AB SALES Plastic Storage Basket Box Organizer for Jars, Bottle, Fruits, Vegetable, Utensils (29x21x8 cm, Multicolour) -Set of 3 Pieces

Resolve your Storage issues with 6 Pieces Plastic Storage Basket. This translucent Storage basket can carry loads of items and be used in any room in your house. Use it in the laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, or even in your bathroom to store utilities. In case you store laundry in the basket, the mesh pattern of the plastic Storage basket allows ventilation and prevents odor from the garments. There are two handles at the top of the plastic basket that help you move the heavy loaded basket. These Storage totes are use to save maximum Storage space and can be aptly used to organize your home or office. Dimension : 29 X 21 X 8 cm

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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Color Multi
Ean 4203539521664
Ean List:Ean List Element 4203539521664
  • 3 Pack - sturdy plastic drawer organizing storage baskets
  • For drawers, shelves, desktops, bathroom vanities or closets
  • Use in bathroom for storing shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics and more
  • Equipped with two handles on either side for easy transportation
  • Dimension : 29 x 21 x 8 cm. - Kitchen Office Garage Bathroom and More Assorted
List Price:Amount 79900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 799.00
Mpn AB8720
Part Number AB8720
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Size 29x21x8CM
Title AB SALES Plastic Storage Basket Box Organizer for Jars, Bottle, Fruits, Vegetable, Utensils (29x21x8 cm, Multicolour) -Set of 3 Pieces

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Plastic Organizer Jars,
Plastic Organizer Bottle,
Plastic Organizer Fruits,
Plastic Organizer Vegetable,
Plastic Organizer Utensils
Plastic Organizer (29x21x8
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Plastic Organizer Multicolour)
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Plastic Organizer 3
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Plastic for Jars,
Plastic for Bottle,
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Plastic for Vegetable,
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Plastic Jars, Fruits,
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Plastic Bottle, Vegetable,
Plastic Bottle, Utensils
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Plastic Bottle, cm,
Plastic Bottle, Multicolour)
Plastic Bottle, -Set
Plastic Bottle, of
Plastic Bottle, 3
Plastic Bottle, Pieces
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Storage Organizer cm,
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Storage Organizer of
Storage Organizer 3
Storage Organizer Pieces
Storage for Jars,
Storage for Bottle,
Storage for Fruits,
Storage for Vegetable,
Storage for Utensils
Storage for (29x21x8
Storage for cm,
Storage for Multicolour)
Storage for -Set
Storage for of
Storage for 3
Storage for Pieces
Storage Jars, Bottle,
Storage Jars, Fruits,
Storage Jars, Vegetable,
Storage Jars, Utensils
Storage Jars, (29x21x8
Storage Jars, cm,
Storage Jars, Multicolour)
