CONSUN Net Laundry Bag Foldable & Collapsible with Easy to Carry Handle- for Home, Dorms, Hostel (Random Color, 30L) (Pack of 1)

Keep your and the your clothes organized with CONSUN 1 pack of net/ mesh laundry bags Used for Homes, Apartments, Bathroom, Student's Dorm and Hostels. Useful for Storing Toys as well. Foldable Laundry bags. Easy to Fold and Store, it is Light in Weight and has an easy to Carry Handle. Designs available in different colors Make It Attractive to Eyes. Top Cover can be opened or closed easily.

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Color Multi
  • Material: Nylon Mesh, Color : Random color as per stock availability.
  • Size : 30cm x 30cm x 50cm ( tolerance plus minus 1cm ).
  • Shape: Cuboidal, light weight,Foldable,Easy to carry and move.
  • Mesh laundry basket that prevents mess around your home. Mktd By : RS SALES CORPORATION
List Price:Amount 59900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 599.00
Mpn LOT1-110
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 157
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 669
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 669
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number LOT1-110
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Size Pack of 1
Title CONSUN Net Laundry Bag Foldable & Collapsible with Easy to Carry Handle- for Home, Dorms, Hostel (Random Color, 30L) (Pack of 1)

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Bag & Easy
Bag & to
Bag & Carry
Bag & Handle-
Bag & for
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Bag & (Pack
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Bag & 1)
Bag Collapsible with
Bag Collapsible Easy
Bag Collapsible to
Bag Collapsible Carry
Bag Collapsible Handle-
Bag Collapsible for
Bag Collapsible Home,
Bag Collapsible Dorms,
Bag Collapsible Hostel
Bag Collapsible (Random
Bag Collapsible Color,
Bag Collapsible 30L)
Bag Collapsible (Pack
Bag Collapsible of
Bag Collapsible 1)
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Bag with to
Bag with Carry
Bag with Handle-
Bag with for
Bag with Home,
Bag with Dorms,
Bag with Hostel
Bag with (Random
Bag with Color,
Bag with 30L)
Bag with (Pack
Bag with of
Bag with 1)
Bag Easy to
Bag Easy Carry
Bag Easy Handle-
Bag Easy for
Bag Easy Home,
Bag Easy Dorms,
Bag Easy Hostel
Bag Easy (Random
Bag Easy Color,
Bag Easy 30L)
Bag Easy (Pack
Bag Easy of
Bag Easy 1)
Bag to Carry
Bag to Handle-
Bag to for
Bag to Home,
Bag to Dorms,
Bag to Hostel
Bag to (Random
Bag to Color,
Bag to 30L)
Bag to (Pack
Bag to of
Bag to 1)
Bag Carry Handle-
Bag Carry for
Bag Carry Home,
Bag Carry Dorms,
Bag Carry Hostel
Bag Carry (Random
Bag Carry Color,
Bag Carry 30L)
Bag Carry (Pack
Bag Carry of
Bag Carry 1)
Bag Handle- for
Bag Handle- Home,
Bag Handle- Dorms,
Bag Handle- Hostel
Bag Handle- (Random
Bag Handle- Color,
Bag Handle- 30L)
Bag Handle- (Pack
Bag Handle- of
Bag Handle- 1)
Bag for Home,
Bag for Dorms,
Bag for Hostel
Bag for (Random
Bag for Color,
Bag for 30L)
Bag for (Pack
Bag for of
Bag for 1)
Bag Home, Dorms,
Bag Home, Hostel
Bag Home, (Random
Bag Home, Color,
Bag Home, 30L)
Bag Home, (Pack
Bag Home, of
Bag Home, 1)
Bag Dorms, Hostel
Bag Dorms, (Random
Bag Dorms, Color,
Bag Dorms, 30L)
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Bag Dorms, of
Bag Dorms, 1)
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Bag Hostel Color,
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Bag Hostel of
Bag Hostel 1)
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Bag (Random of
