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Winning by Resting

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 130
Author Paul Moses C Ratnam
Publisher WestBow Press
Isbn-10 1973662027
Isbn-13 9781973662020
Dimension 14.0*0.71*21.59

Winning by Resting

Paul Moses C Ratnam's Winning by Resting

"Prayer puts God to work and keeps Him working endlessly till the job is done." "The man who wrestles in prayer before God flies high in life's situations." "The power of your prayer lingers on. It goes beyond time to bless." "God has ordained prayer as the ultimate pathway to possibilities." When you feel your back is against the wall, each door you find gets slammed on your face, your health and finances hit rock bottom, there is pain in the heart, and you see distress around. They say: nothing much could be done. In the pages of Winning by Resting, Paul Moses C. Ratnam takes you through a journey of raw inspiration from scriptures and life about the one unstoppable force available to man from God, which transforms doom to glorious destiny-prayer. As a man given to prayer himself, he shares his insights that will help you to - rise from the struggle in personal prayer, - seize your destiny beyond the pain of your past, - hear the voice of God in your spirit, - tap into the privileges and be in charge of the miraculous, and - cultivate the practice called prayer.

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