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Voices: A Book of Poetry

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 60
Author Lisa Marshall
Publisher Authorhouse
Isbn-10 1477280006
Isbn-13 9781477280003
Dimension 12.7*0.38*20.32

Voices: A Book of Poetry

Lisa Marshall's Voices: A Book of Poetry

One of my biggest dreams growing up was to publish a book. Over the years I would write my feelings down as I didn't know how to verbally express them. It would help release the pain and put things in perspective. Kind of like releasing the pressure, as I would internalize my feelings. Writing helps me with the healing process. Some of these poems were written during very difficult times in my life when I didn't know how to deal with the stress. Others were written when I felt overwhelmed with joy and love. They are bits and pieces of the story of my life. I put together a collection of poems that I hope others will find enjoyable, troubling, funny, and maybe a bit too far out there. They have helped me and I hope they may help someone else. I still have the voices Running through my head but they seem to be calmer now.

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