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What's My Child Thinking?

Book Specification

Binding Flexibound
Language English
Number Of Pages 256
Author Tanith Carey
Publisher DK
Isbn-10 0241343801
Isbn-13 9780241343807
Dimension 19.99*2.49*24.0

What's My Child Thinking?

Tanith Carey's What's My Child Thinking?

Make every moment with your child count. Tap into the Psychology behind your child's behaviour and respond with confidence. Find out what your child really means when he or she says "look what I've done!", "but, I'm not tired", or "you're embarrassing me" - and discover what's really going on when they can't express themselves at all. Taking more than 100 everyday situations, The book leads you through scenarios step-by-step, explaining not only your child's behaviour and the Psychology behind it But also your own feelings as a parent. It then gives instant recommendations for what you could say and do to best resolve the situation. Covering all your child's developmental milestones from ages 2 to 7 years, what's My child thinking? Covers important Issues - such as temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, and peer pressure. What's more, there is a Bank of practical "survival guides" For critical times, such as travelling in the car and going Online safely. Rooted in evidence-based Clinical Psychology and championing positive parenting, what's My child thinking? Will help you tune into your child's innermost thoughts and be the parent you want to be.
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