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Foldable & Collapsible
Foldable & with
Foldable & Easy
Foldable & to
Foldable & Carry
Foldable & Handle-
Foldable & for
Foldable & Home,
Foldable & Dorms,
Foldable & Hostel
Foldable & (Random
Foldable & Color,
Foldable & 30L)
Foldable & (Pack
Foldable & of
Foldable & 1)
Foldable Collapsible with
Foldable Collapsible Easy
Foldable Collapsible to
Foldable Collapsible Carry
Foldable Collapsible Handle-
Foldable Collapsible for
Foldable Collapsible Home,
Foldable Collapsible Dorms,
Foldable Collapsible Hostel
Foldable Collapsible (Random
Foldable Collapsible Color,
Foldable Collapsible 30L)
Foldable Collapsible (Pack
Foldable Collapsible of
Foldable Collapsible 1)
Foldable with Easy
Foldable with to
Foldable with Carry
Foldable with Handle-
Foldable with for
Foldable with Home,
Foldable with Dorms,
Foldable with Hostel
Foldable with (Random
Foldable with Color,
Foldable with 30L)
Foldable with (Pack
Foldable with of
Foldable with 1)
Foldable Easy to
Foldable Easy Carry
Foldable Easy Handle-
Foldable Easy for
Foldable Easy Home,
Foldable Easy Dorms,
Foldable Easy Hostel
Foldable Easy (Random
Foldable Easy Color,
Foldable Easy 30L)
Foldable Easy (Pack
Foldable Easy of
Foldable Easy 1)
Foldable to Carry
Foldable to Handle-
Foldable to for
Foldable to Home,
Foldable to Dorms,
Foldable to Hostel
Foldable to (Random
Foldable to Color,
Foldable to 30L)
Foldable to (Pack
Foldable to of
Foldable to 1)
Foldable Carry Handle-
Foldable Carry for
Foldable Carry Home,
Foldable Carry Dorms,
Foldable Carry Hostel
Foldable Carry (Random
Foldable Carry Color,
Foldable Carry 30L)
Foldable Carry (Pack
Foldable Carry of
Foldable Carry 1)
Foldable Handle- for
Foldable Handle- Home,
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Foldable Handle- Hostel
Foldable Handle- (Random
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Foldable Handle- 30L)
Foldable Handle- (Pack
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Foldable for Home,
Foldable for Dorms,
Foldable for Hostel
Foldable for (Random
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Foldable for 30L)
Foldable for (Pack
Foldable for of
Foldable for 1)
Foldable Home, Dorms,
Foldable Home, Hostel
Foldable Home, (Random
Foldable Home, Color,
Foldable Home, 30L)
Foldable Home, (Pack
Foldable Home, of
Foldable Home, 1)
Foldable Dorms, Hostel
Foldable Dorms, (Random
Foldable Dorms, Color,
Foldable Dorms, 30L)
Foldable Dorms, (Pack
Foldable Dorms, of
Foldable Dorms, 1)
Foldable Hostel (Random
Foldable Hostel Color,
Foldable Hostel 30L)
Foldable Hostel (Pack
Foldable Hostel of
Foldable Hostel 1)
Foldable (Random Color,
Foldable (Random 30L)
Foldable (Random (Pack
Foldable (Random of
Foldable (Random 1)
Foldable Color, 30L)
Foldable Color, (Pack
Foldable Color, of
Foldable Color, 1)
Foldable 30L) (Pack
Foldable 30L) of
Foldable 30L) 1)
Foldable (Pack of
Foldable (Pack 1)
Foldable of 1)
& Collapsible with
& Collapsible Easy
& Collapsible to
& Collapsible Carry
& Collapsible Handle-
& Collapsible for
& Collapsible Home,
& Collapsible Dorms,
& Collapsible Hostel
& Collapsible (Random
& Collapsible Color,
& Collapsible 30L)
& Collapsible (Pack
& Collapsible of
& Collapsible 1)
& with Easy
& with to
& with Carry
& with Handle-
& with for
& with Home,
& with Dorms,
& with Hostel
& with (Random
& with Color,
& with 30L)
& with (Pack
& with of
& with 1)
& Easy to
& Easy Carry
& Easy Handle-
& Easy for
& Easy Home,
& Easy Dorms,
& Easy Hostel
