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Orient Gratia 48-inch 70-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan (Topaz and Gold)

Ultra Stylish Look and Excellent Performance

Orient is one of the oldest and most renowned manufacturers of ceiling Fans in India and their precision and craftsmanship is unmatched. The Orient Gratia ceiling fan is a stunner when it comes to looks and styling and comes in alluring metallic shades along with a uniquely styled integrated canopy on the blades, which look classy and can match any interior. This Orient fan is powered by an efficient and durable motor, which gives a reliable performance with just 70W power consumption and this makes it an energy-saving appliance.

Extra Wider Blades and PSPO Rated Fan

This Orient Gratia ceiling fan topaz is a perfect combo of looks and performance and has specially designed extra wide blades for faster and quicker delivery of air at 320rpm, which is really impressive. It provides sufficient breeze to every corner of large size rooms as well. This Orient ceiling fan has a high PSPO rating of 460, which makes it one of the top PSPO fans. It delivers peak performance at lesser Energy output. The price tag of this decorative ceiling fan is another impressive feature that makes it irresistible.

  • Brand: Orient
  • Colour: Topaz and gold
  • Sweep: 1200mm
  • Speed: 320rpm
  • PSPO Value: 460
  • Power: 70W
  • Additional Features: Extra wide blades for better air throw, energy-saving, integrated canopy design


Havells SS-390 1200mm 68-Watt Metallic Ceiling Fan (Pearl White and Silver)

Classic Looks with Optimum Performance

Havells fan is a popular name in India for their legacy in Engineering and making fans. The Havells SS-390 metallic ceiling fan has a classic and elegant look and the three coat metallic paint system provides a rich and glossy look to the unit. This metallic ceiling fan is powered by a powerful motor that aids in optimum performance of the machine even at a very low voltage. The look of this Havells SS-390 ceiling fan is perfect to match your interiors and give them an elegant look.

Powerful Air Circulation with Wider Tip Blades

The Havells SS-390 ceiling fan packs in high performance and delivers good airflow due to its wide tip blades. You get a superior air speed of 400rpm from this fan. The Havells metallic ceiling fan has a double ball bearing system that aids in a prolonged life of the unit without any wear and tear. This 72watts ceiling fan is an Energy saver as it consumes 72W of power that will help in reducing your power bills considerably. The stylish looks and features of this 1200mm ceiling fan make it an attractive buy.

  • Brand: Havells
  • Colour: Pearl white and silver
  • Power: 72W
  • Additional Features: Double ball bearing system, optimum performance at lower voltages, wider tip blades for effective air circulation

Usha Technix 1200mm 5 Star Ceiling Fan without Regulator (New White)

Usha Technix 1200mm 5 Star Ceiling Fan without Regulator (New White)

The Usha Technix is a 5 Star rated ceiling fan that offers the best of calm and comfort in any space. This Energy saving fan is engineered to provide large 1200 mm sweeps and whisper-quiet operation while keeping power consumption really low. If you are looking for uniform cooling and low electricity bills, this attractive looking Usha ceiling fan available in new white color will meet your aesthetic and functional needs effectively.

Nexstar Ivory Ceiling Fans BreezeIvory 1200mm sweep

Nexstar Ivory Ceiling Fans BreezeIvory 1200mm sweep

Bring Home NexStar Fans, Our Fans consumes least power due to it Design and light weight which gives 30% efficiency, dynamic blade balance to give best air delivery

Orient Ceiling Fan Wendy Metallic Black Gold 1200 MM (48 inch)

Orient Ceiling Fan Wendy Metallic Black Gold 1200 MM (48 inch)

A smart, flat Design fan to match your class. Provided with downrod cover, stylish blade trims & metallic finish dual colour combinations to add to your Home décor. Wide blades for High Air Thrust & High Air Delivery.

Sameer Gati 1200mm Ceiling Fan,Pack of 2

Sameer Gati 1200mm Ceiling Fan,Pack of 2

Bring Home The Sameer 48 Inch Ceiling Fan. It Is A Durable And Reliable Fan. It Comes In 48 Inch Size And Gives 1200 Mm Sweep. Enjoy Cool And Refreshing Air With The Sameer Ceiling Fan, As It Has 350 Rpm Speed And Consumes Only 65 Watts Of Power. With 3 Blades, The Ceiling Fan Gives Strong And Effective Air. Made Of High Quality Material, The Ceiling Fan Has Stylish Design. The Compact Ceiling Fan Enhances The Beauty Of Your Interiors, Thanks To Its Classy Brown Colour. 1. Installation Services Available In Delhi/Ncr, Mumbai,Pune, Banglaore, Hyderabad,Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai. 2. To Avail Installation Kindly Call On The Number Provided On The Guarantee Card. 3. Get Discounted Installation Rates And Warranty On Installation Service Provided.