Adcom A111 Voice Changer Dual Sim Mobile Phone (1.8 inch Display, 1050 mAh Battery, Yellow)

Beautifully made with a polycarbonate shell that keeps it color even when scratched, the Adcom A111 is built to take on everyday life. A111's full featured file manager comes with materialistic UI and better file management with easy to access files on your mobile. #DeshKiDhadkan show off your phone not just with style but also with pride. Exclusively for you and Made In India.

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Product Specification

Brand Adcom
Color Yellow
  • 4.5 cms (1.8 Inch) Display and Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) facility, with Polycarbonate Finishing.
  • Digital Camera, Bluetooth, Music/Video Player, FM Radio, and 3.5mm Audio Jack.
  • Phonebook, SMS, Flashlight and Games.
  • 1050mah Battery. Expandable Memory up to 8 GB.
  • Languages Supported: Hindi/English. Made in India. 1 Year Warranty.
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 91
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 374
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 33
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 134
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Advantage Computers India Pvt Ltd.
Legal Disclaimer All their products carry 1 year warranty, and a lifetime of friendly support, so feel free to call them at 8800-977-978, Warranty Of the Product is Limited to Manufacturing Defects Only.
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Manufacturer Advantage Computers India Pvt Ltd.
Model ADCOM A111
Number Of Items 1
Operating System NA
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 228
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 512
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 35
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 366
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number AD-A111-YELLOW
Product Group Wireless
Product Type Name CELLULAR_PHONE
Publisher Advantage Computers India Pvt Ltd.
Size Small
Studio Advantage Computers India Pvt Ltd.
Title Adcom A111 Voice Changer Dual Sim Mobile Phone (1.8 inch Display, 1050 mAh Battery, Yellow)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Contact us on 8800-977-978 or [email protected] for tech support.

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