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The Tennis Book

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 224
Author John Parsons
Publisher Carlton Books Ltd
Isbn-10 1847323073
Isbn-13 9781847323071
Dimension 24.0*2.49*29.39

The Tennis Book

John Parsons's The Tennis Book

"The Tennis Book" is the pre-eminent single volume illustrated Work of Tennis reference, tracing the game from its relaxed beginnings as a pastime of the 1800s through to what has become the high energy, all-action global Sport of the 21st century.John Parson's celebrated book includes comprehensive chapters profiling the legends of the game and over 150 top players, analysis of Tennis' greatest matches, World famous tournaments and global development, as a well as extensive features on the politics, controversies and oddities of the game.Packed with over 200 photographs and complete with a record of all Grand Slam winners, every player, every tournament and every issue of importance in the game of Tennis is highlighted in detail in the book.Written by two of the game's leading authorities, "The Tennis Book" is the definitive Work on World Tennis, with every page an information packed celebration of one of the world's most exhilarating sport.

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