& Easy (Random
& Easy Color,
& Easy 30L)
& Easy (Pack
& Easy of
& Easy 1)
& to Carry
& to Handle-
& to for
& to Home,
& to Dorms,
& to Hostel
& to (Random
& to Color,
& to 30L)
& to (Pack
& to of
& to 1)
& Carry Handle-
& Carry for
& Carry Home,
& Carry Dorms,
& Carry Hostel
& Carry (Random
& Carry Color,
& Carry 30L)
& Carry (Pack
& Carry of
& Carry 1)
& Handle- for
& Handle- Home,
& Handle- Dorms,
& Handle- Hostel
& Handle- (Random
& Handle- Color,
& Handle- 30L)
& Handle- (Pack
& Handle- of
& Handle- 1)
& for Home,
& for Dorms,
& for Hostel
& for (Random
& for Color,
& for 30L)
& for (Pack
& for of
& for 1)
& Home, Dorms,
& Home, Hostel
& Home, (Random
& Home, Color,
& Home, 30L)
& Home, (Pack
& Home, of
& Home, 1)
& Dorms, Hostel
& Dorms, (Random
& Dorms, Color,
& Dorms, 30L)
& Dorms, (Pack
& Dorms, of
& Dorms, 1)
& Hostel (Random
& Hostel Color,
& Hostel 30L)
& Hostel (Pack
& Hostel of
& Hostel 1)
& (Random Color,
& (Random 30L)
& (Random (Pack
& (Random of
& (Random 1)
& Color, 30L)
& Color, (Pack
& Color, of
& Color, 1)
& 30L) (Pack
& 30L) of
& 30L) 1)
& (Pack of
& (Pack 1)
& of 1)
Collapsible with Easy
Collapsible with to
Collapsible with Carry
Collapsible with Handle-
Collapsible with for
Collapsible with Home,
Collapsible with Dorms,
Collapsible with Hostel
Collapsible with (Random
Collapsible with Color,
Collapsible with 30L)
Collapsible with (Pack
Collapsible with of
Collapsible with 1)
Collapsible Easy to
Collapsible Easy Carry
Collapsible Easy Handle-
Collapsible Easy for
Collapsible Easy Home,
Collapsible Easy Dorms,
Collapsible Easy Hostel
Collapsible Easy (Random
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Collapsible Handle- Dorms,
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Collapsible Handle- (Random
Collapsible Handle- Color,
Collapsible Handle- 30L)
Collapsible Handle- (Pack
Collapsible Handle- of
Collapsible Handle- 1)
Collapsible for Home,
Collapsible for Dorms,
Collapsible for Hostel
Collapsible for (Random
Collapsible for Color,
Collapsible for 30L)
Collapsible for (Pack
Collapsible for of
Collapsible for 1)
Collapsible Home, Dorms,
Collapsible Home, Hostel
Collapsible Home, (Random
Collapsible Home, Color,
Collapsible Home, 30L)
Collapsible Home, (Pack
Collapsible Home, of
Collapsible Home, 1)
Collapsible Dorms, Hostel
Collapsible Dorms, (Random
Collapsible Dorms, Color,
Collapsible Dorms, 30L)
Collapsible Dorms, (Pack
Collapsible Dorms, of
Collapsible Dorms, 1)
Collapsible Hostel (Random
Collapsible Hostel Color,
Collapsible Hostel 30L)
Collapsible Hostel (Pack
Collapsible Hostel of
Collapsible Hostel 1)
Collapsible (Random Color,
Collapsible (Random 30L)
Collapsible (Random (Pack
Collapsible (Random of
Collapsible (Random 1)
Collapsible Color, 30L)
Collapsible Color, (Pack
Collapsible Color, of
Collapsible Color, 1)
Collapsible 30L) (Pack
Collapsible 30L) of
Collapsible 30L) 1)
Collapsible (Pack of
Collapsible (Pack 1)
Collapsible of 1)
with Easy to
with Easy Carry
with Easy Handle-
with Easy for
with Easy Home,
with Easy Dorms,
with Easy Hostel
with Easy (Random
with Easy Color,
with Easy 30L)
with Easy (Pack
with Easy of
with Easy 1)
with to Carry
with to Handle-
with to for
with to Home,
with to Dorms,
with to Hostel
with to (Random
with to Color,
with to 30L)
with to (Pack
with to of
with to 1)
with Carry Handle-
with Carry for
with Carry Home,
with Carry Dorms,
with Carry Hostel
with Carry (Random
with Carry Color,
with Carry 30L)
with Carry (Pack
with Carry of
with Carry 1)
with Handle- for
