Aerizo FU1 3D Foldable Box Shaped Magnifier Stand Screen Enlarger Compatible with All Smartphone Device (Random Colour)
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Aerizo FU1 3D Foldable Box Shaped Magnifier Stand Screen Enlarger Compatible with All Smartphone Device (Random Colour)

Aerizo The second generation 3D Enlarged Screen Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier HD optical technology in mobile phone screen Keeps the cell phone screen magnification 2-3 times Clear and vivid pictures and stronger dynamic feeling Adopts HD amplification optical technology No power-driven, no-cost, energy-saving and radiation protection Simple, compact, and suitable for all kinds of mobile phone Reduces the eyes fatigue when you watch videos on the phone 3D effect, strong stereos copy, Specially fit for the elderly read books, read the news on line Folding design, light weight, small size and easy to carry Suitable for use in various occasions such as indoors, camping, travel, and leisure etc.
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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Aerizo
  • Aerizo Folding design, small volume, convenient carrying on business travel.
  • Aerizo Using the French high-definition optical technology make Fresnel screen phone enlarged 3 times, the picture more clear and vivid, dynamic stronger.
  • Aerizo modeling simple, elegant, light weight, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use in a variety of occasions - indoors, camping, road, leisure and so on,t makes each mobile phone has large screen clear movies.
  • Aerizo Use HD amplification optical technology,no power-driven, no-cost, energy-saving and environmental protection.
  • Aerizo Mobile phone screen can be magnified 3 times, picture clear and vivid, dynamic feeling stronger.
Label Aerizo
List Price:Amount 299900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 2,999.00
Manufacturer Aerizo
Mpn Aerizo FU1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 118
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 118
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 18
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 118
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number Aerizo FU1
Product Group CE
Publisher Aerizo
Studio Aerizo
Title Aerizo FU1 3D Foldable Box Shaped Magnifier Stand Screen Enlarger Compatible with All Smartphone Device (Random Colour)

