ApTechDeals 31 in 1 Magnetic Repairing Basic Screw Driver Tool Kit, Multicolor, 31 Piece. Not suitable for Professionals

Keyless chuck - swivel thumb rest - compact case stores all parts - comes with a plastic holder to place the screwdriver bits in it - magnetic bits are easy and tight to adsorb into the handle - handle with rubber wrap for comfortable grip - comes with a plastic storage box - compact storage design, convenient to place and carry - multi-functional pocket screwdriver set. This tool set kit has everything you need to change out any face plate specifications: - handle length: 10.2 cm - blade length: 2.8 cm - size of storage box: approx. 5.5 cm in diameter, 12 cm in height - including 1 handle, 30 blades as follow: 9 heads torex t4, t5, t6, t7, t8, t9, t10, t15, t20, 4 heads ph000, ph00, ph0, ph1 (most common cross heads) 7 heads straight 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 (most common straight heads) 8 heads hex 0.7, 0.9, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0. 2 heads z0, pz1 every piece includes: - 1 x plastic handle (red/black) - 30 x screwdriver bits - plastic case package

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Product Specification

Binding Misc.
Brand ApTechDeals
Catalog Number List:Catalog Number List Element 11497974031
Ean 8906073442315
Ean List:Ean List Element 8906073442315
  • Material: stainless steel; color: multi-color
  • Professional screwdrivers allow you to open cover of mobile phones easily and without damage to the phone cover. Able to open mobile phone, pda housings, psp, nds, mp3 player, etc
  • Package contents: 31 pieces of screw driver set
  • Strong magnetic force for greater pull and tight hold while light enough for easy removal
  • precision 31 in 1 mini magnetic screwdriver tool set. High quality precision telecommunication tools
Label ApTechDeals
List Price:Amount 39900 29900 35000 24900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 399.00 INR 299.00 INR 350.00 INR 249.00
Manufacturer ApTechDeals
Model CT-6036
Mpn CT-6036
Number Of Items 1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 209 181 220
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 441 480 504
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 31 35
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 209 213 272
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 31
Part Number CT-6036
Product Group BISS Basic
Product Type Name CUTTING_TOOLS
Publisher ApTechDeals
Size Standard
Studio ApTechDeals
Title ApTechDeals 31 in 1 Magnetic Repairing Basic Screw Driver Tool Kit, Multicolor, 31 Piece. Not suitable for Professionals
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 0
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds

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Basic Screw Kit,
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Basic Driver Tool
Basic Driver Kit,
Basic Driver Multicolor,
Basic Driver 31
Basic Driver Piece.
Basic Driver Not
Basic Driver suitable
Basic Driver for
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Basic Tool Kit,
Basic Tool Multicolor,
Basic Tool 31
Basic Tool Piece.
Basic Tool Not
Basic Tool suitable
Basic Tool for
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Basic Kit, Multicolor,
Basic Kit, 31
Basic Kit, Piece.
Basic Kit, Not
Basic Kit, suitable
Basic Kit, for
Basic Kit, Professionals
Basic Multicolor, 31
Basic Multicolor, Piece.
Basic Multicolor, Not
Basic Multicolor, suitable
Basic Multicolor, for
Basic Multicolor, Professionals
Basic 31 Piece.
Basic 31 Not
Basic 31 suitable
Basic 31 for
Basic 31 Professionals
Basic Piece. Not
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Basic Piece. for
Basic Piece. Professionals
Basic Not suitable
Basic Not for
Basic Not Professionals
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Basic suitable Professionals
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Screw Driver Tool
Screw Driver Kit,
Screw Driver Multicolor,
Screw Driver 31
Screw Driver Piece.
Screw Driver Not
Screw Driver suitable
Screw Driver for
Screw Driver Professionals
Screw Tool Kit,
Screw Tool Multicolor,
Screw Tool 31
Screw Tool Piece.
Screw Tool Not
Screw Tool suitable
Screw Tool for
Screw Tool Professionals
Screw Kit, Multicolor,
Screw Kit, 31
Screw Kit, Piece.
Screw Kit, Not
Screw Kit, suitable
Screw Kit, for
Screw Kit, Professionals
Screw Multicolor, 31
Screw Multicolor, Piece.
Screw Multicolor, Not
Screw Multicolor, suitable
Screw Multicolor, for
Screw Multicolor, Professionals
Screw 31 Piece.
Screw 31 Not
Screw 31 suitable
Screw 31 for
Screw 31 Professionals
Screw Piece. Not
Screw Piece. suitable
Screw Piece. for
Screw Piece. Professionals
Screw Not suitable
Screw Not for
Screw Not Professionals
Screw suitable for
Screw suitable Professionals
Screw for Professionals
Driver Tool Kit,
Driver Tool Multicolor,
Driver Tool 31
Driver Tool Piece.
Driver Tool Not
Driver Tool suitable
Driver Tool for
Driver Tool Professionals
Driver Kit, Multicolor,
Driver Kit, 31
Driver Kit, Piece.
Driver Kit, Not
Driver Kit, suitable
Driver Kit, for
Driver Kit, Professionals
Driver Multicolor, 31
Driver Multicolor, Piece.
Driver Multicolor, Not
Driver Multicolor, suitable
Driver Multicolor, for
Driver Multicolor, Professionals
Driver 31 Piece.
Driver 31 Not
Driver 31 suitable
Driver 31 for
Driver 31 Professionals
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Driver suitable Professionals
Driver for Professionals
Tool Kit, Multicolor,
Tool Kit, 31
Tool Kit, Piece.
Tool Kit, Not
Tool Kit, suitable
Tool Kit, for
Tool Kit, Professionals
Tool Multicolor, 31
Tool Multicolor, Piece.
Tool Multicolor, Not
Tool Multicolor, suitable
Tool Multicolor, for
Tool Multicolor, Professionals
Tool 31 Piece.
Tool 31 Not
Tool 31 suitable
Tool 31 for
Tool 31 Professionals
Tool Piece. Not
Tool Piece. suitable
Tool Piece. for
Tool Piece. Professionals
Tool Not suitable
Tool Not for
Tool Not Professionals
Tool suitable for
Tool suitable Professionals
Tool for Professionals
Kit, Multicolor, 31
Kit, Multicolor, Piece.
Kit, Multicolor, Not
Kit, Multicolor, suitable
Kit, Multicolor, for
Kit, Multicolor, Professionals
Kit, 31 Piece.
Kit, 31 Not
Kit, 31 suitable
Kit, 31 for
Kit, 31 Professionals
Kit, Piece. Not
Kit, Piece. suitable
Kit, Piece. for
Kit, Piece. Professionals
Kit, Not suitable
Kit, Not for
Kit, Not Professionals
Kit, suitable for
Kit, suitable Professionals
Kit, for Professionals
Multicolor, 31 Piece.
Multicolor, 31 Not
Multicolor, 31 suitable
Multicolor, 31 for
Multicolor, 31 Professionals
Multicolor, Piece. Not
Multicolor, Piece. suitable
Multicolor, Piece. for
Multicolor, Piece. Professionals
Multicolor, Not suitable
Multicolor, Not for
Multicolor, Not Professionals
Multicolor, suitable for
Multicolor, suitable Professionals
Multicolor, for Professionals
31 Piece. Not
31 Piece. suitable
31 Piece. for
31 Piece. Professionals
31 Not suitable
31 Not for
31 Not Professionals
31 suitable for
31 suitable Professionals
31 for Professionals
Piece. Not suitable
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Piece. Not Professionals
Piece. suitable for
Piece. suitable Professionals
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suitable for Professionals

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