with Handle- Home,
with Handle- Dorms,
with Handle- Hostel
with Handle- (Random
with Handle- Color,
with Handle- 30L)
with Handle- (Pack
with Handle- of
with Handle- 1)
with for Home,
with for Dorms,
with for Hostel
with for (Random
with for Color,
with for 30L)
with for (Pack
with for of
with for 1)
with Home, Dorms,
with Home, Hostel
with Home, (Random
with Home, Color,
with Home, 30L)
with Home, (Pack
with Home, of
with Home, 1)
with Dorms, Hostel
with Dorms, (Random
with Dorms, Color,
with Dorms, 30L)
with Dorms, (Pack
with Dorms, of
with Dorms, 1)
with Hostel (Random
with Hostel Color,
with Hostel 30L)
with Hostel (Pack
with Hostel of
with Hostel 1)
with (Random Color,
with (Random 30L)
with (Random (Pack
with (Random of
with (Random 1)
with Color, 30L)
with Color, (Pack
with Color, of
with Color, 1)
with 30L) (Pack
with 30L) of
with 30L) 1)
with (Pack of
with (Pack 1)
with of 1)
Easy to Carry
Easy to Handle-
Easy to for
Easy to Home,
Easy to Dorms,
Easy to Hostel
Easy to (Random
Easy to Color,
Easy to 30L)
Easy to (Pack
Easy to of
Easy to 1)
Easy Carry Handle-
Easy Carry for
Easy Carry Home,
Easy Carry Dorms,
Easy Carry Hostel
Easy Carry (Random
Easy Carry Color,
Easy Carry 30L)
Easy Carry (Pack
Easy Carry of
Easy Carry 1)
Easy Handle- for
Easy Handle- Home,
Easy Handle- Dorms,
Easy Handle- Hostel
Easy Handle- (Random
Easy Handle- Color,
Easy Handle- 30L)
Easy Handle- (Pack
Easy Handle- of
Easy Handle- 1)
Easy for Home,
Easy for Dorms,
Easy for Hostel
Easy for (Random
Easy for Color,
Easy for 30L)
Easy for (Pack
Easy for of
Easy for 1)
Easy Home, Dorms,
Easy Home, Hostel
Easy Home, (Random
Easy Home, Color,
Easy Home, 30L)
Easy Home, (Pack
Easy Home, of
Easy Home, 1)
Easy Dorms, Hostel
Easy Dorms, (Random
Easy Dorms, Color,
Easy Dorms, 30L)
Easy Dorms, (Pack
Easy Dorms, of
Easy Dorms, 1)
Easy Hostel (Random
Easy Hostel Color,
Easy Hostel 30L)
Easy Hostel (Pack
Easy Hostel of
Easy Hostel 1)
Easy (Random Color,
Easy (Random 30L)
Easy (Random (Pack
Easy (Random of
Easy (Random 1)
Easy Color, 30L)
Easy Color, (Pack
Easy Color, of
Easy Color, 1)
Easy 30L) (Pack
Easy 30L) of
Easy 30L) 1)
Easy (Pack of
Easy (Pack 1)
Easy of 1)
to Carry Handle-
to Carry for
to Carry Home,
to Carry Dorms,
to Carry Hostel
to Carry (Random
to Carry Color,
to Carry 30L)
to Carry (Pack
to Carry of
to Carry 1)
to Handle- for
to Handle- Home,
to Handle- Dorms,
to Handle- Hostel
to Handle- (Random
to Handle- Color,
to Handle- 30L)
to Handle- (Pack
to Handle- of
to Handle- 1)
to for Home,
to for Dorms,
to for Hostel
to for (Random
to for Color,
to for 30L)
to for (Pack
to for of
to for 1)
to Home, Dorms,
to Home, Hostel
to Home, (Random
to Home, Color,
to Home, 30L)
to Home, (Pack
to Home, of
to Home, 1)
to Dorms, Hostel
to Dorms, (Random
to Dorms, Color,
to Dorms, 30L)
to Dorms, (Pack
to Dorms, of
to Dorms, 1)
to Hostel (Random
to Hostel Color,
to Hostel 30L)
to Hostel (Pack
to Hostel of
to Hostel 1)
to (Random Color,
to (Random 30L)
to (Random (Pack
to (Random of
to (Random 1)
to Color, 30L)
to Color, (Pack
to Color, of
to Color, 1)
to 30L) (Pack
to 30L) of
to 30L) 1)
to (Pack of
to (Pack 1)
to of 1)
Carry Handle- for
Carry Handle- Home,
Carry Handle- Dorms,
Carry Handle- Hostel
Carry Handle- (Random
Carry Handle- Color,
Carry Handle- 30L)
Carry Handle- (Pack
Carry Handle- of
Carry Handle- 1)
Carry for Home,
Carry for Dorms,
Carry for Hostel
Carry for (Random
Carry for Color,
Carry for 30L)
Carry for (Pack
Carry for of
Carry for 1)
Carry Home, Dorms,
Carry Home, Hostel
Carry Home, (Random