Storage Jars, -Set
Storage Jars, of
Storage Jars, 3
Storage Jars, Pieces
Storage Bottle, Fruits,
Storage Bottle, Vegetable,
Storage Bottle, Utensils
Storage Bottle, (29x21x8
Storage Bottle, cm,
Storage Bottle, Multicolour)
Storage Bottle, -Set
Storage Bottle, of
Storage Bottle, 3
Storage Bottle, Pieces
Storage Fruits, Vegetable,
Storage Fruits, Utensils
Storage Fruits, (29x21x8
Storage Fruits, cm,
Storage Fruits, Multicolour)
Storage Fruits, -Set
Storage Fruits, of
Storage Fruits, 3
Storage Fruits, Pieces
Storage Vegetable, Utensils
Storage Vegetable, (29x21x8
Storage Vegetable, cm,
Storage Vegetable, Multicolour)
Storage Vegetable, -Set
Storage Vegetable, of
Storage Vegetable, 3
Storage Vegetable, Pieces
Storage Utensils (29x21x8
Storage Utensils cm,
Storage Utensils Multicolour)
Storage Utensils -Set
Storage Utensils of
Storage Utensils 3
Storage Utensils Pieces
Storage (29x21x8 cm,
Storage (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Storage (29x21x8 -Set
Storage (29x21x8 of
Storage (29x21x8 3
Storage (29x21x8 Pieces
Storage cm, Multicolour)
Storage cm, -Set
Storage cm, of
Storage cm, 3
Storage cm, Pieces
Storage Multicolour) -Set
Storage Multicolour) of
Storage Multicolour) 3
Storage Multicolour) Pieces
Storage -Set of
Storage -Set 3
Storage -Set Pieces
Storage of 3
Storage of Pieces
Storage 3 Pieces
Basket Box Organizer
Basket Box for
Basket Box Jars,
Basket Box Bottle,
Basket Box Fruits,
Basket Box Vegetable,
Basket Box Utensils
Basket Box (29x21x8
Basket Box cm,
Basket Box Multicolour)
Basket Box -Set
Basket Box of
Basket Box 3
Basket Box Pieces
Basket Organizer for
Basket Organizer Jars,
Basket Organizer Bottle,
Basket Organizer Fruits,
Basket Organizer Vegetable,
Basket Organizer Utensils
Basket Organizer (29x21x8
Basket Organizer cm,
Basket Organizer Multicolour)
Basket Organizer -Set
Basket Organizer of
Basket Organizer 3
Basket Organizer Pieces
Basket for Jars,
Basket for Bottle,
Basket for Fruits,
Basket for Vegetable,
Basket for Utensils
Basket for (29x21x8
Basket for cm,
Basket for Multicolour)
Basket for -Set
Basket for of
Basket for 3
Basket for Pieces
Basket Jars, Bottle,
Basket Jars, Fruits,
Basket Jars, Vegetable,
Basket Jars, Utensils
Basket Jars, (29x21x8
Basket Jars, cm,
Basket Jars, Multicolour)
Basket Jars, -Set
Basket Jars, of
Basket Jars, 3
Basket Jars, Pieces
Basket Bottle, Fruits,
Basket Bottle, Vegetable,
Basket Bottle, Utensils
Basket Bottle, (29x21x8
Basket Bottle, cm,
Basket Bottle, Multicolour)
Basket Bottle, -Set
Basket Bottle, of
Basket Bottle, 3
Basket Bottle, Pieces
Basket Fruits, Vegetable,
Basket Fruits, Utensils
Basket Fruits, (29x21x8
Basket Fruits, cm,
Basket Fruits, Multicolour)
Basket Fruits, -Set
Basket Fruits, of
Basket Fruits, 3
Basket Fruits, Pieces
Basket Vegetable, Utensils
Basket Vegetable, (29x21x8
Basket Vegetable, cm,
Basket Vegetable, Multicolour)
Basket Vegetable, -Set
Basket Vegetable, of
Basket Vegetable, 3
Basket Vegetable, Pieces
Basket Utensils (29x21x8
Basket Utensils cm,
Basket Utensils Multicolour)
Basket Utensils -Set
Basket Utensils of
Basket Utensils 3
Basket Utensils Pieces
Basket (29x21x8 cm,
