Esky High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle Universal Waterproof Car Rear View License Plate Backup Camera with 7 Infrared Night Vision LEDs

Size:EC135-05 Reversing accidents, some know it as Bye-Bye Syndrome, but did you know that it costs lives every year? Research shows that even using a rearview mirror, you could still easily hit objects, animals or even little ones that are too small to be seen through your rear windshield. Thankfully there is an easy solution. Rearview cameras like Esky EC135-05 can be mounted anywhere on the reverse side of your car. Free from obstructions (like say those of a trailer or the boxes in your trunk) they provide a full view of everything behind your car, in darkness or in daylight. At Esky, we are especially proud of the EC135-05, our latest rearview camera that offers a wide, 135?? viewfinder that??ll have you sure the coast is clear the next time you put your car into reverse. The EC135-05 comes fitted with 7 infrared LED lights, that assist the camera when lighting conditions would be inadequate for most regular cameras. What??s more 420 TV lines of high resolution deliver a seamless and detailed image. Meaning you rest assured that when Esky gives you the all clear, the way really has been cleared for you to reverse. Easy Installation 1.Mount the camera to your car's license plate area, back window, or any other suitable place 2.Adjust the lens of the camera for full rearview clarity. 3.Connect power wire (red and black) to your vehicle DC 12V power system. 4.Connect the video output (yellow wire) of the camera to the display in your vehicle. Specifications -- Image device: 1/4 Inch Color CMOS -- TV system: NTSC -- Effective pixels: 628 X 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels -- Resolution: 420 TV lines -- Power supply: DC 12V

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Product Specification

Binding Wireless Phone Accessory
Brand Esky
Ean 6952848625430
Ean List:Ean List Element
  • 6952848625430
  • 0611702577532
  • 6007795105204
  • 0664248926197
  • PERFECT VIEWING ANGLE : classic 135° perfect view angle design design could fulfill most demands of driving forward or backing up
  • 7 INFRARED LED : provide you a better performance in dark space to guarantee safe driving
  • HIGH IMAGE QUALITY : 1/4 Inch Color CMOS, Resolution: 420 TV lines; effective pixels: 628 X 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels
  • SUPER NIGHT VISION: Super night vision capabilities with 7 LED lights for improved visibility and back-up image capabilities
  • WATERPROOF: IP67 waterproof casing to prevent damage and give you a clear viewing in various weather conditions
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 320
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 160
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 50
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 1030
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Esky
List Price:Amount 449900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 4,499.00
Manufacturer Esky
Model EC135-05
Mpn EC135-05
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 170
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1020
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 55
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 330
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number EC135-05
Product Group Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher Esky
Studio Esky
Title Esky High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle Universal Waterproof Car Rear View License Plate Backup Camera with 7 Infrared Night Vision LEDs
Upc 664248926197
Upc List:Upc List Element
  • 664248926197
  • 611702577532

