ESN 999 High Quality 1500W Immersion Water Heater Rod(Multicolor)

The immersion heating rod from ESN 999 is an ISI certified product. This is easy to use. One Of A Kind Immersion Water Heater, Totally Shock Proof Don'T Worry Just Drop It Into The Water Bucket and your hot water is ready. This is an ideal option for heating up water during winters. Please check compatibility of power socket before use - earthing recommended Keep safe distance from children, Swith off the current before taking heater out of water, Please observe the minimum and maximum levels given on heater plate. This 1500 watts immersion heater facilitates optimum heat transfer for an enhanced performance. ESN 999 immersion water heater made using advance technology which makes them shockproof, Elegeant Handle Design, Shock Proof, ISI certified.

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Product Specification

Brand ESN 999
Color Multicolor
  • 1500 watts Immersion rod with Super fast heating
  • Shock proof - Completely safe due to advanced technology
  • Anti-corrosive Material
  • Convenient Bucket handle for easy grip and easy usage
  • 3 Pin Plug
Legal Disclaimer TRADEMARK ALERT FOR OTHER SELLERS: Brand ESN 999 is registered trademark of Preeti Products. Hence, a legal action will be taken and account suspension request will be sent to Amazon Team, in case any other unauthorized sellers try to sell our products
List Price:Amount 69900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 699.00
Product Group Kitchen
Size Medium
Title ESN 999 High Quality 1500W Immersion Water Heater Rod(Multicolor)

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ESN 999 High Quality 1500W Immersion Water Heater Rod(Multicolor) Reviews

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