DHRUV-PRO Universal Induction Cooker PCB Circuit Board Touch Type Prestige 2000w Control Panel Kitchen Appliances Spare Parts (Multicolour)

DHRUV-PRO Universal Induction Cooker PCB Circuit Board Touch Type Prestige 2000w Control Panel Kitchen Appliances Spare Parts (Multicolour)

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Product Specification

Manufacturer DHRUV
Product Group BISS
  • 100% certificated product construction include:18 V Fan port key port Adjustable power Modification method:
  • With 7 Pcs break and separate type touch sensitive sensor keys.4.5 digit Digital Led 7 Segment Display For Console.
  • Buzzer Beeps,18 Volt fab Port x 1, Heat sensor 3Pin Port, 6 Pin Console port and 1 pair Coil Terminal with Heavy Heat Sink
  • Universal Induction Cooker Board for Repairs Induction Cooker Spare Part
  • Modification method: the original front panel on the circuit board removed, the board of the new display close to the original screen position, stick with plastic sticks, the new sensor keys in a paste on the original button phase Corresponding function button inside, with glue stick fixed, other fans, coil heating plate, temperature control, etc. installed, you can test machine. noticeļ¼š Please hire the professional person who has qualification certificate to install power-on test before install
Part Number 2200W-Touch
Model 2200 Watt Induction Board
Color Maltucoler
Item Dimensions:Height 1.968503935
Item Dimensions:Length 7.87401574
Item Dimensions:Weight 0.50485857998
Item Dimensions:Width 5.118110231
Title DHRUV-PRO Universal Induction Cooker PCB Circuit Board Touch Type Prestige 2000w Control Panel Kitchen Appliances Spare Parts (Multicolour)

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