DFS Thick and Durable 4 Big Corrugated 5 Ply Carton Box for Storing, Moving, 31x13x11-inch (Brown)

High strength fragile packaging box box, cardboard. Quantity - 4 boxes ,size - 31 x 13 x 11 inches environment friendly.

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Product Specification

Binding Office Product
Brand DFS
  • High strength cover, packing, material, packaging boxes, cardboard
  • Quantity - 4 boxes ,size - 31 x 13 x 11 inches environment friendly
  • Colour is brown
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 1181
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 1181
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 110
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 197
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
List Price:Amount 149900 100000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,499.00 INR 1,000.00
Model CB3113115DFS
Mpn CB3113115DFS
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 79
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 984
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 1
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 984
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number CB3113115DFS
Product Group Office Product
Title DFS Thick and Durable 4 Big Corrugated 5 Ply Carton Box for Storing, Moving, 31x13x11-inch (Brown)

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and Box for
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and Box 31x13x11-inch
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and for Storing,
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and for 31x13x11-inch
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and Storing, 31x13x11-inch
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Durable 4 Big
Durable 4 Corrugated
Durable 4 5
Durable 4 Ply
Durable 4 Carton
Durable 4 Box
Durable 4 for
Durable 4 Storing,
Durable 4 Moving,
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Durable 4 (Brown)
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Durable Big 5
Durable Big Ply
Durable Big Carton
Durable Big Box
Durable Big for
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4 Corrugated Carton
4 Corrugated Box
4 Corrugated for
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4 Corrugated Moving,
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4 5 Carton
4 5 Box
4 5 for
4 5 Storing,
4 5 Moving,
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4 Ply for
4 Ply Storing,
4 Ply Moving,
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4 Ply (Brown)
4 Carton Box
4 Carton for
4 Carton Storing,
4 Carton Moving,
4 Carton 31x13x11-inch
4 Carton (Brown)
4 Box for
4 Box Storing,
4 Box Moving,
4 Box 31x13x11-inch
4 Box (Brown)
4 for Storing,
4 for Moving,
4 for 31x13x11-inch
4 for (Brown)
4 Storing, Moving,
4 Storing, 31x13x11-inch
4 Storing, (Brown)
4 Moving, 31x13x11-inch
4 Moving, (Brown)
4 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Big Corrugated 5
Big Corrugated Ply
Big Corrugated Carton
Big Corrugated Box
Big Corrugated for
Big Corrugated Storing,
Big Corrugated Moving,
Big Corrugated 31x13x11-inch
Big Corrugated (Brown)
Big 5 Ply
Big 5 Carton
Big 5 Box
Big 5 for
Big 5 Storing,
Big 5 Moving,
Big 5 31x13x11-inch
Big 5 (Brown)
Big Ply Carton
Big Ply Box
Big Ply for
Big Ply Storing,
Big Ply Moving,
Big Ply 31x13x11-inch
Big Ply (Brown)
Big Carton Box
Big Carton for
Big Carton Storing,
Big Carton Moving,
Big Carton 31x13x11-inch
Big Carton (Brown)
Big Box for
Big Box Storing,
Big Box Moving,
Big Box 31x13x11-inch
Big Box (Brown)
Big for Storing,
Big for Moving,
Big for 31x13x11-inch
Big for (Brown)
Big Storing, Moving,
Big Storing, 31x13x11-inch
Big Storing, (Brown)
Big Moving, 31x13x11-inch
Big Moving, (Brown)
Big 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Corrugated 5 Ply
Corrugated 5 Carton
Corrugated 5 Box
Corrugated 5 for
Corrugated 5 Storing,
Corrugated 5 Moving,
Corrugated 5 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated 5 (Brown)
Corrugated Ply Carton
Corrugated Ply Box
Corrugated Ply for
Corrugated Ply Storing,
Corrugated Ply Moving,
Corrugated Ply 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated Ply (Brown)
Corrugated Carton Box
Corrugated Carton for
Corrugated Carton Storing,
Corrugated Carton Moving,
Corrugated Carton 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated Carton (Brown)
Corrugated Box for
Corrugated Box Storing,
Corrugated Box Moving,
Corrugated Box 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated Box (Brown)
Corrugated for Storing,
Corrugated for Moving,
Corrugated for 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated for (Brown)
Corrugated Storing, Moving,
Corrugated Storing, 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated Storing, (Brown)
Corrugated Moving, 31x13x11-inch
Corrugated Moving, (Brown)
Corrugated 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
5 Ply Carton
5 Ply Box
5 Ply for
5 Ply Storing,
5 Ply Moving,
5 Ply 31x13x11-inch
5 Ply (Brown)
5 Carton Box
5 Carton for
5 Carton Storing,
5 Carton Moving,
5 Carton 31x13x11-inch
5 Carton (Brown)
5 Box for
5 Box Storing,
5 Box Moving,
5 Box 31x13x11-inch
5 Box (Brown)
5 for Storing,
5 for Moving,
5 for 31x13x11-inch
5 for (Brown)
5 Storing, Moving,
5 Storing, 31x13x11-inch
5 Storing, (Brown)
5 Moving, 31x13x11-inch
5 Moving, (Brown)
5 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Ply Carton Box
Ply Carton for
Ply Carton Storing,
Ply Carton Moving,
Ply Carton 31x13x11-inch
Ply Carton (Brown)
Ply Box for
Ply Box Storing,
Ply Box Moving,
Ply Box 31x13x11-inch
Ply Box (Brown)
Ply for Storing,
Ply for Moving,
Ply for 31x13x11-inch
Ply for (Brown)
Ply Storing, Moving,
Ply Storing, 31x13x11-inch
Ply Storing, (Brown)
Ply Moving, 31x13x11-inch
Ply Moving, (Brown)
Ply 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Carton Box for
Carton Box Storing,
Carton Box Moving,
Carton Box 31x13x11-inch
Carton Box (Brown)
Carton for Storing,
Carton for Moving,
Carton for 31x13x11-inch
Carton for (Brown)
Carton Storing, Moving,
Carton Storing, 31x13x11-inch
Carton Storing, (Brown)
Carton Moving, 31x13x11-inch
Carton Moving, (Brown)
Carton 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Box for Storing,
Box for Moving,
Box for 31x13x11-inch
Box for (Brown)
Box Storing, Moving,
Box Storing, 31x13x11-inch
Box Storing, (Brown)
Box Moving, 31x13x11-inch
Box Moving, (Brown)
Box 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
for Storing, Moving,
for Storing, 31x13x11-inch
for Storing, (Brown)
for Moving, 31x13x11-inch
for Moving, (Brown)
for 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Storing, Moving, 31x13x11-inch
Storing, Moving, (Brown)
Storing, 31x13x11-inch (Brown)
Moving, 31x13x11-inch (Brown)

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DFS Thick and Durable 4 Big Corrugated 5 Ply Carton Box for Storing, Moving, 31x13x11-inch (Brown) Reviews

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