Carry Home, Color,
Carry Home, 30L)
Carry Home, (Pack
Carry Home, of
Carry Home, 1)
Carry Dorms, Hostel
Carry Dorms, (Random
Carry Dorms, Color,
Carry Dorms, 30L)
Carry Dorms, (Pack
Carry Dorms, of
Carry Dorms, 1)
Carry Hostel (Random
Carry Hostel Color,
Carry Hostel 30L)
Carry Hostel (Pack
Carry Hostel of
Carry Hostel 1)
Carry (Random Color,
Carry (Random 30L)
Carry (Random (Pack
Carry (Random of
Carry (Random 1)
Carry Color, 30L)
Carry Color, (Pack
Carry Color, of
Carry Color, 1)
Carry 30L) (Pack
Carry 30L) of
Carry 30L) 1)
Carry (Pack of
Carry (Pack 1)
Carry of 1)
Handle- for Home,
Handle- for Dorms,
Handle- for Hostel
Handle- for (Random
Handle- for Color,
Handle- for 30L)
Handle- for (Pack
Handle- for of
Handle- for 1)
Handle- Home, Dorms,
Handle- Home, Hostel
Handle- Home, (Random
Handle- Home, Color,
Handle- Home, 30L)
Handle- Home, (Pack
Handle- Home, of
Handle- Home, 1)
Handle- Dorms, Hostel
Handle- Dorms, (Random
Handle- Dorms, Color,
Handle- Dorms, 30L)
Handle- Dorms, (Pack
Handle- Dorms, of
Handle- Dorms, 1)
Handle- Hostel (Random
Handle- Hostel Color,
Handle- Hostel 30L)
Handle- Hostel (Pack
Handle- Hostel of
Handle- Hostel 1)
Handle- (Random Color,
Handle- (Random 30L)
Handle- (Random (Pack
Handle- (Random of
Handle- (Random 1)
Handle- Color, 30L)
Handle- Color, (Pack
Handle- Color, of
Handle- Color, 1)
Handle- 30L) (Pack
Handle- 30L) of
Handle- 30L) 1)
Handle- (Pack of
Handle- (Pack 1)
Handle- of 1)
for Home, Dorms,
for Home, Hostel
for Home, (Random
for Home, Color,
for Home, 30L)
for Home, (Pack
for Home, of
for Home, 1)
for Dorms, Hostel
for Dorms, (Random
for Dorms, Color,
for Dorms, 30L)
for Dorms, (Pack
for Dorms, of
for Dorms, 1)
for Hostel (Random
for Hostel Color,
for Hostel 30L)
for Hostel (Pack
for Hostel of
for Hostel 1)
for (Random Color,
for (Random 30L)
for (Random (Pack
for (Random of
for (Random 1)
for Color, 30L)
for Color, (Pack
for Color, of
for Color, 1)
for 30L) (Pack
for 30L) of
for 30L) 1)
for (Pack of
for (Pack 1)
for of 1)
Home, Dorms, Hostel
Home, Dorms, (Random
Home, Dorms, Color,
Home, Dorms, 30L)
Home, Dorms, (Pack
Home, Dorms, of
Home, Dorms, 1)
Home, Hostel (Random
Home, Hostel Color,
Home, Hostel 30L)
Home, Hostel (Pack
Home, Hostel of
Home, Hostel 1)
Home, (Random Color,
Home, (Random 30L)
Home, (Random (Pack
Home, (Random of
Home, (Random 1)
Home, Color, 30L)
Home, Color, (Pack
Home, Color, of
Home, Color, 1)
Home, 30L) (Pack
Home, 30L) of
Home, 30L) 1)
Home, (Pack of
Home, (Pack 1)
Home, of 1)
Dorms, Hostel (Random
Dorms, Hostel Color,
Dorms, Hostel 30L)
Dorms, Hostel (Pack
Dorms, Hostel of
Dorms, Hostel 1)
Dorms, (Random Color,
Dorms, (Random 30L)
Dorms, (Random (Pack
Dorms, (Random of
Dorms, (Random 1)
Dorms, Color, 30L)
Dorms, Color, (Pack
Dorms, Color, of
Dorms, Color, 1)
Dorms, 30L) (Pack
Dorms, 30L) of
Dorms, 30L) 1)
Dorms, (Pack of
Dorms, (Pack 1)
Dorms, of 1)
Hostel (Random Color,
Hostel (Random 30L)
Hostel (Random (Pack
Hostel (Random of
Hostel (Random 1)
Hostel Color, 30L)
Hostel Color, (Pack
Hostel Color, of
Hostel Color, 1)
Hostel 30L) (Pack
Hostel 30L) of
Hostel 30L) 1)
Hostel (Pack of
Hostel (Pack 1)
Hostel of 1)
(Random Color, 30L)
(Random Color, (Pack
(Random Color, of
(Random Color, 1)
(Random 30L) (Pack
(Random 30L) of
(Random 30L) 1)
(Random (Pack of
(Random (Pack 1)
(Random of 1)
Color, 30L) (Pack
Color, 30L) of
Color, 30L) 1)
Color, (Pack of
Color, (Pack 1)
Color, of 1)
30L) (Pack of
30L) (Pack 1)
30L) of 1)
(Pack of 1)

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