Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (White and Black, Pack of 1)

Atomberg's renesa series is the biggest innovation the world of ceiling Fans have seen from a design point of view. These classy and compact looking Fans are futuristic in terms of both looks and performance. Bldc motor: The rpm of gorilla efficio 1200mm fan is 345. The compact and powerful bldc motor i.e. bldc Stands for brushless direct current. Bldc motor has no mechanical brush for commutation of the winding. Commutation is deployed with the help of smart Electronics which helps in consuming only 28w at max speed. The gorilla renesa+ fan also help you save up to 65 percent on your electricity bills. Remote control modes: It also has features such as sleep mode - when sleep mode is activated, the fan will cycle through all speed settings in sequential order. This will help the consumer to sleep efficiently at night without worrying about the room temperature anymore, timer mode -this function allows you to set the length of time your fan will run before it automatically turns off, boost mode - you can now control and adjust the speed of your fan according to your convenience. It also has features such as sleep mode in which - the fan will cycle through all speed settings in sequential order, timer mode - you can set the length of time your fan will run before it automatically turns off and boost mode. Gorilla Fans perfectly blend smart technology and energy efficiency to offer you the perfect fan you ever wished for. Gorilla Fans are designed to work well in most rooms of the house such as living rooms, bedrooms, master bedrooms, dining rooms, large kitchens, game rooms, or studios. These Fans will not only provide cooling in all the corners but also save you from high electricity bills. Special features: Gorilla Fans perfectly blend smart technology and energy efficiency to offer you the perfect fan you ever wished for. With a power-efficient bldc motor, superior looks, and air delivery. Gorilla Fans emerge as the obvious choice.Earlier known as Gorilla is atomberg now.

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand atomberg
Color White Black
  • Compact motor which gives the product a very sleek look
  • Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor, Consumes only 28W on the highest Speed
  • Save upto Rs. 1500 every Year on your electricity bill
  • Inverter technology, runs consistently on the same speed from a voltage range of 140-285V
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 787
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 1969
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 4
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units Kilograms
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 906
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Atomberg Technologies
Legal Disclaimer To avail warranty service it is must that you register your barcode. You can register the barcode by logging on to Atomberg Website or by call/ Whatsapp on 844 844 9442
List Price:Amount 404000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 4,040.00
Manufacturer Atomberg Technologies
Model Renesa
Number Of Items 8
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 921
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 2362
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 935
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 992
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number GORRSA1200WB
Product Group Kitchen
Product Type Name KITCHEN
Publisher Atomberg Technologies
Size 1200 mm
Studio Atomberg Technologies
Title Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (White and Black, Pack of 1)
Warranty 2 years on site warranty. Additional 1 year on warranty registration. You can call us at 844 844 9442 or scan the barcode on the warranty card or you can visit Atomberg website to register your warranty. In case you are facing any issue with the fan make sure you contact 844 844 9442 to register a complaint.

