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The Regenerative American Fabric

Book Specification

Binding Paperback , Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 320
Author Dean Helmick
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Isbn-10 1466952164
Isbn-13 9781466952164
Dimension 15.24*2.03*22.86

The Regenerative American Fabric

Dean Helmick's The Regenerative American Fabric

This story is written for all those who believe America's best days still lie ahead. Follow the Walbert Family as successive generations of Americans navigate through triumphs and challenges-from the Great Depression through the modern-day global war on terror. As members of the World War II generation, John and Margaret Walbert used the advantages of life in a small Montana town to raise their Children and prepare them for the future. Despite John's best efforts, the relationship with his son Billy crumbled. To salvage the deteriorating father-son relationship, the family's minster, Father Alex, used Montana's great Outdoors as a leverage point to reconnect father and son. Many of the things Billy learned with his dad and Father Alex served him well as he connected with his own son Luke during America's fight against global terror. This is an uplifting story about how one Family successfully passed America's torch of freedom from one generation to the next. It illustrates how the American Fabric is truly unique in its ability to continually regenerate.

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