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Trigger Points (A Little Book of Self Care)

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 144
Author Amanda Oswald
Publisher DK
Isbn-10 0241384540
Isbn-13 9780241384541
Dimension 15.49*1.8*19.99

Trigger Points (A Little Book of Self Care)

Amanda Oswald's Trigger Points (A Little Book of Self Care)

Take control of chronic or recurring pain yourself to achieve life-changing results. New Science confirms that trigger-point massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve pain. In a uniquely accessible package, trigger points gives you 40 simple, step-by-step exercises you can safely use at home to target pain - from long-term, debilitating backache or repetitive strain injury to migraines or acute, post-injury pain. Leading Harley street therapist Amanda Oswald specialises in working with chronic pain conditions. In this book, she explains how trigger points - small, tender knots of connective tissue - can cause symptoms, either around the trigger point itself or referred to elsewhere in the body. Pressure and massage can release these knots and bring immediate, long-lasting relief. Identify your pain patterns, locate the trigger points responsible using detailed body maps, then find and treat the trigger points accurately and safely. Each exercise shows you how to position your body, different ways to apply pressure, how long to sustain it, and how often to repeat the process for optimal. With trigger points you'll get the accurate advice you need to treat your pain yourself - with confidence.

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