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Box Shaped Magnifier
Box Shaped Stand
Box Shaped Screen
Box Shaped Enlarger
Box Shaped Compatible
Box Shaped with
Box Shaped All
Box Shaped Smartphone
Box Shaped Device
Box Shaped (Random
Box Shaped Colour)
Box Magnifier Stand
Box Magnifier Screen
Box Magnifier Enlarger
Box Magnifier Compatible
Box Magnifier with
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Box Magnifier Smartphone
Box Magnifier Device
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Box Magnifier Colour)
Box Stand Screen
Box Stand Enlarger
Box Stand Compatible
Box Stand with
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Box Stand Smartphone
Box Stand Device
Box Stand (Random
Box Stand Colour)
Box Screen Enlarger
Box Screen Compatible
Box Screen with
Box Screen All
Box Screen Smartphone
Box Screen Device
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Box Enlarger Compatible
Box Enlarger with
Box Enlarger All
Box Enlarger Smartphone
Box Enlarger Device
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Box Compatible with
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Box Compatible Smartphone
Box Compatible Device
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Box Compatible Colour)
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Shaped Magnifier Stand
Shaped Magnifier Screen
Shaped Magnifier Enlarger
Shaped Magnifier Compatible
Shaped Magnifier with
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Shaped Magnifier Device
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Shaped Magnifier Colour)
Shaped Stand Screen
Shaped Stand Enlarger
Shaped Stand Compatible
Shaped Stand with
Shaped Stand All
Shaped Stand Smartphone
Shaped Stand Device
Shaped Stand (Random
Shaped Stand Colour)
Shaped Screen Enlarger
Shaped Screen Compatible
Shaped Screen with
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Shaped Screen Smartphone
Shaped Screen Device
Shaped Screen (Random
Shaped Screen Colour)
Shaped Enlarger Compatible
Shaped Enlarger with
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Shaped Enlarger Colour)
Shaped Compatible with
Shaped Compatible All
Shaped Compatible Smartphone
Shaped Compatible Device
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Shaped with Device
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Magnifier Stand Screen
Magnifier Stand Enlarger
Magnifier Stand Compatible
Magnifier Stand with
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Magnifier Stand Smartphone
Magnifier Stand Device
Magnifier Stand (Random
Magnifier Stand Colour)
Magnifier Screen Enlarger
Magnifier Screen Compatible
Magnifier Screen with
Magnifier Screen All
Magnifier Screen Smartphone
Magnifier Screen Device
Magnifier Screen (Random
Magnifier Screen Colour)
Magnifier Enlarger Compatible
Magnifier Enlarger with
Magnifier Enlarger All
Magnifier Enlarger Smartphone
Magnifier Enlarger Device
Magnifier Enlarger (Random
Magnifier Enlarger Colour)
Magnifier Compatible with
Magnifier Compatible All
Magnifier Compatible Smartphone
Magnifier Compatible Device
Magnifier Compatible (Random
Magnifier Compatible Colour)
Magnifier with All
Magnifier with Smartphone
Magnifier with Device
Magnifier with (Random
Magnifier with Colour)
Magnifier All Smartphone
Magnifier All Device
Magnifier All (Random
Magnifier All Colour)
Magnifier Smartphone Device
Magnifier Smartphone (Random
Magnifier Smartphone Colour)
Magnifier Device (Random
Magnifier Device Colour)
Magnifier (Random Colour)
Stand Screen Enlarger
Stand Screen Compatible
Stand Screen with
Stand Screen All
Stand Screen Smartphone
Stand Screen Device
Stand Screen (Random
Stand Screen Colour)
Stand Enlarger Compatible
Stand Enlarger with
Stand Enlarger All
Stand Enlarger Smartphone
Stand Enlarger Device
Stand Enlarger (Random
Stand Enlarger Colour)
Stand Compatible with
Stand Compatible All
Stand Compatible Smartphone
Stand Compatible Device
Stand Compatible (Random
Stand Compatible Colour)
Stand with All
Stand with Smartphone
Stand with Device
Stand with (Random
Stand with Colour)
Stand All Smartphone
Stand All Device
Stand All (Random
Stand All Colour)
Stand Smartphone Device
Stand Smartphone (Random
Stand Smartphone Colour)
Stand Device (Random
Stand Device Colour)
Stand (Random Colour)
Screen Enlarger Compatible
Screen Enlarger with
Screen Enlarger All
Screen Enlarger Smartphone
Screen Enlarger Device
Screen Enlarger (Random
Screen Enlarger Colour)
Screen Compatible with
Screen Compatible All
Screen Compatible Smartphone
Screen Compatible Device
Screen Compatible (Random
Screen Compatible Colour)
Screen with All
Screen with Smartphone
Screen with Device
Screen with (Random
Screen with Colour)
Screen All Smartphone
Screen All Device
Screen All (Random
Screen All Colour)
Screen Smartphone Device
Screen Smartphone (Random
Screen Smartphone Colour)
Screen Device (Random
Screen Device Colour)
Screen (Random Colour)
Enlarger Compatible with
Enlarger Compatible All
Enlarger Compatible Smartphone
Enlarger Compatible Device
Enlarger Compatible (Random
Enlarger Compatible Colour)
Enlarger with All
Enlarger with Smartphone
Enlarger with Device
Enlarger with (Random
Enlarger with Colour)
Enlarger All Smartphone
Enlarger All Device
Enlarger All (Random
Enlarger All Colour)
Enlarger Smartphone Device
Enlarger Smartphone (Random
Enlarger Smartphone Colour)
Enlarger Device (Random
Enlarger Device Colour)
Enlarger (Random Colour)
Compatible with All
Compatible with Smartphone
Compatible with Device
Compatible with (Random
Compatible with Colour)
Compatible All Smartphone
Compatible All Device
Compatible All (Random
Compatible All Colour)
Compatible Smartphone Device
Compatible Smartphone (Random
Compatible Smartphone Colour)
Compatible Device (Random
Compatible Device Colour)
Compatible (Random Colour)
with All Smartphone
with All Device
with All (Random
with All Colour)
with Smartphone Device
with Smartphone (Random
with Smartphone Colour)
with Device (Random
with Device Colour)
with (Random Colour)
All Smartphone Device
All Smartphone (Random
All Smartphone Colour)
All Device (Random
All Device Colour)
All (Random Colour)
Smartphone Device (Random
Smartphone Device Colour)
Smartphone (Random Colour)
Device (Random Colour)

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Aerizo FU1 3D Foldable Box Shaped Magnifier Stand Screen Enlarger Compatible with All Smartphone Device (Random Colour) Reviews

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