Forcado Electric Beard Professional Quick Styling Comb Straightener with Ceramic Ionic Heating Control, Portable Brush and Anti-Scald Feature for Men (Multicolour)

Like a good electric shaver or even lip balm, hair combs should be an essential piece to your grooming arsenal. They can be used for shaping the perfect pompadour or straightening tangled locks. Some can even double as facial brushes to polish up beards or whiskers under the nose.Quick Hair Styler for Men delivers professional hair styling on the go!

It VOLUMIZES flat hair, STRAIGHTENS curly hair & FLATTENS side hair naturally with even & damage-free heating.

♥Volumize hair, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair 
♥No hair damage: Even heat avoids any "hot spot" to overburn your hair
♥Safe to use: The comb acts as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent hair from overburning
♥Easy to use: Just comb to fix your messy hair
♥Quick heating: Preheat within 15 seconds
♥Reduce frizzing & detangling
♥Long-lasting: Amazing effect maintained throughout the day
♥Lightweight & ergonomic handle:Comfortable to grip without feeling tired easily.

Product Material: ABS + Heating Sheet
Length: 24.8cm
Cable Length: 170cm
Weight: 240g
Optimum Temperature: 120 degree
Rated Voltage:AC220V/60Hz

Package including:
1 x Quick Hair Styler 

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Product Specification

Brand Forcado
Color Multi
Ean 0000985422323
Ean List:Ean List Element 0000985422323
  • ★QUICK STYLING HAIR AND BEARD: Combined with the comb heating plate and comb teeth, can quickly make your hair straight, curly and smooth, according to your needs, to create a perfect hairstyle for you.
  • ★QUICK HEATING: Preheat within 15 seconds.Straighten curly hair in 3 minutes.Long-lasting,Amazing effect maintained throughout the day.Power - US standard plug cord / 110V.
  • ★SAFE & HAIR DAMAGE-FREE: There is a protective cover on the top of the comb heating plate, which evenly heats the hair to prevent excessive burns, so you can use this hair styling comb without any concern.PTC instant heater heats up in 15 seconds,uniform heating can avoid any "hot spots" overburning hair.
  • ★PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Lightweight and portable, great for travel.Very suitable for the need to go out and urgently need to transform the hair.Give you the most charming look anytime, anywhere.
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If our product have any problem, please contact with us,and you will get a refund or resend immediately and easily.
Label Forcado
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Manufacturer Forcado
Mpn A_Beard Straightener
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 118
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 472
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 88
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 157
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number A_Beard Straightener
Product Group Health and Beauty
Publisher Forcado
Size Medium
Studio Forcado
Title Forcado Electric Beard Professional Quick Styling Comb Straightener with Ceramic Ionic Heating Control, Portable Brush and Anti-Scald Feature for Men (Multicolour)
Upc 000985422323
Upc List:Upc List Element 000985422323