Basket (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Basket (29x21x8 -Set
Basket (29x21x8 of
Basket (29x21x8 3
Basket (29x21x8 Pieces
Basket cm, Multicolour)
Basket cm, -Set
Basket cm, of
Basket cm, 3
Basket cm, Pieces
Basket Multicolour) -Set
Basket Multicolour) of
Basket Multicolour) 3
Basket Multicolour) Pieces
Basket -Set of
Basket -Set 3
Basket -Set Pieces
Basket of 3
Basket of Pieces
Basket 3 Pieces
Box Organizer for
Box Organizer Jars,
Box Organizer Bottle,
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Box Organizer -Set
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Box Organizer Pieces
Box for Jars,
Box for Bottle,
Box for Fruits,
Box for Vegetable,
Box for Utensils
Box for (29x21x8
Box for cm,
Box for Multicolour)
Box for -Set
Box for of
Box for 3
Box for Pieces
Box Jars, Bottle,
Box Jars, Fruits,
Box Jars, Vegetable,
Box Jars, Utensils
Box Jars, (29x21x8
Box Jars, cm,
Box Jars, Multicolour)
Box Jars, -Set
Box Jars, of
Box Jars, 3
Box Jars, Pieces
Box Bottle, Fruits,
Box Bottle, Vegetable,
Box Bottle, Utensils
Box Bottle, (29x21x8
Box Bottle, cm,
Box Bottle, Multicolour)
Box Bottle, -Set
Box Bottle, of
Box Bottle, 3
Box Bottle, Pieces
Box Fruits, Vegetable,
Box Fruits, Utensils
Box Fruits, (29x21x8
Box Fruits, cm,
Box Fruits, Multicolour)
Box Fruits, -Set
Box Fruits, of
Box Fruits, 3
Box Fruits, Pieces
Box Vegetable, Utensils
Box Vegetable, (29x21x8
Box Vegetable, cm,
Box Vegetable, Multicolour)
Box Vegetable, -Set
Box Vegetable, of
Box Vegetable, 3
Box Vegetable, Pieces
Box Utensils (29x21x8
Box Utensils cm,
Box Utensils Multicolour)
Box Utensils -Set
Box Utensils of
Box Utensils 3
Box Utensils Pieces
Box (29x21x8 cm,
Box (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Box (29x21x8 -Set
Box (29x21x8 of
Box (29x21x8 3
Box (29x21x8 Pieces
Box cm, Multicolour)
Box cm, -Set
Box cm, of
Box cm, 3
Box cm, Pieces
Box Multicolour) -Set
Box Multicolour) of
Box Multicolour) 3
Box Multicolour) Pieces
Box -Set of
Box -Set 3
Box -Set Pieces
Box of 3
Box of Pieces
Box 3 Pieces
Organizer for Jars,
Organizer for Bottle,
Organizer for Fruits,
Organizer for Vegetable,
Organizer for Utensils
Organizer for (29x21x8
Organizer for cm,
Organizer for Multicolour)
Organizer for -Set
Organizer for of
Organizer for 3
Organizer for Pieces
Organizer Jars, Bottle,
Organizer Jars, Fruits,
Organizer Jars, Vegetable,
Organizer Jars, Utensils
Organizer Jars, (29x21x8
Organizer Jars, cm,
Organizer Jars, Multicolour)
Organizer Jars, -Set
Organizer Jars, of
Organizer Jars, 3
Organizer Jars, Pieces
Organizer Bottle, Fruits,
Organizer Bottle, Vegetable,
Organizer Bottle, Utensils
Organizer Bottle, (29x21x8
Organizer Bottle, cm,
Organizer Bottle, Multicolour)
Organizer Bottle, -Set
Organizer Bottle, of
Organizer Bottle, 3
Organizer Bottle, Pieces
Organizer Fruits, Vegetable,
Organizer Fruits, Utensils
Organizer Fruits, (29x21x8
Organizer Fruits, cm,
Organizer Fruits, Multicolour)
Organizer Fruits, -Set
Organizer Fruits, of
Organizer Fruits, 3
Organizer Fruits, Pieces
Organizer Vegetable, Utensils
Organizer Vegetable, (29x21x8
Organizer Vegetable, cm,
Organizer Vegetable, Multicolour)
Organizer Vegetable, -Set
Organizer Vegetable, of
Organizer Vegetable, 3
