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AC Infinity AIRCOM S8

AC Infinity AIRCOM S8

AC Infinity AIRCOM S8, Quiet Cooling Blower Fan System 17" Rear-Exhaust for Receivers, Amps, DVR, AV Cabinet ComponentsA quiet cooling fan system designed to be placed on top of AV components such as receivers amplifiers and DVRs. Maintaining an optimal temperature for components prevents overheating ensures constant performance and extends their lifespan. The controller on the front of the cooling system features a smart thermostat trigger and fan speed control. The steel enclosure houses three dual-ball bearing blowers that pulls heat out of the component and exhausts out the rear. Its low-profile design enables the unit to fit in tight spaces. Includes corded power adapter to plug the fan system through an outlet. There are three programming settings available which includes two temperature trigger modes. The fans can also be set to run continuously or be turned off. Four fan speeds are available for each active mode and will determine the speed at which the fans run when they are triggered. This ensures optimal airflow and noise levels for your application. Each system features dual-ball bearing blowers rated at 67000 hours and are certified by CE and RoHS. Blowers contain a PWM-controlled motor used to minimize noise during speed variations and are suspended in mid-air with silicone mounts to absorb vibrations. A low-profile design allows the unit to fit in applications with a limited height clearance. Aluminum and steel construction enables additional components up to 30 pounds to be stacked on top. ;

SiriusXM JENSEN SXV300V1M Satellite Tuner

SiriusXM JENSEN SXV300V1M Satellite Tuner

Looking to switch to satellite radio, now is the time. The SiriusXM connect vehicle tuner comes with a three months of service *. This tuner is easy to use and can give any SiriusXM ready car stereo crystal clear reception. It is so easy to install you will be setup and ready to go in no time; so you never miss a beat. It comes with a magnetic antenna mount, SiriusXM connect vehicle tuner, and an installation guide. This tuner is compatible with many different professional car stereo like, advent, alpine, car show, clarion, dual, fusion, garmin, jensen, jensen, jensen marine, jvc, kenwood, magnadyne, panasonic, pioneer, polk, rockford fosgate, rosen, Sony, west marine, and xite solutions. See above pictures for a complete list of compatible stereo models. *see complete details on the SiriusXM website.


SOLID 20dB Coaxial Line Amplifier

oaxial Line Amplifier
equency Range: 900-2300MHz
pport DC 12 -18V 1 port for LNB and 2nd Port for Decoder/Receiver
w to install: Please power off your receiver before connecting the switch to prevent static damage to your equipments. Compatibility: Compatible with all kind of Satellite TV system DD Direct plus, Videocon D2H, sun Direct, Direct TV, TATA Sky, Dish TV or also Support C-Band signal Receptions.
w it is works:
is Amplifier is used to amplify both terrestrial (antenna) and satellite signals up to 20dB on long cable runs. It will help with rain fade and weak signals. The Amplifier is powered by 12v - 18v DC from your satellite receiver or LNB power injector.
ere we can use it:
product can not be use with Cable TV, This is only for satellite signals.
w it works:
are using higher length of wire to connect Dish Antenna and Set-top Box then you may loose some gain and power. This product amplfy power to LNB, So your LNB will give gain to Set-top Box. It will not increase Signal strength.

Brikivits Amplifier Board Set C TPA3116 D2 120WX2 Mini Digital Audio Board with 30 mm Audio Wire, 4.0 Dual Channel Audio Receiver Amplifier Board Module

Brikivits Amplifier Board Set C TPA3116 D2 120WX2 Mini Digital Audio Board with 30 mm Audio Wire, 4.0 Dual Channel Audio Receiver Amplifier Board Module

Product Parameters:
Chip Type:TPA3116D2
Bluetooth module:btm835/csr8635(4.0)
Transmission distance: Max 10m
Output Power:120Wx2
Efficiency ratio:90%
Sound track: Dual track
Bluetooth module Parameters:
Specification: No Bluetooth
Modulation Mode: GFSK ŠÐ/4 DQPSK,8DPSK
Support Bluetooth Protocol: HFP V1.6,HSP V1.2,A2DP V1.2,AVRCP V1.4,DI V1.3
Work Current:30mA
Standby Current:50uA
Temperature range:-40¡æ to +80
Wireless Transmission Distance:10m
Transmit Power: Support CLASS1/CLASS2/CLASS3 8dBm Max
Frequency Range:2.4GHz-2.480GHz
External Interface: PIO, SPI, Audio in/out and PCM,USB
Audio Support: AAC, MPA, SBC, Stereo
Distortion Factor:1%
Module Size:21.9*14.1*1.8mm
Package included:
1 x 30mm Dual Head Audio Wire

J-Tech Digital JTD0104/4K Most Advanced 4 Ports HDMI 1X4 Powered Splitter Support Ultra HD 4K 3840 A 2160 Resolution and 3D

J-Tech Digital JTD0104/4K Most Advanced 4 Ports HDMI 1X4 Powered Splitter Support Ultra HD 4K 3840 A 2160 Resolution and 3D

J-Tech Digital (registered US trademark) proudly provides this latest generation 4 Ports HDMI 1x4 Powered Splitter Support Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 Resolution & 3D

Best Advanced HDMI splitter on the market.


· One HDMI signal in and four HDMI signals out. This is true HDMI 1.4 Certified HDMI Splitter; support/compatible/compliant" to HDMI 1.4.

· This is the Most Advanced HDMI 1x4 on the market offered at this incredible price from J-Tech Digital Support Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 Resolution & 3D

· The two outputs are independent; it works even when only one display is working.

· Support 3D video (To get 3D, all units connected to the splitter outputs must support 3D)

· Support video color format: deep color to 36bit;

· Support: DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD;

· Support XvYCc, if your enjoy deep color video, your source and display also need to support it;

· Support Blue-Ray/HD-DVD player for 24fs film format;

· Support input cable distance up to 15 ft HDMI AWG26

· Support output cable distance up to 15 ft HDMI AWG26

· Support HDMI signal retiming, no loss of quality

Additional Info:

Free lifetime technical support from the manufacture and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital.

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