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Windows Server 2016 Inside Out

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 718
Author Orin' Thomas
Publisher PHI Learning Private Limited|MICROSOFT TITLES
Isbn-10 9388028414
Isbn-13 9789388028417
Dimension 22.0*14.0*0.99

Windows Server 2016 Inside Out

Orin' Thomas's Windows Server 2016 Inside Out

Conquer Windows Server 2016—from the inside out! dive into Windows Server 2016—and really put your Windows Server expertise to work. Focusing on Windows Server 2016's most powerful and innovative features, this supremely organized Reference Packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, tips, and workarounds you need to plan, implement, or manage Windows Server in enterprise, data center, cloud, and hybrid environments. Fully reflecting Windows Server new capabilities for the cloud-first era, Orin covers everything from Nano server to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers. You'll discover how experts tackle today's essential tasks—and challenge yourself to new Levels of mastery. optimize the full Windows Server 2016 Life cycle, from planning and configuration through rollout and administration ensure fast, reliable upgrades and migrationsz seamlessly deliver core DNS, DHCP, file, print, Storage, and Internet services Use IPAM to centrally manage all enterprise DNS and DHCP infrastructure gain dramatic Storage utilization improvements with built-in deduplication and Storage replica build flexible cloud and hybrid environments with Windows containers and shielded VMs seamlessly integrate Azure I A as services with Windows Server 2016 slash resource usage and improve availability with tiny Nano server installations improve configuration Management with desired state configuration and chef deliver active directory identity, Certificate, Federation, and rights Management services protect servers, clients, assets, and users with advanced Windows Server 2016 security features including just enough administration For experienced Windows Server users and it professionals your role: experienced intermediate-to-advanced level Windows Server user or it professional prerequisites: Basic understanding of Windows Server procedures, techniques, and navigation. Contents: Chapter 01 administration tools Chapter 02 installation options Chapter 03 deployment and configuration Chapter 04 active directory Chapter 05 DNS, DNS and iPad Chapter 6 Hyper-V Chapter 07 Storage services Chapter 08 file servers Chapter 09 Internet information services Chapter 10 containers Chapter 11 clustering and high availability Chapter 12 active directory Certificate services Chapter 13 active directory Federation services Chapter 14 Dynamic access control and active directory rights Management services Chapter 15 Network policy and access services Chapter 16 remote desktop services Chapter 17 Windows Server 2016 and Azure I A as Chapter 18 security Chapter 19 monitoring and maintenance Chapter 20 upgrade and migration Chapter 21 troubleshooting.

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