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BLDC Motor of
BLDC Motor 1)
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BLDC with 3
BLDC with Blade
BLDC with Ceiling
BLDC with Fan  (White
BLDC with and
BLDC with Black,
BLDC with Pack
BLDC with of
BLDC with 1)
BLDC Remote 3
BLDC Remote Blade
BLDC Remote Ceiling
BLDC Remote Fan  (White
BLDC Remote and
BLDC Remote Black,
BLDC Remote Pack
BLDC Remote of
BLDC Remote 1)
BLDC 3 Blade
BLDC 3 Ceiling
BLDC 3 Fan  (White
BLDC 3 and
BLDC 3 Black,
BLDC 3 Pack
BLDC 3 of
BLDC 3 1)
BLDC Blade Ceiling
BLDC Blade Fan  (White
BLDC Blade and
BLDC Blade Black,
BLDC Blade Pack
BLDC Blade of
BLDC Blade 1)
BLDC Ceiling Fan  (White
BLDC Ceiling and
BLDC Ceiling Black,
BLDC Ceiling Pack
BLDC Ceiling of
BLDC Ceiling 1)
BLDC Fan  (White and
BLDC Fan  (White Black,
BLDC Fan  (White Pack
BLDC Fan  (White of
BLDC Fan  (White 1)
BLDC and Black,
BLDC and Pack
BLDC and of
BLDC and 1)
BLDC Black, Pack
BLDC Black, of
BLDC Black, 1)
BLDC Pack of
BLDC Pack 1)
BLDC of 1)
Motor with Remote
Motor with 3
Motor with Blade
Motor with Ceiling
Motor with Fan  (White
Motor with and
Motor with Black,
Motor with Pack
Motor with of
Motor with 1)
Motor Remote 3
Motor Remote Blade
Motor Remote Ceiling
Motor Remote Fan  (White
Motor Remote and
Motor Remote Black,
Motor Remote Pack
Motor Remote of
Motor Remote 1)
Motor 3 Blade
Motor 3 Ceiling
Motor 3 Fan  (White
Motor 3 and
Motor 3 Black,
Motor 3 Pack
Motor 3 of
Motor 3 1)
Motor Blade Ceiling
Motor Blade Fan  (White
Motor Blade and
Motor Blade Black,
Motor Blade Pack
Motor Blade of
Motor Blade 1)
Motor Ceiling Fan  (White
Motor Ceiling and
Motor Ceiling Black,
Motor Ceiling Pack
Motor Ceiling of
Motor Ceiling 1)
Motor Fan  (White and
Motor Fan  (White Black,
Motor Fan  (White Pack
Motor Fan  (White of
Motor Fan  (White 1)
Motor and Black,
Motor and Pack
Motor and of
Motor and 1)
Motor Black, Pack
Motor Black, of
Motor Black, 1)
Motor Pack of
Motor Pack 1)
Motor of 1)
with Remote 3
with Remote Blade
with Remote Ceiling
with Remote Fan  (White
with Remote and
with Remote Black,
with Remote Pack
with Remote of
with Remote 1)
with 3 Blade
with 3 Ceiling
with 3 Fan  (White
with 3 and
with 3 Black,
with 3 Pack
with 3 of
with 3 1)
with Blade Ceiling
with Blade Fan  (White
with Blade and
with Blade Black,
with Blade Pack
with Blade of
with Blade 1)
with Ceiling Fan  (White
with Ceiling and
with Ceiling Black,
with Ceiling Pack
with Ceiling of
with Ceiling 1)
with Fan  (White and
with Fan  (White Black,
with Fan  (White Pack
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with Fan  (White 1)
with and Black,
with and Pack
with and of
with and 1)
with Black, Pack
with Black, of
with Black, 1)
with Pack of
with Pack 1)
with of 1)
Remote 3 Blade
Remote 3 Ceiling
Remote 3 Fan  (White
Remote 3 and
Remote 3 Black,
Remote 3 Pack
Remote 3 of
Remote 3 1)
Remote Blade Ceiling
Remote Blade Fan  (White
Remote Blade and
Remote Blade Black,
Remote Blade Pack
Remote Blade of
Remote Blade 1)
Remote Ceiling Fan  (White
Remote Ceiling and
Remote Ceiling Black,
Remote Ceiling Pack
Remote Ceiling of
Remote Ceiling 1)
Remote Fan  (White and
Remote Fan  (White Black,
Remote Fan  (White Pack
Remote Fan  (White of
Remote Fan  (White 1)
Remote and Black,
Remote and Pack
Remote and of
Remote and 1)
Remote Black, Pack
Remote Black, of
Remote Black, 1)
Remote Pack of
Remote Pack 1)
Remote of 1)
3 Blade Ceiling
3 Blade Fan  (White
3 Blade and
3 Blade Black,
3 Blade Pack
3 Blade of
3 Blade 1)
3 Ceiling Fan  (White
3 Ceiling and
3 Ceiling Black,
3 Ceiling Pack
3 Ceiling of
3 Ceiling 1)
3 Fan  (White and
3 Fan  (White Black,
3 Fan  (White Pack
3 Fan  (White of
3 Fan  (White 1)
3 and Black,
3 and Pack
3 and of
3 and 1)
3 Black, Pack
3 Black, of
3 Black, 1)
3 Pack of
3 Pack 1)
3 of 1)
Blade Ceiling Fan  (White
Blade Ceiling and
Blade Ceiling Black,
Blade Ceiling Pack
Blade Ceiling of
Blade Ceiling 1)
Blade Fan  (White and
Blade Fan  (White Black,
Blade Fan  (White Pack
Blade Fan  (White of
Blade Fan  (White 1)
Blade and Black,
Blade and Pack
Blade and of
Blade and 1)
Blade Black, Pack
Blade Black, of
Blade Black, 1)
Blade Pack of
Blade Pack 1)
Blade of 1)
Ceiling Fan  (White and
Ceiling Fan  (White Black,
Ceiling Fan  (White Pack
Ceiling Fan  (White of
Ceiling Fan  (White 1)
Ceiling and Black,
Ceiling and Pack
Ceiling and of
Ceiling and 1)
Ceiling Black, Pack
Ceiling Black, of
Ceiling Black, 1)
Ceiling Pack of
Ceiling Pack 1)
Ceiling of 1)
Fan  (White and Black,
Fan  (White and Pack
Fan  (White and of
Fan  (White and 1)
Fan  (White Black, Pack
Fan  (White Black, of
Fan  (White Black, 1)
Fan  (White Pack of
Fan  (White Pack 1)
Fan  (White of 1)
and Black, Pack
and Black, of
and Black, 1)
and Pack of
and Pack 1)
and of 1)
Black, Pack of
Black, Pack 1)
Black, of 1)
Pack of 1)

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Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (White and Black, Pack of 1) Reviews

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