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The Socratic Method of Psychotherapy

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 288
Author James Overholser
Publisher Columbia University Press
Isbn-10 0231183291
Isbn-13 9780231183291
Dimension 15.24*1.91*22.86

The Socratic Method of Psychotherapy

James Overholser's The Socratic Method of Psychotherapy

As the field of Psychotherapy focuses more on treatment manuals and the regimented nature of Clinical research, the practice risks losing the subtle nuances that guide the interactive fluidity of therapy sessions. Can clinicians combat this loss by incorporating ideals from Ancient Philosophy into Contemporary psychotherapy? In The Socratic Method of Psychotherapy, James Overholser approaches cognitive therapy through the interactive dialogues of Socrates, aiming to reduce the gap between Theory and practice. Clinicians and students will appreciate the flexibility and creativity that underlie effective Psychotherapy sessions when guided by the Socratic method as an innovative approach to self-exploration.
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