Sesame Price list in India

Excellent source of minerals, especially manganese and copper. organic fresh pure nuvvulu whole packed in polythene standing pouch.
100% Pure & Natural Sortax Clean White Sesame Seeds. Available pack sizes are : 250g ,500g, 1kg, 2kg , 3kg, 5kg Thankyou for choosing CLASSIC HARVEST. Relish the rare!
Sesame seeds' Phytosterols lower cholesterol significantly.
Our sesame seeds are organic, whole and nutty.
100% Certified Organic Free from Chemicals and Pesticides Shelf Life: 365 Days
Good source of Fiber support digestive health Low Carb, high protein and healthy fat support blood sugar control Rich nutrients in sesame seeds help to boost bone health Sesamin compound in sesame seeds help to soothe arthritic knee pain Veda fresh: The state of good health :)-