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The Promise Of Vision

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 46
Author Dr Stuart Robinson
Publisher City Harvest Publications
Isbn-10 098708917X
Isbn-13 9780987089175
Dimension 12.7*0.25*20.29

The Promise Of Vision

Dr Stuart Robinson's The Promise Of Vision

As we search the scriptures, there are so many references and examples of what God wants to do within his church. However, comparatively, so often little of that seems to be happening. In that situation it is common to rationalise God's promises down to explain or excuse our leveled ineffectiveness. The better course would be, by faith to lift our expectations up to what God's Word declares should be so, to wait upon him for his vision for what he wants us to become and then to continue to wait upon him to discern how he wants us to proceed. This book is about vision, what it is, how we get it, what place it Plays and how to implement it. It is a missing component in many Christians. The author, Dr Stuart Robinson, is the Founding Pastor of Australia's largest Baptist Church. Before that he worked for fourteen years in South Asia where he pioneered church planting among Muslims. The Promise Of Vision will help you to be a good listener to God's voice. It will stretch your faith as you seek to follow His vision for you, to do far more than you can now see. Rev. Dr Ian Hawley, Senior Pastor, Swanston St Church Of Christ - Melbourne

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