Organizer Vegetable, Pieces
Organizer Utensils (29x21x8
Organizer Utensils cm,
Organizer Utensils Multicolour)
Organizer Utensils -Set
Organizer Utensils of
Organizer Utensils 3
Organizer Utensils Pieces
Organizer (29x21x8 cm,
Organizer (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Organizer (29x21x8 -Set
Organizer (29x21x8 of
Organizer (29x21x8 3
Organizer (29x21x8 Pieces
Organizer cm, Multicolour)
Organizer cm, -Set
Organizer cm, of
Organizer cm, 3
Organizer cm, Pieces
Organizer Multicolour) -Set
Organizer Multicolour) of
Organizer Multicolour) 3
Organizer Multicolour) Pieces
Organizer -Set of
Organizer -Set 3
Organizer -Set Pieces
Organizer of 3
Organizer of Pieces
Organizer 3 Pieces
for Jars, Bottle,
for Jars, Fruits,
for Jars, Vegetable,
for Jars, Utensils
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for Jars, Multicolour)
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for Vegetable, -Set
for Vegetable, of
for Vegetable, 3
for Vegetable, Pieces
for Utensils (29x21x8
for Utensils cm,
for Utensils Multicolour)
for Utensils -Set
for Utensils of
for Utensils 3
for Utensils Pieces
for (29x21x8 cm,
for (29x21x8 Multicolour)
for (29x21x8 -Set
for (29x21x8 of
for (29x21x8 3
for (29x21x8 Pieces
for cm, Multicolour)
for cm, -Set
for cm, of
for cm, 3
for cm, Pieces
for Multicolour) -Set
for Multicolour) of
for Multicolour) 3
for Multicolour) Pieces
for -Set of
for -Set 3
for -Set Pieces
for of 3
for of Pieces
for 3 Pieces
Jars, Bottle, Fruits,
Jars, Bottle, Vegetable,
Jars, Bottle, Utensils
Jars, Bottle, (29x21x8
Jars, Bottle, cm,
Jars, Bottle, Multicolour)
Jars, Bottle, -Set
Jars, Bottle, of
Jars, Bottle, 3
Jars, Bottle, Pieces
Jars, Fruits, Vegetable,
Jars, Fruits, Utensils
Jars, Fruits, (29x21x8
Jars, Fruits, cm,
Jars, Fruits, Multicolour)
Jars, Fruits, -Set
Jars, Fruits, of
Jars, Fruits, 3
Jars, Fruits, Pieces
Jars, Vegetable, Utensils
Jars, Vegetable, (29x21x8
Jars, Vegetable, cm,
Jars, Vegetable, Multicolour)
Jars, Vegetable, -Set
Jars, Vegetable, of
Jars, Vegetable, 3
Jars, Vegetable, Pieces
Jars, Utensils (29x21x8
Jars, Utensils cm,
Jars, Utensils Multicolour)
Jars, Utensils -Set
Jars, Utensils of
Jars, Utensils 3
Jars, Utensils Pieces
Jars, (29x21x8 cm,
Jars, (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Jars, (29x21x8 -Set
Jars, (29x21x8 of
Jars, (29x21x8 3
Jars, (29x21x8 Pieces
Jars, cm, Multicolour)
Jars, cm, -Set
Jars, cm, of
Jars, cm, 3
Jars, cm, Pieces
Jars, Multicolour) -Set
Jars, Multicolour) of
Jars, Multicolour) 3
Jars, Multicolour) Pieces
Jars, -Set of
Jars, -Set 3
Jars, -Set Pieces
Jars, of 3
Jars, of Pieces
Jars, 3 Pieces
Bottle, Fruits, Vegetable,
Bottle, Fruits, Utensils
Bottle, Fruits, (29x21x8
Bottle, Fruits, cm,
Bottle, Fruits, Multicolour)
Bottle, Fruits, -Set
Bottle, Fruits, of
Bottle, Fruits, 3
Bottle, Fruits, Pieces
Bottle, Vegetable, Utensils
Bottle, Vegetable, (29x21x8
Bottle, Vegetable, cm,
Bottle, Vegetable, Multicolour)
Bottle, Vegetable, -Set
Bottle, Vegetable, of
Bottle, Vegetable, 3
Bottle, Vegetable, Pieces
Bottle, Utensils (29x21x8
Bottle, Utensils cm,
Bottle, Utensils Multicolour)
Bottle, Utensils -Set
Bottle, Utensils of
Bottle, Utensils 3