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Styling Straightener Ionic
Styling Straightener Heating
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Styling Straightener Brush
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Styling Straightener Feature
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Styling with Heating
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Styling with Feature
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Styling with Men
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Styling Ceramic Heating
Styling Ceramic Control,
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Styling Ceramic Brush
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Styling Ceramic Anti-Scald
Styling Ceramic Feature
Styling Ceramic for
Styling Ceramic Men
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Styling Ionic Control,
Styling Ionic Portable
Styling Ionic Brush
Styling Ionic and
Styling Ionic Anti-Scald
Styling Ionic Feature
Styling Ionic for
Styling Ionic Men
Styling Ionic (Multicolour)
Styling Heating Control,
Styling Heating Portable
Styling Heating Brush
Styling Heating and
Styling Heating Anti-Scald
Styling Heating Feature
Styling Heating for
Styling Heating Men
Styling Heating (Multicolour)
Styling Control, Portable
Styling Control, Brush
Styling Control, and
Styling Control, Anti-Scald
Styling Control, Feature
Styling Control, for
Styling Control, Men
Styling Control, (Multicolour)
Styling Portable Brush
Styling Portable and
Styling Portable Anti-Scald
Styling Portable Feature
Styling Portable for
Styling Portable Men
Styling Portable (Multicolour)
Styling Brush and
Styling Brush Anti-Scald
Styling Brush Feature
Styling Brush for
Styling Brush Men
Styling Brush (Multicolour)
Styling and Anti-Scald
Styling and Feature
Styling and for
Styling and Men
Styling and (Multicolour)
Styling Anti-Scald Feature
Styling Anti-Scald for
Styling Anti-Scald Men
Styling Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Styling Feature for
Styling Feature Men
Styling Feature (Multicolour)
Styling for Men
Styling for (Multicolour)
Styling Men (Multicolour)
Comb Straightener with
Comb Straightener Ceramic
Comb Straightener Ionic
Comb Straightener Heating
Comb Straightener Control,
Comb Straightener Portable
Comb Straightener Brush
Comb Straightener and
Comb Straightener Anti-Scald
Comb Straightener Feature
Comb Straightener for
Comb Straightener Men
Comb Straightener (Multicolour)
Comb with Ceramic
Comb with Ionic
Comb with Heating
Comb with Control,
Comb with Portable
Comb with Brush
Comb with and
Comb with Anti-Scald
Comb with Feature
Comb with for
Comb with Men
Comb with (Multicolour)
Comb Ceramic Ionic
Comb Ceramic Heating
Comb Ceramic Control,
Comb Ceramic Portable
Comb Ceramic Brush
Comb Ceramic and
Comb Ceramic Anti-Scald
Comb Ceramic Feature
Comb Ceramic for
Comb Ceramic Men
Comb Ceramic (Multicolour)
Comb Ionic Heating
Comb Ionic Control,
Comb Ionic Portable
Comb Ionic Brush
Comb Ionic and
Comb Ionic Anti-Scald
Comb Ionic Feature
Comb Ionic for
Comb Ionic Men
Comb Ionic (Multicolour)
Comb Heating Control,
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Comb Heating Brush
Comb Heating and
Comb Heating Anti-Scald
Comb Heating Feature
Comb Heating for
Comb Heating Men
Comb Heating (Multicolour)
Comb Control, Portable
Comb Control, Brush
Comb Control, and
Comb Control, Anti-Scald
Comb Control, Feature
Comb Control, for
Comb Control, Men
Comb Control, (Multicolour)
Comb Portable Brush
Comb Portable and
Comb Portable Anti-Scald
Comb Portable Feature
Comb Portable for
Comb Portable Men
Comb Portable (Multicolour)
Comb Brush and
Comb Brush Anti-Scald
Comb Brush Feature
Comb Brush for
Comb Brush Men
Comb Brush (Multicolour)
Comb and Anti-Scald
Comb and Feature
Comb and for
Comb and Men
Comb and (Multicolour)
Comb Anti-Scald Feature
Comb Anti-Scald for
Comb Anti-Scald Men
Comb Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Comb Feature for
Comb Feature Men
Comb Feature (Multicolour)
Comb for Men
Comb for (Multicolour)
Comb Men (Multicolour)
Straightener with Ceramic
Straightener with Ionic
Straightener with Heating
Straightener with Control,
Straightener with Portable
Straightener with Brush
Straightener with and
Straightener with Anti-Scald
Straightener with Feature
Straightener with for
Straightener with Men
