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The Spirit of the Unborn

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 312
Author Krish Ramasubbu
Publisher Notion Press, Inc.
Isbn-10 1948230410
Isbn-13 9781948230414
Dimension 12.7*1.98*20.32

The Spirit of the Unborn

Krish Ramasubbu's The Spirit of the Unborn

Greetings to you from my mother's womb. Don't be startled as yet, there's more to come.

I am an unborn foetus. I may have no name or gender at the moment, but I have loads of spirit and courage. I was conceived in a bizarre manner in the cold confines of a laboratory, through a process called, well you guessed it right, IVF.

I am growing inside the womb of a surrogate mother. But don't dismiss me as a mere lump of flesh floating in murky amniotic fluid, for I am a spectacular creation with incredible powers.

I can hear you ask what's so special about me. Well, I can see things far beyond the conventional visual fields. I can perceive and process information unknown to many. I can also transcend temporal and spatial barriers. You will understand my astonishing abilities as you read about my adventurous journey, in and out of my mother's womb, across different bodies and souls.

Will you join me in my crazy ride?

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