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Chaos: An Introduction to Dynamical Systems (Textbooks in Mathematical Sciences)

Chaos: An Introduction to Dynamical Systems (Textbooks in Mathematical Sciences)

Developed and class-tested by a distinguished team of authors at two universities, this text is intended for courses in nonlinear dynamics in either Mathematics or physics. The only prerequisites are calculus, differential equations and linear algebra. Along with discussions of the major topics, including discrete dynamical systems, chaos, fractals, nonlinear differential equations and bifurcations, the text also includes Lab Visits -- short reports that illustrate relevant concepts from the physical, chemical and biological sciences. There are Computer Experiments throughout the text that present opportunities to explore dynamics through computer simulations, designed for use with any Software package. And each chapter ends with a Challenge, guiding students through an advanced topic in the form of an extended exercise.

General Knowledge 2018

General Knowledge 2018

Circulated in the year 2015, the book General Knowledge 2016 is published by Arihant Publications India Ltd. Having a General knowledge is very important as it helps in building ones personality to a major extent. It is not just helpful in qualifying various competitive and recruitment examinations like SSC, Bank Clerk & PO, Railway Recruitment, etc. but it is also interesting for those who like to stay up-to-date always. The book offers comprehensive study material covering all the necessary sections that come under the subject General Knowledge, which is further divided into 7 sections like History, Geography,current affairs, Indian polity, economy,General science, General knowledge. Briefly, the Current Affairs sections include all the latest events, news and happenings of the recent year. Whereas, History section includes Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, Art & Culture and World History. The Geography section includes Indian Geography, Environment and Ecology. The Indian Economy section includes the Outline of Indian Economy, Broad Sectors of Indian Economy, Five Year Plans, National Income of India, Indian Tax Structure, Inequality, Poverty, Employment, Environment, Industries, Major Industries in India, Banking & Finance, Agriculture, Insurance, Census 2011 and Economic Terms. The General Science section covers basics of Computer. The General Knowledge section covers First in World, Superlatives World, Geographical Epithets, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, United Nations, Principle Languages of India, Indian Defence, Space Programme of India, National Awards, etc. Additionally, the book includes theory, images, figures, graphical representations and tables for an easy understanding.

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