Cratly Multipurpose Leather Taco Cable with Iron Button (Multicolour, 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch) -5 Pieces

With their unique and Portable design, this cable winders can keep your work place pleasant and organised. This cable organiser will assist you to sort out and arrange all your jumbled up Cables in an elegant manner.. Since this cable winder is fabulously lightweight, you can take it along with you whenever you are travelling. They are easy to use and have a long shelf life - simply fold your cable in half, place the bend onto the winder, give it a small tug and watch your cable get smoothly and instantly wound inside the sleek protective shell. With this cable organiser, cable Management becomes hassle-free as you use only the relevant length of cable needed for connecting a device and the rest of the cord remains winded up inside the protective shell. Spring loaded winder will have your cords rapped up and tidy in a second. You won't believe how cool this is! made from best quality of pure leather, the cable holder is amazingly robust and elegantly designed, allowing it to last for years.

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Cratly
Color Brown, Multi
Ean 4031205692598
Ean List:Ean List Element 4031205692598
  • Please notice that it is not mass produced item. Most of our products are made after order ,so it can take up to 2-3 days to be newly handcrafted.
  • Size : 5X1 ( lxb) INCH, 3X1 ( lxb) INCH,2X1 ( lxb) INCH, Weight : 200 gram, Color : Reddish,Brown,Multi
  • Material: Natural Leather
  • Package : Contains Five Cable holder, Laptop cable holder
  • Made / coloured with Natural colour only - Colour May vary with the said image
Label CratlyTM e commerce
Legal Disclaimer Can not re sale
List Price:Amount 54900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 549.00
Manufacturer CratlyTM e commerce
Number Of Items 5
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 100
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 300
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 22
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 300
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Product Group CE
Product Type Name CABLE_OR_ADAPTER
Publisher CratlyTM e commerce
Size 5X1 ( lxb) INCH, 3X1 ( lxb) INCH,2X1 ( lxb) INCH
Studio CratlyTM e commerce
Title Cratly Multipurpose Leather Taco Cable with Iron Button (Multicolour, 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch) -5 Pieces

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Cable 2X1-inch) -5
Cable 2X1-inch) Pieces
Cable -5 Pieces
with Iron Button
with Iron (Multicolour,
with Iron 5X1-inch,
with Iron 3X1-inch,
with Iron 2X1-inch)
with Iron -5
with Iron Pieces
with Button (Multicolour,
with Button 5X1-inch,
with Button 3X1-inch,
with Button 2X1-inch)
with Button -5
with Button Pieces
with (Multicolour, 5X1-inch,
with (Multicolour, 3X1-inch,
with (Multicolour, 2X1-inch)
with (Multicolour, -5
with (Multicolour, Pieces
with 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch,
with 5X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
with 5X1-inch, -5
with 5X1-inch, Pieces
with 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
with 3X1-inch, -5
with 3X1-inch, Pieces
with 2X1-inch) -5
with 2X1-inch) Pieces
with -5 Pieces
Iron Button (Multicolour,
Iron Button 5X1-inch,
Iron Button 3X1-inch,
Iron Button 2X1-inch)
Iron Button -5
Iron Button Pieces
Iron (Multicolour, 5X1-inch,
Iron (Multicolour, 3X1-inch,
Iron (Multicolour, 2X1-inch)
Iron (Multicolour, -5
Iron (Multicolour, Pieces
Iron 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch,
Iron 5X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
Iron 5X1-inch, -5
Iron 5X1-inch, Pieces
Iron 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
Iron 3X1-inch, -5
Iron 3X1-inch, Pieces
Iron 2X1-inch) -5
Iron 2X1-inch) Pieces
Iron -5 Pieces
Button (Multicolour, 5X1-inch,
Button (Multicolour, 3X1-inch,
Button (Multicolour, 2X1-inch)
Button (Multicolour, -5
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Button 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch,
Button 5X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
Button 5X1-inch, -5
Button 5X1-inch, Pieces
Button 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
Button 3X1-inch, -5
Button 3X1-inch, Pieces
Button 2X1-inch) -5
Button 2X1-inch) Pieces
Button -5 Pieces
(Multicolour, 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch,
(Multicolour, 5X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
(Multicolour, 5X1-inch, -5
(Multicolour, 5X1-inch, Pieces
(Multicolour, 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
(Multicolour, 3X1-inch, -5
(Multicolour, 3X1-inch, Pieces
(Multicolour, 2X1-inch) -5
(Multicolour, 2X1-inch) Pieces
(Multicolour, -5 Pieces
5X1-inch, 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch)
5X1-inch, 3X1-inch, -5
5X1-inch, 3X1-inch, Pieces
5X1-inch, 2X1-inch) -5
5X1-inch, 2X1-inch) Pieces
5X1-inch, -5 Pieces
3X1-inch, 2X1-inch) -5
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Cratly Multipurpose Leather Taco Cable with Iron Button (Multicolour, 5X1-inch, 3X1-inch, 2X1-inch) -5 Pieces Reviews

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