Bottle, Utensils Pieces
Bottle, (29x21x8 cm,
Bottle, (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Bottle, (29x21x8 -Set
Bottle, (29x21x8 of
Bottle, (29x21x8 3
Bottle, (29x21x8 Pieces
Bottle, cm, Multicolour)
Bottle, cm, -Set
Bottle, cm, of
Bottle, cm, 3
Bottle, cm, Pieces
Bottle, Multicolour) -Set
Bottle, Multicolour) of
Bottle, Multicolour) 3
Bottle, Multicolour) Pieces
Bottle, -Set of
Bottle, -Set 3
Bottle, -Set Pieces
Bottle, of 3
Bottle, of Pieces
Bottle, 3 Pieces
Fruits, Vegetable, Utensils
Fruits, Vegetable, (29x21x8
Fruits, Vegetable, cm,
Fruits, Vegetable, Multicolour)
Fruits, Vegetable, -Set
Fruits, Vegetable, of
Fruits, Vegetable, 3
Fruits, Vegetable, Pieces
Fruits, Utensils (29x21x8
Fruits, Utensils cm,
Fruits, Utensils Multicolour)
Fruits, Utensils -Set
Fruits, Utensils of
Fruits, Utensils 3
Fruits, Utensils Pieces
Fruits, (29x21x8 cm,
Fruits, (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Fruits, (29x21x8 -Set
Fruits, (29x21x8 of
Fruits, (29x21x8 3
Fruits, (29x21x8 Pieces
Fruits, cm, Multicolour)
Fruits, cm, -Set
Fruits, cm, of
Fruits, cm, 3
Fruits, cm, Pieces
Fruits, Multicolour) -Set
Fruits, Multicolour) of
Fruits, Multicolour) 3
Fruits, Multicolour) Pieces
Fruits, -Set of
Fruits, -Set 3
Fruits, -Set Pieces
Fruits, of 3
Fruits, of Pieces
Fruits, 3 Pieces
Vegetable, Utensils (29x21x8
Vegetable, Utensils cm,
Vegetable, Utensils Multicolour)
Vegetable, Utensils -Set
Vegetable, Utensils of
Vegetable, Utensils 3
Vegetable, Utensils Pieces
Vegetable, (29x21x8 cm,
Vegetable, (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Vegetable, (29x21x8 -Set
Vegetable, (29x21x8 of
Vegetable, (29x21x8 3
Vegetable, (29x21x8 Pieces
Vegetable, cm, Multicolour)
Vegetable, cm, -Set
Vegetable, cm, of
Vegetable, cm, 3
Vegetable, cm, Pieces
Vegetable, Multicolour) -Set
Vegetable, Multicolour) of
Vegetable, Multicolour) 3
Vegetable, Multicolour) Pieces
Vegetable, -Set of
Vegetable, -Set 3
Vegetable, -Set Pieces
Vegetable, of 3
Vegetable, of Pieces
Vegetable, 3 Pieces
Utensils (29x21x8 cm,
Utensils (29x21x8 Multicolour)
Utensils (29x21x8 -Set
Utensils (29x21x8 of
Utensils (29x21x8 3
Utensils (29x21x8 Pieces
Utensils cm, Multicolour)
Utensils cm, -Set
Utensils cm, of
Utensils cm, 3
Utensils cm, Pieces
Utensils Multicolour) -Set
Utensils Multicolour) of
Utensils Multicolour) 3
Utensils Multicolour) Pieces
Utensils -Set of
Utensils -Set 3
Utensils -Set Pieces
Utensils of 3
Utensils of Pieces
Utensils 3 Pieces
(29x21x8 cm, Multicolour)
(29x21x8 cm, -Set
(29x21x8 cm, of
(29x21x8 cm, 3
(29x21x8 cm, Pieces
(29x21x8 Multicolour) -Set
(29x21x8 Multicolour) of
(29x21x8 Multicolour) 3
(29x21x8 Multicolour) Pieces
(29x21x8 -Set of
(29x21x8 -Set 3
(29x21x8 -Set Pieces
(29x21x8 of 3
(29x21x8 of Pieces
(29x21x8 3 Pieces
cm, Multicolour) -Set
cm, Multicolour) of
cm, Multicolour) 3
cm, Multicolour) Pieces
cm, -Set of
cm, -Set 3
cm, -Set Pieces
cm, of 3
cm, of Pieces
cm, 3 Pieces
Multicolour) -Set of
Multicolour) -Set 3
Multicolour) -Set Pieces
Multicolour) of 3
Multicolour) of Pieces
Multicolour) 3 Pieces
-Set of 3
-Set of Pieces
-Set 3 Pieces
of 3 Pieces

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