Straightener with (Multicolour)
Straightener Ceramic Ionic
Straightener Ceramic Heating
Straightener Ceramic Control,
Straightener Ceramic Portable
Straightener Ceramic Brush
Straightener Ceramic and
Straightener Ceramic Anti-Scald
Straightener Ceramic Feature
Straightener Ceramic for
Straightener Ceramic Men
Straightener Ceramic (Multicolour)
Straightener Ionic Heating
Straightener Ionic Control,
Straightener Ionic Portable
Straightener Ionic Brush
Straightener Ionic and
Straightener Ionic Anti-Scald
Straightener Ionic Feature
Straightener Ionic for
Straightener Ionic Men
Straightener Ionic (Multicolour)
Straightener Heating Control,
Straightener Heating Portable
Straightener Heating Brush
Straightener Heating and
Straightener Heating Anti-Scald
Straightener Heating Feature
Straightener Heating for
Straightener Heating Men
Straightener Heating (Multicolour)
Straightener Control, Portable
Straightener Control, Brush
Straightener Control, and
Straightener Control, Anti-Scald
Straightener Control, Feature
Straightener Control, for
Straightener Control, Men
Straightener Control, (Multicolour)
Straightener Portable Brush
Straightener Portable and
Straightener Portable Anti-Scald
Straightener Portable Feature
Straightener Portable for
Straightener Portable Men
Straightener Portable (Multicolour)
Straightener Brush and
Straightener Brush Anti-Scald
Straightener Brush Feature
Straightener Brush for
Straightener Brush Men
Straightener Brush (Multicolour)
Straightener and Anti-Scald
Straightener and Feature
Straightener and for
Straightener and Men
Straightener and (Multicolour)
Straightener Anti-Scald Feature
Straightener Anti-Scald for
Straightener Anti-Scald Men
Straightener Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Straightener Feature for
Straightener Feature Men
Straightener Feature (Multicolour)
Straightener for Men
Straightener for (Multicolour)
Straightener Men (Multicolour)
with Ceramic Ionic
with Ceramic Heating
with Ceramic Control,
with Ceramic Portable
with Ceramic Brush
with Ceramic and
with Ceramic Anti-Scald
with Ceramic Feature
with Ceramic for
with Ceramic Men
with Ceramic (Multicolour)
with Ionic Heating
with Ionic Control,
with Ionic Portable
with Ionic Brush
with Ionic and
with Ionic Anti-Scald
with Ionic Feature
with Ionic for
with Ionic Men
with Ionic (Multicolour)
with Heating Control,
with Heating Portable
with Heating Brush
with Heating and
with Heating Anti-Scald
with Heating Feature
with Heating for
with Heating Men
with Heating (Multicolour)
with Control, Portable
with Control, Brush
with Control, and
with Control, Anti-Scald
with Control, Feature
with Control, for
with Control, Men
with Control, (Multicolour)
with Portable Brush
with Portable and
with Portable Anti-Scald
with Portable Feature
with Portable for
with Portable Men
with Portable (Multicolour)
with Brush and
with Brush Anti-Scald
with Brush Feature
with Brush for
with Brush Men
with Brush (Multicolour)
with and Anti-Scald
with and Feature
with and for
with and Men
with and (Multicolour)
with Anti-Scald Feature
with Anti-Scald for
with Anti-Scald Men
with Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
with Feature for
with Feature Men
with Feature (Multicolour)
with for Men
with for (Multicolour)
with Men (Multicolour)
Ceramic Ionic Heating
Ceramic Ionic Control,
Ceramic Ionic Portable
Ceramic Ionic Brush
Ceramic Ionic and
Ceramic Ionic Anti-Scald
Ceramic Ionic Feature
Ceramic Ionic for
Ceramic Ionic Men
Ceramic Ionic (Multicolour)
Ceramic Heating Control,
Ceramic Heating Portable
Ceramic Heating Brush
Ceramic Heating and
Ceramic Heating Anti-Scald
Ceramic Heating Feature
Ceramic Heating for
Ceramic Heating Men
Ceramic Heating (Multicolour)
Ceramic Control, Portable
Ceramic Control, Brush
Ceramic Control, and
Ceramic Control, Anti-Scald
Ceramic Control, Feature
Ceramic Control, for
Ceramic Control, Men
Ceramic Control, (Multicolour)
Ceramic Portable Brush
Ceramic Portable and
Ceramic Portable Anti-Scald
Ceramic Portable Feature
Ceramic Portable for
Ceramic Portable Men
Ceramic Portable (Multicolour)
Ceramic Brush and
Ceramic Brush Anti-Scald
Ceramic Brush Feature
Ceramic Brush for
Ceramic Brush Men
Ceramic Brush (Multicolour)
Ceramic and Anti-Scald
Ceramic and Feature
Ceramic and for
Ceramic and Men
Ceramic and (Multicolour)
Ceramic Anti-Scald Feature
Ceramic Anti-Scald for
Ceramic Anti-Scald Men
