pillow -
Bedsheet Pillow Striped,
Bedsheet Pillow Light
Bedsheet Pillow Brown
Bedsheet Covers -
Bedsheet Covers Striped,
Bedsheet Covers Light
Bedsheet Covers Brown
Bedsheet - Striped,
Bedsheet - Light
Bedsheet - Brown
Bedsheet Striped, Light
Bedsheet Striped, Brown
Bedsheet Light Brown
with 2 Pillow
with 2 Covers
with 2 -
with 2 Striped,
with 2 Light
with 2 Brown
with Pillow Covers
with Pillow -
with Pillow Striped,
with Pillow Light
with Pillow Brown
with Covers -
with Covers Striped,
with Covers Light
with Covers Brown
with - Striped,
with - Light
with - Brown
with Striped, Light
with Striped, Brown
with Light Brown
2 Pillow Covers
2 Pillow -
2 Pillow Striped,
2 Pillow Light
2 Pillow Brown
2 Covers -
2 Covers Striped,
2 Covers Light
2 Covers Brown
2 - Striped,
2 - Light
2 - Brown
2 Striped, Light
2 Striped, Brown
2 Light Brown
Pillow Covers -
Pillow Covers Striped,
Pillow Covers Light
Pillow Covers Brown
Pillow - Striped,
Pillow - Light
Pillow - Brown
Pillow Striped, Light
Pillow Striped, Brown
Pillow Light Brown
Covers - Striped,
Covers - Light
Covers - Brown
Covers Striped, Light
Covers Striped, Brown
Covers Light Brown
- Striped, Light
- Striped, Brown
- Light Brown
Striped, Light Brown

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Fresh From Loom Platinum Superior Elegant 300 TC Cotton Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers - Striped, Light Brown Reviews

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