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The Perfect Imperfections Of My Life

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 170
Author Vedanti Khanna
Publisher Invincible Publishers
Isbn-10 9388333438
Isbn-13 9789388333436
Dimension 13.0*2.49*21.01

The Perfect Imperfections Of My Life

Vedanti Khanna's The Perfect Imperfections Of My Life

What do you do when the gravest danger resides in your only escape place? Moving to Mumbai had given it all to Aarika Martins. Humiliation, mockery, getting bullied and Ayan. The ideal student, the ideal son, and her perfect best friend. Sitting on the grass, among glow worms and fluorescent Flowers he said, "Aarika Martins, you are one of the very few things that I am grateful for." In that moment he seemed the best thing that ever happened to her. But just an hour later she knew. She was edging closer to danger every second she spent with him. And the next thing Aarika knew, he was gone. He is the only one that she shouldn't be with. But he is the only one she wants to be with. Will Aarika Martins ever be able to unravel the mysteries veiled by the charms of the perfect imperfections of her life? How far will she have to go to find her answers? Will she ever find them or will they just be the beginning of another mystery? ....because sometimes what you think may not be true, What's the truth you'll have no clue.
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