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Angle View Night
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Angle View LEDs
Angle License Plate
Angle License Backup
Angle License Camera
Angle License with
Angle License 7
Angle License Infrared
Angle License Night
Angle License Vision
Angle License LEDs
Angle Plate Backup
Angle Plate Camera
Angle Plate with
Angle Plate 7
Angle Plate Infrared
Angle Plate Night
Angle Plate Vision
Angle Plate LEDs
Angle Backup Camera
Angle Backup with
Angle Backup 7
Angle Backup Infrared
Angle Backup Night
Angle Backup Vision
Angle Backup LEDs
Angle Camera with
Angle Camera 7
Angle Camera Infrared
Angle Camera Night
Angle Camera Vision
Angle Camera LEDs
Angle with 7
Angle with Infrared
Angle with Night
Angle with Vision
Angle with LEDs
Angle 7 Infrared
Angle 7 Night
Angle 7 Vision
Angle 7 LEDs
Angle Infrared Night
Angle Infrared Vision
Angle Infrared LEDs
Angle Night Vision
Angle Night LEDs
Angle Vision LEDs
Universal Waterproof Car
Universal Waterproof Rear
Universal Waterproof View
Universal Waterproof License
Universal Waterproof Plate
Universal Waterproof Backup
Universal Waterproof Camera
Universal Waterproof with
Universal Waterproof 7
Universal Waterproof Infrared
Universal Waterproof Night
Universal Waterproof Vision
Universal Waterproof LEDs
Universal Car Rear
Universal Car View
Universal Car License
Universal Car Plate
Universal Car Backup
Universal Car Camera
Universal Car with
Universal Car 7
Universal Car Infrared
Universal Car Night
Universal Car Vision
Universal Car LEDs
Universal Rear View
Universal Rear License
Universal Rear Plate
Universal Rear Backup
Universal Rear Camera
Universal Rear with
Universal Rear 7
Universal Rear Infrared
Universal Rear Night
Universal Rear Vision
Universal Rear LEDs
Universal View License
Universal View Plate
Universal View Backup
Universal View Camera
Universal View with
Universal View 7
Universal View Infrared
Universal View Night
Universal View Vision
Universal View LEDs
Universal License Plate
Universal License Backup
Universal License Camera
Universal License with
Universal License 7
Universal License Infrared
Universal License Night
Universal License Vision
Universal License LEDs
Universal Plate Backup
Universal Plate Camera
Universal Plate with
Universal Plate 7
Universal Plate Infrared
Universal Plate Night
Universal Plate Vision
Universal Plate LEDs
Universal Backup Camera
Universal Backup with
Universal Backup 7
Universal Backup Infrared
Universal Backup Night
Universal Backup Vision
Universal Backup LEDs
Universal Camera with
Universal Camera 7
Universal Camera Infrared
Universal Camera Night
Universal Camera Vision
Universal Camera LEDs
Universal with 7
Universal with Infrared
Universal with Night
Universal with Vision
Universal with LEDs
Universal 7 Infrared
Universal 7 Night
Universal 7 Vision
Universal 7 LEDs
Universal Infrared Night
Universal Infrared Vision
Universal Infrared LEDs
Universal Night Vision
Universal Night LEDs
Universal Vision LEDs
Waterproof Car Rear
Waterproof Car View
Waterproof Car License
Waterproof Car Plate
Waterproof Car Backup
Waterproof Car Camera
Waterproof Car with
Waterproof Car 7
Waterproof Car Infrared
Waterproof Car Night
Waterproof Car Vision
Waterproof Car LEDs
Waterproof Rear View
Waterproof Rear License
Waterproof Rear Plate
Waterproof Rear Backup
Waterproof Rear Camera
Waterproof Rear with
Waterproof Rear 7
Waterproof Rear Infrared
Waterproof Rear Night
Waterproof Rear Vision
Waterproof Rear LEDs
Waterproof View License
Waterproof View Plate
Waterproof View Backup
Waterproof View Camera
Waterproof View with
Waterproof View 7
Waterproof View Infrared
Waterproof View Night
Waterproof View Vision
Waterproof View LEDs
Waterproof License Plate
Waterproof License Backup
Waterproof License Camera
Waterproof License with
Waterproof License 7
Waterproof License Infrared
Waterproof License Night
Waterproof License Vision
Waterproof License LEDs
Waterproof Plate Backup
Waterproof Plate Camera
Waterproof Plate with
Waterproof Plate 7
Waterproof Plate Infrared
Waterproof Plate Night
Waterproof Plate Vision
Waterproof Plate LEDs
Waterproof Backup Camera
Waterproof Backup with
Waterproof Backup 7
Waterproof Backup Infrared
Waterproof Backup Night
Waterproof Backup Vision
Waterproof Backup LEDs
Waterproof Camera with
Waterproof Camera 7
Waterproof Camera Infrared
Waterproof Camera Night
Waterproof Camera Vision
Waterproof Camera LEDs
Waterproof with 7
Waterproof with Infrared
Waterproof with Night
Waterproof with Vision
Waterproof with LEDs
Waterproof 7 Infrared
Waterproof 7 Night
Waterproof 7 Vision
Waterproof 7 LEDs
Waterproof Infrared Night
Waterproof Infrared Vision
Waterproof Infrared LEDs
Waterproof Night Vision
Waterproof Night LEDs
Waterproof Vision LEDs
Car Rear View
Car Rear License
Car Rear Plate
Car Rear Backup
Car Rear Camera
Car Rear with
Car Rear 7
Car Rear Infrared
Car Rear Night
Car Rear Vision
