Beverly Hills Polo Club Women Gold Body Fragrance, Darley, 150ml

Beverly Hills Polo Club Personal Care Pvt Ltd company delivers world class fragrances, all the fragrances are selected individually keeping consumers at the centre. Rigorous testing and consumer feedback is used to make it acceptable and have a unique fragrance. The quality of deodorants are world class and made for daily use so that you feel refreshed every time you spray. It is a special gold edition range launched to give a great experience to consumers.

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Product Specification

Binding Personal Care
Brand Beverly Hills Polo Club
Ean 6291107160979
Ean List:Ean List Element 6291107160979
  • A stunning perfume, surprisingly coloured with the liveliness of lime and happiness of crisp apple ringed with the intensity of jasmine and the charm of rose
  • True base embodies the character of cedar wood, the fullness of amber and the embrace of musk
  • Top notes of lemon, lime, lychee, peach, pineapple, cassis, green and apple
  • Heart note of jasmine, cyclamen, rosewood, gardenia, rose, muguet, freesia and cinnamon
  • Base note of musk, cedar wood and amber
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 394
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 394
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 44
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 591
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Beverly Hills Polo Club
List Price:Amount 27500
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 275.00
Manufacturer Beverly Hills Polo Club
Mpn I-00005
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 173
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 705
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 33
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 177
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number I-00005
Product Group Beauty
Product Type Name BEAUTY
Publisher Beverly Hills Polo Club
Studio Beverly Hills Polo Club
Title Beverly Hills Polo Club Women Gold Body Fragrance, Darley, 150ml

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