Ceramic Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Ceramic Feature for
Ceramic Feature Men
Ceramic Feature (Multicolour)
Ceramic for Men
Ceramic for (Multicolour)
Ceramic Men (Multicolour)
Ionic Heating Control,
Ionic Heating Portable
Ionic Heating Brush
Ionic Heating and
Ionic Heating Anti-Scald
Ionic Heating Feature
Ionic Heating for
Ionic Heating Men
Ionic Heating (Multicolour)
Ionic Control, Portable
Ionic Control, Brush
Ionic Control, and
Ionic Control, Anti-Scald
Ionic Control, Feature
Ionic Control, for
Ionic Control, Men
Ionic Control, (Multicolour)
Ionic Portable Brush
Ionic Portable and
Ionic Portable Anti-Scald
Ionic Portable Feature
Ionic Portable for
Ionic Portable Men
Ionic Portable (Multicolour)
Ionic Brush and
Ionic Brush Anti-Scald
Ionic Brush Feature
Ionic Brush for
Ionic Brush Men
Ionic Brush (Multicolour)
Ionic and Anti-Scald
Ionic and Feature
Ionic and for
Ionic and Men
Ionic and (Multicolour)
Ionic Anti-Scald Feature
Ionic Anti-Scald for
Ionic Anti-Scald Men
Ionic Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Ionic Feature for
Ionic Feature Men
Ionic Feature (Multicolour)
Ionic for Men
Ionic for (Multicolour)
Ionic Men (Multicolour)
Heating Control, Portable
Heating Control, Brush
Heating Control, and
Heating Control, Anti-Scald
Heating Control, Feature
Heating Control, for
Heating Control, Men
Heating Control, (Multicolour)
Heating Portable Brush
Heating Portable and
Heating Portable Anti-Scald
Heating Portable Feature
Heating Portable for
Heating Portable Men
Heating Portable (Multicolour)
Heating Brush and
Heating Brush Anti-Scald
Heating Brush Feature
Heating Brush for
Heating Brush Men
Heating Brush (Multicolour)
Heating and Anti-Scald
Heating and Feature
Heating and for
Heating and Men
Heating and (Multicolour)
Heating Anti-Scald Feature
Heating Anti-Scald for
Heating Anti-Scald Men
Heating Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Heating Feature for
Heating Feature Men
Heating Feature (Multicolour)
Heating for Men
Heating for (Multicolour)
Heating Men (Multicolour)
Control, Portable Brush
Control, Portable and
Control, Portable Anti-Scald
Control, Portable Feature
Control, Portable for
Control, Portable Men
Control, Portable (Multicolour)
Control, Brush and
Control, Brush Anti-Scald
Control, Brush Feature
Control, Brush for
Control, Brush Men
Control, Brush (Multicolour)
Control, and Anti-Scald
Control, and Feature
Control, and for
Control, and Men
Control, and (Multicolour)
Control, Anti-Scald Feature
Control, Anti-Scald for
Control, Anti-Scald Men
Control, Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Control, Feature for
Control, Feature Men
Control, Feature (Multicolour)
Control, for Men
Control, for (Multicolour)
Control, Men (Multicolour)
Portable Brush and
Portable Brush Anti-Scald
Portable Brush Feature
Portable Brush for
Portable Brush Men
Portable Brush (Multicolour)
Portable and Anti-Scald
Portable and Feature
Portable and for
Portable and Men
Portable and (Multicolour)
Portable Anti-Scald Feature
Portable Anti-Scald for
Portable Anti-Scald Men
Portable Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Portable Feature for
Portable Feature Men
Portable Feature (Multicolour)
Portable for Men
Portable for (Multicolour)
Portable Men (Multicolour)
Brush and Anti-Scald
Brush and Feature
Brush and for
Brush and Men
Brush and (Multicolour)
Brush Anti-Scald Feature
Brush Anti-Scald for
Brush Anti-Scald Men
Brush Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
Brush Feature for
Brush Feature Men
Brush Feature (Multicolour)
Brush for Men
Brush for (Multicolour)
Brush Men (Multicolour)
and Anti-Scald Feature
and Anti-Scald for
and Anti-Scald Men
and Anti-Scald (Multicolour)
and Feature for
and Feature Men
and Feature (Multicolour)
and for Men
and for (Multicolour)
and Men (Multicolour)
Anti-Scald Feature for
Anti-Scald Feature Men
Anti-Scald Feature (Multicolour)
Anti-Scald for Men
Anti-Scald for (Multicolour)
Anti-Scald Men (Multicolour)
Feature for Men
Feature for (Multicolour)
Feature Men (Multicolour)
for Men (Multicolour)

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Forcado Electric Beard Professional Quick Styling Comb Straightener with Ceramic Ionic Heating Control, Portable Brush and Anti-Scald Feature for Men (Multicolour) Reviews

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