Car Rear LEDs
Car View License
Car View Plate
Car View Backup
Car View Camera
Car View with
Car View 7
Car View Infrared
Car View Night
Car View Vision
Car View LEDs
Car License Plate
Car License Backup
Car License Camera
Car License with
Car License 7
Car License Infrared
Car License Night
Car License Vision
Car License LEDs
Car Plate Backup
Car Plate Camera
Car Plate with
Car Plate 7
Car Plate Infrared
Car Plate Night
Car Plate Vision
Car Plate LEDs
Car Backup Camera
Car Backup with
Car Backup 7
Car Backup Infrared
Car Backup Night
Car Backup Vision
Car Backup LEDs
Car Camera with
Car Camera 7
Car Camera Infrared
Car Camera Night
Car Camera Vision
Car Camera LEDs
Car with 7
Car with Infrared
Car with Night
Car with Vision
Car with LEDs
Car 7 Infrared
Car 7 Night
Car 7 Vision
Car 7 LEDs
Car Infrared Night
Car Infrared Vision
Car Infrared LEDs
Car Night Vision
Car Night LEDs
Car Vision LEDs
Rear View License
Rear View Plate
Rear View Backup
Rear View Camera
Rear View with
Rear View 7
Rear View Infrared
Rear View Night
Rear View Vision
Rear View LEDs
Rear License Plate
Rear License Backup
Rear License Camera
Rear License with
Rear License 7
Rear License Infrared
Rear License Night
Rear License Vision
Rear License LEDs
Rear Plate Backup
Rear Plate Camera
Rear Plate with
Rear Plate 7
Rear Plate Infrared
Rear Plate Night
Rear Plate Vision
Rear Plate LEDs
Rear Backup Camera
Rear Backup with
Rear Backup 7
Rear Backup Infrared
Rear Backup Night
Rear Backup Vision
Rear Backup LEDs
Rear Camera with
Rear Camera 7
Rear Camera Infrared
Rear Camera Night
Rear Camera Vision
Rear Camera LEDs
Rear with 7
Rear with Infrared
Rear with Night
Rear with Vision
Rear with LEDs
Rear 7 Infrared
Rear 7 Night
Rear 7 Vision
Rear 7 LEDs
Rear Infrared Night
Rear Infrared Vision
Rear Infrared LEDs
Rear Night Vision
Rear Night LEDs
Rear Vision LEDs
View License Plate
View License Backup
View License Camera
View License with
View License 7
View License Infrared
View License Night
View License Vision
View License LEDs
View Plate Backup
View Plate Camera
View Plate with
View Plate 7
View Plate Infrared
View Plate Night
View Plate Vision
View Plate LEDs
View Backup Camera
View Backup with
View Backup 7
View Backup Infrared
View Backup Night
View Backup Vision
View Backup LEDs
View Camera with
View Camera 7
View Camera Infrared
View Camera Night
View Camera Vision
View Camera LEDs
View with 7
View with Infrared
View with Night
View with Vision
View with LEDs
View 7 Infrared
View 7 Night
View 7 Vision
View 7 LEDs
View Infrared Night
View Infrared Vision
View Infrared LEDs
View Night Vision
View Night LEDs
View Vision LEDs
License Plate Backup
License Plate Camera
License Plate with
License Plate 7
License Plate Infrared
License Plate Night
License Plate Vision
License Plate LEDs
License Backup Camera
License Backup with
License Backup 7
License Backup Infrared
License Backup Night
License Backup Vision
License Backup LEDs
License Camera with
License Camera 7
License Camera Infrared
License Camera Night
License Camera Vision
License Camera LEDs
License with 7
License with Infrared
License with Night
License with Vision
License with LEDs
License 7 Infrared
License 7 Night
License 7 Vision
License 7 LEDs
License Infrared Night
License Infrared Vision
License Infrared LEDs
License Night Vision
License Night LEDs
License Vision LEDs
Plate Backup Camera
Plate Backup with
Plate Backup 7
Plate Backup Infrared
Plate Backup Night
Plate Backup Vision
Plate Backup LEDs
Plate Camera with
Plate Camera 7
Plate Camera Infrared
Plate Camera Night
Plate Camera Vision
Plate Camera LEDs
Plate with 7
Plate with Infrared
Plate with Night
Plate with Vision
Plate with LEDs
Plate 7 Infrared
Plate 7 Night
Plate 7 Vision
Plate 7 LEDs
Plate Infrared Night
Plate Infrared Vision
Plate Infrared LEDs
Plate Night Vision
Plate Night LEDs
Plate Vision LEDs
Backup Camera with
Backup Camera 7
Backup Camera Infrared
Backup Camera Night
Backup Camera Vision
Backup Camera LEDs
Backup with 7
Backup with Infrared
Backup with Night
Backup with Vision
Backup with LEDs
Backup 7 Infrared
Backup 7 Night
Backup 7 Vision
Backup 7 LEDs
Backup Infrared Night
Backup Infrared Vision
Backup Infrared LEDs
Backup Night Vision
Backup Night LEDs
Backup Vision LEDs
Camera with 7
Camera with Infrared
Camera with Night
Camera with Vision
Camera with LEDs
Camera 7 Infrared
Camera 7 Night
Camera 7 Vision
Camera 7 LEDs
Camera Infrared Night
Camera Infrared Vision
Camera Infrared LEDs
Camera Night Vision
Camera Night LEDs
Camera Vision LEDs
with 7 Infrared
with 7 Night
with 7 Vision
with 7 LEDs
with Infrared Night
with Infrared Vision
with Infrared LEDs
with Night Vision
with Night LEDs
with Vision LEDs
7 Infrared Night
7 Infrared Vision
7 Infrared LEDs
7 Night Vision
7 Night LEDs
7 Vision LEDs
Infrared Night Vision
Infrared Night LEDs
Infrared Vision LEDs
Night Vision LEDs

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